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AN ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK (Richard Laxton, 2008)
“You can't touch me now. I'm one of the stately homos of England.” - Quentin Crisp ... John Hurt returns to the incorrigible and always colourful life of writer, raconteur and gay icon Quentin Cr… Read more

AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH (Davis Guggenheim, 2006)
Humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb. If the vast majority of the world's scientists are right, we have just 10 years to avert a major catastrophe that could send our entire planet into a tails… Read more

Ancient Greece (Coronet Instructional, 1952)
Present-day ruins of ancient Greek cities and reconstructed models are used to introduce aspects of early Greek civilization, including its contributions to philosophy, science, mathematics. art, dra… Read more

AND EVERYTHING IS GOING FINE (Steven Soderbergh, 2010)
“A story of art-making and mental illness and the sometimes thin line between both.” - Variety ... The haunting account of the life and times of performer and monologist Spalding Gray, leading up… Read more

AND MANY HAPPY RETURNS (Owen Shapiro, 1995)
A summer camp for the Jewish elderly, a chance to make new friends, share one's past and tell a few jokes. With hilarious effect, classic one-liners from old movies are intercut with the actual dialo… Read more

And Now Miguel (Joseph Krumgold, 1952)
This film concerns a young boy of 12 and his life on a small sheep ranch in the South -: western part of the United States. His family are Mexican -: American and still observe many of the Mexican cu… Read more

And Of Course You (Jimmy Murakami, 1968)
The benefits of space research are ... outlined: the improvement of weather ... forecasting, the location of oil. ... instant communication between ... continents, discoveries that may lead ... to im… Read more

And Then There Was Voyager (Mary A Hardin, 1990)
In any future book on the history of space exploration this century, the Voyager mission will undoubtedly form the main chapter. The launch of Voyager in 1977 was the highpoint of the US space progra… Read more

And Then They Forgot God (Sy Salkowitz, 1971)
An exploration of what might happen if the memory of God and human worth were eclipsed by "the system". ... Read more

Anemone Me (Susan-Lori Parks, Bruce Hainley, 1990)
Lauded young New York playwright Suzan-Lori Parks wrote and directed this allegorical mood piece about a blind bodybuilder and the handsome merman that inhabits the ocean near his African American fa… Read more

Angels Watching Over Me (Dave Monahan, 1992)
A quirky urban parable about a faithful pigeon feeder led into temptation on his way to offer the daily bread. Well served by its cast of two off-Broadway actors and a flock of pigeons trained by the… Read more

Animation Pie (Robert Bloomberg and students, 1974)
An educational film designed to explain the process of making an animated film, with examples of student work. ... Read more

Animato (Mike Jittlov, 1978)
An experimental film combining animation with pixillated live action. ... Read more

Animus (Gary Schwartz, 1982)
Schwartz restored ancient cameras and invented modern settings to breathe new life into Edison's classic clip of Fred Ott sneezing and Muybridge's pioneering stills of athletic movement. ... Read more

ANITA O'DAY THE LIFE OF A JAZZ SINGER (Robbie Cavolina & Ian McCrudden, 2006)
“[Her] elegance was always a veneer covering an inner toughness, the hard life lessons learned that made her a superb jazz singer, one of the best of her generation - or of any generation.” - LA … Read more

ANNIE MAE - BRAVE HEARTED WOMAN (Lan Brookes Ritz, 1980)
The body of Annie Mae Aquash, a young American Indian woman who fought for social justice, was found in aravine on the Pine Ridge Reservation in 1 976. Her death was attributed to exposure, her hands… Read more

Larry Clark's first feature, Kids (1995), was heralded as a realist masterpiece for its powerful veracity. Here, he pulls apart the archetype of the American family, then reconstructs it with the odd… Read more

ANOTHER EARTH (Mike Cahill, 2010)
"Sundance can boast of another discovery... science fiction at its best." - Hollywood Reporter ... On the night that a duplicate Earth is discovered in our solar system, astrophysics student Rhoda dr… Read more

Another Girl, Another Planet (Michael Almereyda, 1992)
Another Girl, Another Planet, a dreamy fable about a guy in an East Village walk-up and his serial love life, has gained considerable acclaim and notoriety over the last year, largely due to its uniq… Read more

Another Occupation (Ken Jacobs, 2011)
Underground filmmaker Ken Jacobs (Capitalism: Slavery, MIFF 2008) explores colonialism and industrialisation via an imagined train journey through a militarised Southeast Asian country. ... D/P Ken J… Read more

Another Story (Lisa Wood Shapiro, 1994)
This is the story of a land far away where an evil king has passed a law against those subjects who are different. Banished from the kingdom, the exiles live happily enough in a cottage deep in the f… Read more

Anti-Matter (Lewis Hall, 1973)
In a light and entertaining manner. this animated film discusses the possibility that large quantities of anti-matter are existing in space, the significance of the Tunguska Meteor in relation to the… Read more

ANVIL! THE STORY OF ANVIL (Sacha Gervasi, 2008)
This isn't Spinal Tap, this is Anvil. ... With endorsements from Lars Ulrich, Slash, and Lemmy from Motörhead, Anvil is the greatest Canadian metal band you've never heard of. School buddies Steve … Read more

ANYTHING BOYS CAN DO (Ethan Minsker, 1996)
Ethan Minsker's documentary investigates the ideas, attitudes and goals of women in the New York underground music scene. 15 bands, mostly unsigned acts with colourful names like Tribe 8, Vitapup and… Read more

Appalachian Spring (Peter Glushanok, 1959)
Appalachian Spring is a folk tale set in the Appalachain wildernes of Pennsylvania during the pioneer period of American history. Its characters are a young pioneer and his bride, a pioneer woman, a … Read more

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