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CHICKEN HEART (Hiroshi Shizumi, 2002)
"Hiroshi Shizumi is a Takeshi Kitano protégé, having worked as assistant director on several of his films, including Kids Return (MIFF 1997), Hana-Bi (MIFF 1998) and Brother (MIFF 2001). Shizumi's … Read more

CHICKEN RANCH (Nick Broomfield, Sandi Sissel, 1982)
Chicken Ranch is a documentary film about the women oft he best known brothel in America. Situated in the barren ... desert 60 miles outside of Las Vegas, the ... Chicken Ranch is one of 38 legal hou… Read more

Children's Dreams (Karl Stanzl, 1961)
Paintings by children have been selected, arranged and animated so that child's dream of a fantasy journey may be conveyed to the audience. Award: "The Best Austrian Cultural Film of 1961". ... Read more

Christmas in Huddersfield (Peter Spence, 2006)
The remarkable story of a children's Christmas party given by notorious punk group; The Sex Pistols. ... --- ... D/P Peter Spence TD video/col/2006/9mins ... Read more

Chromophobia (Raoul Servais, 1972)
This animated film without commentary shows the attempt of a black-and-white army to impose its dictatorial rule on a free, happy and colourful society. A small girl nurtures one red flower that even… Read more

Chronicle of a Disappearance (Segell Ikhtifà) Palestine/FranceElia Suleiman's first feature, made in 1997, is a wry and ironic assertion that the Arab population of Israel is losing its national i… Read more

CHRONOPOLIS (David Shea, )
A Music Cinema Performance by David Shea ... Futuristic, forbidding and totally original, Chronopolis is a work composed by David Shea for musical ensemble, film collage and narration, which tells th… Read more

Cinema (Sebastian Schroeder, 1973)
Afghanistan, "Switzerland of Asia", has about 12 million inhabitants and 12 cinemas. To one of these cinemas the admission is one afghani; the duration of the screening 3 minutes. ... Award of Merit,… Read more

CIRCLE OF DECEIT (Volker Schlondorff, 1981)
In 1975, Georg Laschen, a top correspondent for a large German periodical, is assigned to cover the civil war in Lebanon. Georg is married to Greta, herself a writer, but theirs is a barren relations… Read more

City Map (István Szabó, 1977)
The never resting, constantly changing mood of a city. ... Grand Prix, Oberhausen. ... Read more

CITY OF HOPE (John Sayles, 1990)
The camera rarely stops moving in City Of Hope, an unflinching study of the urban dynamics of a contemporary American work­ing class community on the verge of economic breakdown. Drawing from his… Read more

Clara (Van Sowerwine, )
Struggling with a massive change in her life, 12-year-old Clara is disoriented and confused. Her enchanted childhood has changed forever. [Clara] screened in Official Competition at Cannes, 2005, rec… Read more

CLEOPATRA JONES (Jack Starett, 1973)
The most camp of all Blaxploitation flicks. 70s in style - 60s in tone. Hollywood's typical decade-lag makes this a stew of funky fun. Everyone tries to be real mean - especially Tamara Dobson, a 6 f… Read more

Closer From Home (David Shuler, 1990)
William is an ordinary man in his early sixties. He has just paid the bond on an apartment and is waiting for a cheque so he can pay his first month's rent. But things don't quite work out. A series … Read more

Clutch (Jackie Shultz, 2003)
A young girl is left at a garage while her mother has her car serviced. Soon it is the girl who is fixing the cars, with the help of her father. ... Read more

Cocktail Canape (Paul Schneller, 1980)
A parody of a nightclub entertainer. ... Read more

Codename Corgi (Tracy Spottiswoode, 1999)
Codename Corgi is a satire that includes all the elements of a good movie: sex, love, spies and espionage—all with animated Barbie Dolls. A successful comedy bringing new credibility to the Bar… Read more

COLLAPSE (Chris Smith, 2009)
Crackpot. Conspiracy theorist. Genius. ... Investigative journalist and former policeman Michael Ruppert has been called many things - from ‘conspiracy theorist' to ‘batshit insane' - but there's… Read more

Colour Music: Opus 3 No. 1 (E. C. Snyder, 1965)
Colour, in an abstract design, evolves through a series of changes in accompaniment to the music of Handel. ... Read more

COMING OF AGE (Sohrab Shahid Saless, 1976)
Iranian director, Sohrab Shahid Saless, whose memorable Still Life was shown at the 1975 Melbourne Film Festival, and who is now working in Germany, traces the painful maturing of a ten year old boy … Read more

Composition (Gunnar Syvertsen, 1970)
A vision of the future of man on a planet he has destroyed. ... Read more

Concert (István Szabó, 1962)
Left on the embankment of the Danube, a piano becomes the centre of interest for the lunchtime crowd in Budapest. ... Read more

Conditioned Reflexes (Moscow Popular Science Film Studio, )
Reviews some of the work of the Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov, whose experiments with conditioned reflexes paved the way to a better understanding of human and animal behaviour. Demonstrates diff… Read more

The suburb was Huntingdon Valley, Philadelphia; the confessions are those of Susan Seidelman, director of Smithereens, Cookie, Desperately Seeking Susan and She Devil; and the subject is teenage remi… Read more

Conquest for Muzjilgi (M. Slavinskaya, 1955)
In July, 1955, the inhabitants of Osh, a town in Kirghizia, witnessed the departure of a mountaineering party which set out to scale the heights of the Mazar Range in northwestern Pamirs. Though not … Read more

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