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THE FAMINE WITHIN (Katherine Gilday, 1990)
The Superwoman - her image is everywhere. She is there on billboards, in magazines, she flows through television and film. She is ever present in our imaginations. This 5'10", 35-24-35 mirage, with d… Read more

The Fat Man (Maj Green, 1986)
"SSS going round in my head. Is this a circus?" ... A bizarre film that deals with violence, sex, greed - freakishness. ... Read more

The Fifth (Pavao Stalter, Zlatko Grgić, 1964)
A moral on stubbornness. A string quartet is sawing away on Schubert, when a tuba player drops in a note like a lead pipe. ... Read more

The Four Seasons (Niklaus Gessner, 1961)
Based on the music "The Four Seasons" by Vivaldi, the film tells, without words and following the rhythm and feeling of the music, the story of the four seasons. ... Read more

The Frontier (Coky Giedroyc, 1991)
Life is tough, battling the bad guys in the wild west of Yorkshire A new supermarket threatens the livelihood of an Indian grocer's family, but the son decides to fight back against financial rum Wat… Read more

THE GAME OF THEIR LIVES (Daniel Gordon, 2002)
To the astonishment of everyone, including themselves, the North Korean team caused one of the biggest upsets in soccer history when they defeated some of the greatest teams in the game to make it to… Read more

The God Within (June Goodfield, 1962)
A searching enquiry into the bases of philosophy, which begins when men are perplexed and seek the answers to many questions. From this curiosity, science begins. The film takes us back in history so… Read more

The Greening (Gordon Glenn, 1985)
On the night of February 8,1985, the main street of Melbourne - Swanston Street - was closed to traffic and converted into a Mall. 13,500 square metres of instant lawn transformed asphalt into park i… Read more

The Happy Tree (Jósef Gebski, 1971)
In the style of popular woodcuts, this cartoon tells the story of Prot and Cyry!, and their wicked and quarrelsome wives. ... Read more

The Hole (Maxi Cat Series) (Zlatko Grgić, 1973)
Grgić's cross between a beach toy and Sylvester the Cat, has only a hunch about what's going on in the world. ... Read more

The Honeymooners (Morton Goldsholl, 1971)
A short spoof on the eternal TV theme of man and woman discovering each other. ... Read more

The House of Names (Charlotte George, 2003)
John Smith is obsessed by names. Bold names. Old names. Names with flourish. Anything to change his boring life. His journey takes him to the heart of bureaucracy, and what he finds is not only a new… Read more

The Hungry Miles (Jerome Levy, Keith Gow, 1955)
This is the second production of this newlyformed film unit. Their previous film, Pensions for Veterans, was screened last year at the Festival. The present film is a dramatic presentation of the uni… Read more

THE HUNTERS (John Marshall, Robert Gardner, 1958)
This savage and beautiful documentary concerns the Kung Bushmen who scratch a living from the pitiless Kalahari Desert. In one sense the film is already a historical document; The Hunters tells a pri… Read more

The International Court of Justice (Wilfred Greatorex, 1963)
The work of the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, in deciding legal disputes between Stales is portrayed by scenes illustrating various international controversies that have been settle… Read more

The Is/Land (Michael Oblowitz, David Goldberg, 1981)
An 'anti documentary', it investigates the formal apparatus through which language and meaning are made and communicated in documentary cinema and television The film applies an ideological position … Read more

The Journey (Robert Gudan, 1995)
Synopsis not available Read more

THE KING AND MISTER BIRD (Paul Grimault, 1980)
In the kingdom of Takicardie. a cross¬eyed, pinched-face tyrant. King Charles V + 111 = V111 + V111 = XV1, loves a charming shepherdess. But she loves and is loved by a little chimneysweep. Aided… Read more

THE LAST BRIDGE (Helmut Kautner, Gustav Gavrin, 1953)
Compassionate statements on war and its ... effect on the individual are rare in the contemporary cinema, but The Last Bridge tells of some of the realities with honesty and sincerity. ... The film d… Read more

THE LAW OF ENCLOSURES (John Greyson, 2000)
It's 1991 and the first thing Beatrice notices about Henry is an egg-shaped tumour at the base of his neck. Beatrice, played by Sarah Polley (Go, MIFF 1999) mistakes Henry's cancer for AIDS. A sweet … Read more

The Liceu: An Opera House That Looks to the Future (M. C. Ferrer, X. J. Gurgui, 1981)
The story of Barcelona's Liceu Opera ... House is told in terms of operas produced there. The documentary also links cinema and opera by including extracts from opera shown in films. ... Read more

The Little Imp (R. L. Greenwood, )
Synopsis not available Read more

The Little Story of a Negligible Tale (Paul Grimault, 1968)
A story by Ambrose (°‘Billcr") Bierce. ... who will be remembered for his ... “Incident at Owl Creek Bridge". A ... starving orphan girl on Christmas ... night. dreaming of goodies, has a tar… Read more

The Little Western (Witold Giersz, 1961)
A satirical cartoon on a Western which depicts the adventure of a cowboy and two bandits who attempt to steal his gold. ... Read more

THE LOVERS' EXILE (Marty Gross, 1980)
The film is a record of a Bunraku puppet theatre performance of the classic play by Monzaemon Chikamatsu. In Bunraku, storytellers perform with elaborate human-scale puppets to give expression and so… Read more

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