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Films Screened In 1974

The Bolero (Allan Miller, 1973)
This film takes the viewer into the musicians world. In early planning and casual rehearsals, we share in conductor Zubin Mehta's perspective on the musical values he will build into the performance … Read more

The Bridges of Duyshena (G. Degaltsev, 1972)
A ferryman has been transporting the traffic across the river for many long years. Now, a huge bridge is being constructed to connect the two shores of the river. What will become of the ferryman? ... Read more

THE CONVERSATION (Francis Ford Coppola, 1973)
Sandwiched between The Godfather Parts I and 2, Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation is as gripping a piece of up-to-the-minute suspense drama that one could hope to find, although. strangely enou… Read more

The Demon (K. Kawamoto, 1972)
Inspired by a Japanese medieval legend: a mother, bowed with age, changes into a witch, and tries to devour her own children. This paradoxical situation, this world of anti-logic and the absurd, cont… Read more

The Door (Zlatko Grgić, 1973)
Maxi Cat at the door. . . ... Read more

The Feelings are the Same (Christian Hartkopp, 1972)
The creators of the film declare, “A film about emotional relations and about the commonly human. Wish for contact may arise between people of different sex and of the same sex. The film tries to d… Read more

The Friends (Zoran Tadić, 1973)
A documentary film about an old woman and a she-goat who live together as friends in the wilderness of the Dalmatian "Zagora", the film is actually a document on human loneliness. ... Read more

Joseph Bioch is the goal-keeper, and in the film's opening sequence he fails to save a penalty kick. He departs suddenly from the ground and we follow his actions through a series of short scenes. He… Read more

The History of the Motor Car Part 1: The Dawn of Motoring (Bill Mason, 1973)
The film follows the development of the motor car from the invention of the wheel until 1895. when the first cars began to appear on the roads. Many of the successful machines, and some of the failur… Read more

The Horse (Pavao Štalter, 1972)
A horse is galloping through free space, stops, and faces a woman. She holds out a lump of sugar. The horse cannot resist the curiosity, approaches, and eats the sugar offered to him. Tn this very mo… Read more

The Inner Eye (Satyajit Ray, 1972)
A film tribute to an eminent artist Binodebehari Mukherjee of Santiniketan. The art and life of Binodebehari is unique, for at birth he was blind in one eye and lost the other in 1953. and yet his ar… Read more

The Last Pedestrian (Jože Bevc, 1971)
In continuation of the comic series, entitled "Citizien Urban". Joze Bevc. screenplay writer, director and the main actor in this film, represents Citizien Urban as the last pedestrian. who wants to … Read more

The Line (Yannis Koutsouris, 1973)
The history of man and his creations, and the stresses from which he suffers. ... First prize, short films - Thessaloniki, 1973. ... Read more

The Maggot (George Dunning, 1973)
Heroin addiction among school age American Negroes. The dealer and his horrifying alter ego. the vulture, are finally rejected. ... Prix D'Information, Annecy, 1973. ... Read more

The Nutcracker (B. Stepantsev, 1973)
An animated version of the well known fairy tale, with Tchaikovsky's music on the sound track. ... Read more

The Owl (Aleksander Ilić, 1973)
"I wanted to make a film, a message. 1 wanted it to be accepted by the" wider viewing public. The phenomenon of evil, violence, massacre in the animal world, is, in a way. identical to human aggressi… Read more

The Pavement (Zdzislaw Kudla, 1972)
Using the pavement as a symbol, this animated film sounds a warning against creeping industrialisation destroying the natural world around us. ... Diploma of Merit, Montreal Film Festival. Grand Prix… Read more

The Pearly Yeats (Bruce Mackay, 1971)
A film in which the images of dreams are used with a narrative ballad song to describe the transition from innocence to experience in a modern family's soul. ... Read more

THE PEDESTRIAN (Maximilian Schell, 1973)
Heinze Giese, an ageing German industrialist, has recently been in a car accident in which his eldest son was killed. Because Giese crossed through a red light, he has lost his driving licence and is… Read more

The Raft (George Sluizer, 1972)
The film "The Raft" is a detailed account of a 1,000 km. journey made by a family on a home-made raft through Brazilian jungle, to sell their merchandise in the city. ... Best Short Film, Cracow, 197… Read more

THE REALISATION OF DESIRE (Svetlana Druzhinina, 1973)
The title of this film is taken from the novel of the same name by V. Kaverin. ... Nikolai Trubacbevsky is studying philology at the university of Leningrad. The lecture halls are filled with gay you… Read more

The Reprieve (John Lind, 1973)
In southern Russia in 1922. a White Russian officer is about to be hanged by the Bolsheviks in the closing phase of the Civil War. However, a man on a white horse is spotted on the horizon . . . ... Read more

The Scene from Melbury House (British Transport Films, 1973)
British Transport Films used spare lengths of film to record the varied daily lives of their neighbours as seen from the roof of their building in London's Marylebone. The late Ralph Vaughan Williams… Read more

The Soldier and the Three Sisters (Pascal Aubier, 1972)
A soldier flees from battle and finds happiness for a time in a village. He is finally found and killed as a deserter. Three children he has befriended, take his gun. ... Read more

THE SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE (Victor Erice, 1973)
This is the first full-length feature from Victor Erice. It deals with childhood fantasies and family relationships. On a Sunday in 1940. a cinema truck visits a small town in the Castilian plains. I… Read more

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