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Films Screened In 1959

ROSEMARIE (R. Thiele, 1958)
A daring critique of society based on the life-story of the blond courtesan Rosemarie Nitribitt, who also ran a profitable blackmailing sideline. Rosemarie was found murdered in her luxury apartment … Read more

Sonata in Brussels (E. Degelin, 1954)
With a touch of fantasy, the architecture and atmosphere of Brussels revealed in four movements: night lights and jazz; morning quiet; street bustle; and people at rest and play. ... Read more

Sunday by the Sea (A. Simmons, 1953)
An impression of a typical day at Southend. favourite excursion for the Londoner. Edited rhythmically, to fit turn-of-the-century music hall songs, the film delights with its liveliness and invention… Read more

Tender Game (John Hubley, 1958)
An attempt to state dramatically, by means of abstract shapes and colours, the drama of two people falling in love. ... Read more

TERMINUS LOVE (G. Tressler, 1958)
When a twenty-one year old factory worker &ndash: and reputed lady-killer &ndash: gambles with love, he is liable to lose his heart as well as learn about life. Set in post-war Berlin, Terminus Love … Read more

The Battle of Wangapore (Grasshopper Group, 1955)
Set in a particularly far-flung corner of the Empire, this fully animated and synchronised cartoon was the first one to be produced by an amateur group, ft took three years to complete and was an awa… Read more

A pathetic little man emerges from a Prussian gaol to be denied lodgings, work and, through lack of papers, a passport. Without personal documents, no work — without work, no documents. This fr… Read more

THE CREATION OF THE WORLD (Edvard Hofman, 1958)
Based on the drawings of the famous French cartoonist. Jean Effel, the film tells the story of the first part of Genesis amusingly and with invention. Effel's gallic wit is carefully preserved and fu… Read more

The Edge of the Deep (P. Bruce, D. Corke, 1959)
Centred around two derelict barges, this poetic nature film captures some aspects of the Jives of birds living on the shores of Port Phillip Bay. ... Read more

The Flying Dane (Jorgen Roos, 1957)
Recreated from old photographs and early cinematic material, The Flying Dane is the story of J. C. Ellehammer who, in 1908. was one of the first men to fly a powered aircraft. His time aloft &ndash: … Read more

The plot of this wartime drama is woven into a background of underground activity during the German occupation of Yugoslavia. Illegal workers must be moved to safety, and Pavle. himself hunted by the… Read more

The Golden Age of Flemish Art (Paul Haesaerts, 1958)
In his first colour film. Paul Haesearts, who is well known for his art films, especially for Rubens and A Visit to Picasso, explores the meanings, beauties and quaint anecdotal material hidden in th… Read more

THE HARP OF BURMA (K. Ichikawa, 1956)
Eleven years after V-J day. the Pacific phases of World War II still fascinate the Japanese. ... The Harp of Burma opens in July, 1945—the war was nearing its end for the Japanese forces in Bur… Read more

THE HORSE'S MOUTH (Ronald Neame, 1958)
In the first film he has scripted for himself, Alec Guinness chose to adapt for the screen this seemingly impossible novel, "The Horse's Mouth'" by Joyce Cary. The story purports to be written by Gul… Read more

THE HOUSE I LIVE IN (L. Kulijanov, Y. Segal, 1957)
For many years, in the name of social realism. a sterile view imposed itself upon Soviet cinema. Now, by contrast, certain directors have returned to the stylistic elements of the great silent Soviet… Read more

The Living Stone (J. Feeney, 1958)
During one hard winter. Milliaksi. the Eskimo. carved a stone image of Miniachuk. the goddess of the sea, who controls the seals. The magic works, and the summer brings seals, food and joy to the peo… Read more

The Marines (François Reichenbach, 1957)
An impressionistic account of the training methods used in America's famed Marine Corps. The film makes all its points with images and a soundtrack recorded in an actual camp. ... Read more

The Massacre of the Innocents (I. Bostan, 1957)
Without commentary, the film presents the famous painting by Breughel. ... Read more

The Outsider (J. D. Pollet, 1958)
A shy boy feels lost in the night clubs of Paris. ... Read more

The Pirogue Maker (Arnold Eagle, )
The pirogue &ndash: a graceful dugout canoe &ndash: carved by hand from a solid cypress log. The film records this vanishing art for posterity. ... Read more

The Power Makers (L. Robinson, 1958)
Portrays the vast brown coal undertaking at Yallourn, the heart of Victoria's Electric Power System, and the thousands of workers going about their jobs during a normal day-time shift. ... Read more

The Seals of Macquarie Island (R. Garrick, P. G. Law, S. E. Ingham, 1959)
Now that Macquarie Island is a sanctuary, it is the breeding place of thousands of elephant seals and an increasing number of fur seals. The film was shot by scientists of C.S.l.R.O. and members of t… Read more

The Seine Meets Paris (Joris Ivens, 1957)
The buildings and bridges, the people and their lives viewed from the Seine as it flows through Paris. ... Read more

The Smyrna Scarf (F. Villiers, 1957)
In the summer of 1832, a hawker travelled over hill and dale to the farms, villages and castles of Southern France, Everywhere his lovely wares were in great demand. But tragedy followed in his wake.… Read more

The Surf Boats of Accra (Sydney Latter, 1959)
Ever since the days of the Portuguese adventurers, 500 years ago, the surf boats of Accra have carried cargoes ashore; the Fanti crews exciting the traveller with their daring and skill. ... Read more

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