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Africa is my Home (J. Michael Hogopian, 1960)
Through the life history of a native woman we witness the basic problems of equatorial Africa: tradition versus progress; religious rivalry; colonialism versus independency - in this context we see h… Read more

African Carving: A Dogon Kanaga Mask (Eliot Elisofon, 1975)
The Kanaga Mask is used in deeply sacred rituals by the Dogon, a people famous for their sculptural arts, living in the Republic of Mali, West Africa. The film follows the creation of the mask, and t… Read more

African Odyssey - The Red Bicycle (Albert Waller, 1971)
As we follow the fate o£ a bicycle as it passes from owner to owner, we learn about the problems of an underdeveloped economy in Africa. ... Read more

AFRO PROMO (Jenni Olson, Karl Knapper, 1997)
"A negro and a white man linked to each other by four feet of hate and a steel chain!' - an immortal Defiant Ones tag line from a fascinating compendium of coming attractions, hyping mass-market blac… Read more

AGAIN PIONEERS (William Beaudine, 1950)
Migrants living on the outskirts of a typical United States community in a slum area are the subject matter. Townsmen become aroused when children from the bad area are permitted to attend public sch… Read more

Agam And . . . (Warren Forma, 1980)
Kinetic artist Yaacov Agam uses the words "sharing", "participating", "dialoguing" in reference to his art. His aim is to have people communicate with one another, and with or through his art. ... Read more

Age 12: Love With a Little L (Jennifer Montgomery, 1991)
A home movie for Bad Girls, reconstructing 12 year old lesbian lust and loyalty wars. Alternating between biography and kinky situations, Montgomery defines a lesbian identity that's playful, aggress… Read more

AGEE (Ross Spears, 1979)
Five years in the making, Agee chronicles in vivid, dramatic, and often humorous terms, the unfolding of a life dedicated to the written word. In his short, intense career, James Agee brought his pas… Read more

Agora (Chris Newberry, 2000)
Agora centres on the fear and panic of being lost in a crowded fairground, as a young girl befriends another lost boy hiding under a bus. The pair cleverly devise a strategy to make themselves seen a… Read more

Agueda Martinez: Our People, Our Country (Esperanza Vasquez, 1977)
Agueda Martinez, a 77 year old woman, lives on a small farm in New Mexico. She speaks no English and grows, or barters with neighbors for everything she needs. She is also an expert weaver and create… Read more

AI WEIWEI: NEVER SORRY (Alison Klayman, 2012)
“An essential portrait of a key contemporary figure.” - The Guardian ... A character study of China's most famous and outspoken visual artist and dissident, working domestically against a backgro… Read more

AIN T THEM BODIES SAINTS (David Lowery, 2013)
"Ain't Them Bodies Saints is a wholly engrossing and impressive piece of work that the movie world will be talking about all year long." - The Playlist ... Outlaw couple Bob Muldoon (Casey Affleck) a… Read more

Air (Luke Davies, 2010)
A traveller and a strange young boy meet on a Texas road. A film by Candy author Luke Davies, starring Andrew Garfield (The Social Network). ... D/S Luke Davies P Sara Cline TD betacam sp/2010 ... Read more

Airplane Glue, I Love You (Howard Lester, 1970)
This film is part of a package of experimental shorts produced by student and independent filmmakers. ... Through an administrative error, a professional hobby shop model-maker, a 30 year-old case of… Read more

Akiko-san in Scarsdale (Yumiko Murakami, 1994)
Akiko-san has followed her husband's career path to Scarsdale in America and finds herself uncomfortably immersed in the simmering melting pot of expatriate Japanese culture. Here a housewife is eith… Read more

AL FRANKEN: GOD SPOKE (Nick Doob, Chris Hegedus, 2006)
“Manages to tap into the same undercurrents of discontent and frustration that fuelled the breakthrough success of Fahrenheit 9/11.” - Variety Filmmakers Chris Hegedus and Nick Doob, who were res… Read more

ALAMBRISTA! (Robert M. Young, 1977)
Roberto tends his own, unprofitable farm in Mexico To earn enough money to keep his wife and their expected child, he decides he must work in the United States for a white His mother tells him that h… Read more

Alaska: Land in the Balance (Judy Irving, Chris Beaver, 1975)
A documentary on the wild lands of Alaska, the last great herds of caribou, and the threats to the existence of wilderness as oil development and mining take over the State. ... Read more

ALBERT SCHWEITZER (Jerome Hill, 1957)
This portrayal of the life of a famous man who abandoned the certainty of a distinguished career to become a medical missionary in French Equatorial Africa opens with scenes from his boyhood and adol… Read more

ALBINO ALLIGATOR (Kevin Spacey, 1996)
Kevin Spacey's (Usual Suspects, Seven) shatter­ing directorial debut. Albino Alligator takes the familiar frame of a heist gone wrong/hostage drama and hangs upon it astonishing perfor­mances… Read more

ALIAS JIMMY VALENTINE (Maurice Tourneur, 1915)
... ... Based on the famous O. Henry short story Alias Jimmy Valentine takes every familiar element of crime drama-robbery safe-cracking, prison hidden identities, gang solidarity and moral reformati… Read more

Alice Elliott (Richard Lair, 1975)
The Porno Indians are among the world's finest basket makers. Alice Elliott is one of the few Porno continuing that centuries-old tradition. ... Read more

Alien-Nation (Robert Cooney, 1979)
An ‘outsiders' view of the USA, dealing with the “institutions of immigration” and questions of nationalism. ... Read more

ALL AMERICAN HIGH (Keva Rosenfeld, 1986)
An uncritical documentary view of an All-American high school through the eyes of a Finnish exchange student. The film is not so much a cultural portrait as insight into the social rituals of the hig… Read more

All Flowers in Time (Jonathan Caouette, 2010)
Tarnation director Jonathan Caouette delivers an eerie and surreal fusion of video art, suburban gothic and monster movie. Featuring Chloë Sevigny. ... D/S Jonathan Caouette P Tarnation Films/Ph… Read more

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