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Films Screened In 1959

The Travel Game (T. Thompson, 1958)
The universal game of guessing travellers' intentions and destinations is here played on the Harwich-Hook of Holland Continental route. By the lime Denmark. Holland. Germany and Switzerland are reach… Read more

The Urgent Queue (Jamie Uys, 1958)
This film is the story of the migration of a Bantu family to Port Elizabeth in search of work. The film tells an intensely human story, with highlights of drama and humour typical of the lives of mil… Read more

The Wilderness of Zin (F. Steinhardt, 1958)
The dramatic story of the archeological exploration of the Negev desert, tracing a road of discoveries from biblical days to the time of Byzantium. ... Read more

Think Twice (K. Gow, J. Levy, N. Disher, )
With good visuals and a pertinent commentary, this film shows the various hazards connected with boilermaking. ... Read more

Think Twice (K. Gow, J. Levy, N. Disher, )
With good visuals and a pertinent commentary, this film shows the various hazards connected with boilermaking, and electric and oxywelding in particular. ... Read more

Three in a Million (Jennie Blackwood, 1959)
The story of three of the million migrants who reached Australia after the end of the war. An Italian boy in Melbourne, an Englishwoman on a South Australian farm, and a German scientist working on t… Read more

Three Painting of Hieronymus Bosch (J. Lenauer, 1950)
"The Adoration of the Kings," "The Mocking of the Christ" and "Ecce Homo" are the three paintings of Bosch simply and carefully observed and analysed. Excellent colour and absence of dramatisation di… Read more

THRONE OF BLOOD (Akiro Kurosawa, 1957)
Japan's most esteemed director, Akira Kurosawa. had long considered making a Japanese version of "Macbeth". The result is Throne of Blood, a film in which Kurosawa's thought and skill have perfectly … Read more

Treadle and Bobbin (W. Galentine, 1954)
The treadle sewing machine stars in this rhythmic and imaginatively photographed film. A distinguished visual analysis of moving parts, well exploited for beauty and interest and notable for its fres… Read more

Two Men and a Wardrobe (Jakub Dreyer, 1958)
Two men carrying a large wardrobe emerge from the sea. The adventures of the trio, while looking for food and lodgings, are told in this unusual experimental film, described by its producers as an "e… Read more

Two Men of Fiji (B. Porter, 1959)
Jaile and his cousin Adriu live on the island of Lakeba in the Fiji Islands. They go to Suva, one to train as a doctor, the other to travel. Jaile returns in disappointment to Lakeba realising that. … Read more

Under Night Streets (Ralph Keene, 1958)
After the last train at night and before the first train in the morning, 800 people are hard at work-making London's Underground fit for travellers. and taking in their stride a broken rail discovere… Read more

Watch the Birdie (Grasshopper Group, 1956)
Cartoon revealing the secret life of the fabulous Ungle-Wunglc Bird. ... Read more

WOLFTRAP (J. Weiss, 1958)
A small town in Moravia is the setting for this psychological drama, based on the novel of the same name by Jarmila Glazarova. A young girl. Jana, is accepted as a ward by her relatives. In the musty… Read more

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