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TIME (Kim Ki-duk, 2006)
A recent estimate in Korea claimed that 50 percent of the female population had opted for plastic surgery in their 20s. Considering this epidemic, MIFF favourite Kim Ki-duk's (Bad Guy, The Isle) la… Read more

Time (Johan van der Keuken, 1983)
This remarkable film marks a new departure in the career of a unique director. Having shed the early classification of a modern Joris Ivens or a Dutch combination of Peter Watkins with the ethonograp… Read more

TIME TO DIE (Dorota Kedzierzawska, 2007)
“Time to die? Are you crazy?” ... Starring the inimitable 91-year-old Danuta Szaflarska, Time To Die is a comical rendering of the everyday routines of an elderly woman as she winds down the days… Read more

TO THE STARRY ISLAND (Park Kwang-Su, 1994)
"After dying, we all become stars." ... An old man, Moon Duk-Bae, has died, and his family are taking his body back to the place of his birth, Kwisong Island, in accordance with his last wish. It is … Read more

TOGETHER (Chen Kaige, 2002)
13-year-old Xiaochun is a shy and sensitive violin prodigy who lives with his father, a hardworking chef in a provincial Chinese city. They set out for Beijing to further the young boy's musical educ… Read more

Together in the Middle of Nowhere (Tony Krawitz, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Together in the Middle of Nowhere (Tony Krawitz, 2001)
Vince embarks on a surreal, drug addled journey into the night while his girlfriend works a double shift in a strip joint. Over one night, they journey into the depths of their hearts to find out wha… Read more

Tokyo Game (part of SOUTHERN WINDS) (Shoji Kogami, 1992)
A sci-fi parable that takes a caustic look at the Japanese work ethic. Escaping the dreariness of retired life by spending much of his time in video parlours, a man is offered the chance to have his … Read more

TOO MUCH HAPPINESS (Cedric Kahn, 1994)
... ... Almost documentary in its naturalistic direc­torial style, the ironically titled Too Much Hap­piness lays bare the tenuous, frustrated desires of four teenage friends beneath an endle… Read more

Toothache (Abbas Kiarostami, 1980)
Synopsis not available Read more

TOTAL BALALAIKA SHOW (Aki Kaurismäki, 1993)
It's inspired. It's crazed. It's beyond imagining. It's a rock'n roll detente. A pop perestroika. It's the Total Balalaika Show! ... In the beginning there was an idea - a joke - an incredible one. T… Read more

Tournoi (Piotr Kamler, 1964)
Based on abstract images by Kamler, Andre Voisin and Francois Bayle imagined the story of a messenger charged to bring to our planet the key to a forgotten wisdom. ... Read more

Transatlantique (Bruce Krebs, 1987)
A tragic love story set on an ocean liner ... Celebrated French filmmaker Bruce Krebs' latest charcoal animation was in competition at Cannes 1987 ... Read more

TRASH HUMPERS (Harmony Korine, 2009)
“Pity the festival-going fool who stumbles unawares into Harmony Korine's patently abrasive, deliberately cruddy-looking mock documentary Trash Humpers.” - Variety ... Amongst the badly-lit alley… Read more

“Simply one of the best films about childhood ever made.” - Village Voice ... Two young sisters in South Korea find themselves suddenly packed off by their single mother to live with their aunt i… Read more

Triangle Below Canal (Harry Killas, 1985)
In attempting to meet a dark and mysterious woman on the streets of Lower Manhattan, a young urban professional is overwhelmed by his fantasies and fears. ... Read more

TRIANGLE OF LIFE (Jeni Kendell, 1993)
The residents of this Samoan Island are forced into a choice between building a school and preserving the Island's rainforest. Often these pristine eco-systcms are the only economic resource the vill… Read more

TRUCK TURNER (Jonathan Kaplan, 1974)
No doubt. Truck Turner is the best Blaxploitation film. Many come near but this one rides high on top. This is Issac Hayes (Mack 'Truck' Turner) inside and out: from his dropped-octave murmuring to h… Read more

Tuning Instruments (Jerzy Kucia, 2000)
Described by its maker as 'film poetry'. Tuning Instruments is driven by a haunting, dissonant soundscape and ceaseless­ly morphing images where every shift of gear is a change in mood and style.… Read more

TURBULENCE (Adam Kossoff, 1990)
After Ruth's father forces her to wear a dress, instead of her usual jeans and Doc Martens, a deeply buried memory begins to surface - her father's sexual abuse of her. ... In the absense of her moth… Read more

Two Solutions for One Problem (Abbas Kiarostami, 1975)
Synopsis not available Read more

Tzigne Dances (Jack Kemp, 1941)
"Carmen Amaya, she's hail against windows, the cry of a swallow, a black cigar smoked by a dreamywoman, a thunder of applause " ... Jean Cocteau ... Read more

UGLY DUCKLING AND ME, THE (Michael Hegner, Karsten Kiilerich, 2006)
A ripsnorter that becomes hilarious in its modern context. Taking cues from the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale of a similar name, this 3D, animated comedy goes about updating the premise of an u… Read more

Umbrella (M. Kobakhidze, )
A charming fantasy about three young people and a sociable magic parasol. ... Read more

Un Honnête Homme (Ado Kyrou, 1964)
Told by means of a series of postcards of the year 1900, the film tells the incredible and amusing story of an honest young man who, in Paris for his apprenticeship, becomes Vampiras, the bandit, her… Read more

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