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ARAKIMENTARI (Travis Klose, )
With a pair of hair-horns decorating his otherwise bald pate, Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki darts about his studio like a perverted elf. He tilts his camera, swivels a light, moves a flower v… Read more

Are You a 90lb Weakling? (Tom Guthry IV, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Area of Action (Ezra Stone, 1964)
The story scans I.B.M.'s supporting role in Australia's wool industry, Taiwan's sugar cane, India's jute, amd Japan's chinaware and banking . All strands are brought together in the final; episode of… Read more

Ark (Rolf Forsberg, 1970)
In this cautionary tale about pollution, a man tries to preserve life in and around a small pond, by enclosing it in a glass house. ... Read more

ARLINGTON ROAD (Mark Pellington, 1998)
A nail-biting exercise in political paranoia featuring first rate performances from leads Tim Robbins and Jeff Bridges. Michael Faraday (Bridges) is rebuilding his life after the death of his FBI age… Read more

ART & COPY (, 2009)
ART & COPY reveals the stories behind and the personal odysseys of some of the most influential advertising visionaries of our time and their campaigns, including Lee Clow (Apple Computer 1984, and t… Read more

Art and Motion (Paul Burnford, 1952)
A presentation of the elements of art forms in everyday activities, in space, in time, and in nature. ... Read more

Art and Remembrance: The Legacy of Felix Naussbaum (Barbara Pfeffer, 1993)
A month before the liberation of Brussels, Felix Naussbaum was sent on the last train to Auschwitz and murdered. While exploring his paintings the film tells about the Holocaust and examines how youn… Read more

“The greatest passion of my life is something that makes me sick to my stomach.” - Chuck Connelly ... Alongside Julian Schnabel and Jean-Michel Basquiat, Chuck Connelly was the darling of the 80s… Read more

Art Pepper: From A Jazz Survivor (Don McGlynn, 1982)
Art Pepper, one of jazz's greatest alto saxophonists, is a survivor, he has survived heroin, prison and self-loathing. We ... hear stories, often amusing, sometimes tragic, which were the emotional r… Read more

Art Scene USA (Ed Emshwiller, 1966)
A highly compressed survey of the whole range of creative expression in the visual arts as performed in the United States today. ... Read more

Artful History - A Restoration Comedy (Jason Simon, Mark Dion, 1988)
... ... Mark Dion refers to this film as his 'revenge' for the stress and low pay he had to put up with during the four years he spent in the art restoration industry. ... ... ... Artful History is f… Read more

Arthur and Lillie (Jon Else, Steven Kovacs, Kristine Samuelson, 1975)
A film about Arthur and Lillie Mayer, 89 and 86 years old and still young. Arthur can remember being taken to the first movie show in America, in 1895; Lillie was among the first American suffragette… Read more

Arthur Penn - Little Big Man (Elliott Erwitt, 1971)
A record of Arthur Penn at work on Little Big Man, showing his relationship with his star, Dustin Hoffman, and studying the impact of Penn's personality on the film as a whole. ... Read more

ARTHUR PENN, 1922: THEMES AND VARIANTS (Robert Hughes, 1970)
Arthur Penn at home and at work, including long and revealing interviews with the director, whose three latest films, Bonny and Clyde, Alice's Restaurant, and Little Big Man won worldwide acclaim. ..… Read more

ARTIFACT (Bartholomew Cubbins, 2012)
"It started as a film about the making of an album, and it became a film about the most brutal and challenging conflict of our lives." – Jared Leto ... Popular rockers Thirty Seconds To Ma… Read more

Artists at Work (Mary Lance, 1981)
Artists at Work is a documentary on a unique period in American culture: the ... widespread government support for artists during the Depression of the 1930s. ... The film includes statements by seve… Read more

As a Fact of Matter (Eric Patrick, 1995)
Someone has sixty seconds to get to the point on a wet and rapidly changing stage. Mixed media and model animation provides a dynamic and gooey explosion of color. Don't blink. (RS) ... Read more

Asian Artists in Crystal (Thomas Craven, 1956)
The 1956 exhibit of Steuben Glass of the first American crystal engraved with designs by leading contemporary artists of 16 nations of the Near East. ... Read more

ASIFA Children's Film (various, )
Made by children from 8 countries. ... Read more

Astronaut (E J Casazza, 1971)
To his surprise, an astronaut finds communication with a Martian quite easy. ... Read more

ASYLUM (Peter Robinson, 1973)
Asylum presents everyday life at Kingsley Hall, a community in North London run under the auspices of the Philadelphia Association, whose chairman is Dr R. D. Laing. The center provides a different k… Read more

AT SUNDANCE (Michael Almereyda, Amy Hobby, 1995)
... ... American New Wave originals, Robert Almereyda (Girl from Another Planet. Nadja] and Amy Hobby take their obsession with the toy. Fischer Price pixelvision camera to the Sundance Film Festival… Read more

At the Movies (Carl Surges, 1978)
An integrated collection of diverse animated sequences presented as a film within a film. ... 1st Prize, ASIFA East. ... Read more

Atlantis (Samuel S. Bishop, 1976)
Atlantis, a mythical island state, was swallowed up by the sea and vanished. This film explores Plato's suggestion that the legend was based on fact, and relates it to exciting new discoveries in the… Read more

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