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Films Screened In 1979

Listen to This (John Ball, 1978)
In a modern sound mixing studio, a filmmaker and sound engineer put the final touches to a film tracing the history of sound motion pictures. ... Read more

LYNN SEYMOUR - IN A CLASS OF HER OWN (Karin Altmann, 1979)
A portrait of Lynn Seymour, one of the world's finest dancers, and a study of various aspects of her work, at a time in her career when a major change is about to occur. ... Read more

Maidens (Jeni Thornley, 1978)
A documentary of the filmmaker's maternal family, using old photographs, slides, home movies, and excerpts from some historical Australian women's films. ... Read more

MAN OF MARBLE (Andrzej Wajda, 1977)
It is 1976, Agnieszka, a student of the Polish Film Academy, preparing to make her first TV documentary, chooses for its subject the famous bricklaying shockworker of the Fifties, Birkut. He was a fa… Read more

Marc Chagall: The Colours of Passion (Charles Harris, 1977)
'Marc Chagall' uses Chagall's own statements to develop the positive ideas and attitudes to be found in his art. Nourishing a dazzling command of a variety of artistic media — from oils, lithog… Read more

Margaret Barr (Ross R. Campbell, 1978)
A study of the techniques used by Margaret Barr, a teacher of drama and movement in Sydney. The film shows the genesis of a dance drama, 'Judith Wright — Australian Poet', from conception to pe… Read more

Marx for Beginners (Bob Godfrey, Clive Morton, 1978)
The theories of Karl Marx explained in simple terms for the common person. ... Read more

MELODY IN GREY (Mashiro Shinoda, 1977)
Melody in Grey is set in 1918. Orin, a blind singer, belongs to a group of wandering singers known as the goze. ... When Orin breaks the group's rule of chastity, at the age of 21, she is thrown out … Read more

Monastiraki (Gay Angelis, 1977)
A lyrical documentary about the Athens Flea Market. ... Read more

MY WAY HOME (Bill Douglas, 1978)
My Way Home is the third and final part of Bill Douglas' autobiographical trilogy. The first two parts, My Childhood and My Ain Folk, have both been shown in earlier Festivals. ... Set in the 1950's,… Read more

NEWS FROM NOWHERE (Alister Hallum, 1978)
By the 1880's, William Morris had gained fame as a writer, poet, and designer, but his success drew him increasingly towards the ideas of socialism. For Morris the process of industrialisation brough… Read more

NICK CARTER IN PRAGUE (Oldrich Lipsky, 1977)
The famous American detective, Nick Carter, is summoned from his New York office by Chief of Police, Inspector Kaunitz of Prague to solve The Mystery of the Century. Countess Thunova's beloved Gert h… Read more

NIGHT PATHS (Krzysztof Zanussi, 1979)
In the midst of the Second World War in occupied Poland, Friedrich, a young German officer of aristocratic background, meets his older cousin, Hans Albert. Both are part of the same regiment, station… Read more

Nobody Else Can Feel It For You (Barbara Chobocky, 1979)
This student-made documentary examines the methods used in one approach to personal development, based on the works of Freud, Jung and Perles. ... Read more

NOLAN AT SIXTY (Brian Adams, 1977)
The Australian artist, Sidney Nolan, returns home to receive an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Sydney University on his sixtieth birthday. This film follows his activities in Australia, England (… Read more

NORTHERN LIGHTS (John Hanson, Rob Nilsson, 1978)
Northern Lights begins in the present, as 95 year old Henry Martinson recalls his life as a North Dakotan farmer in 1915. The film then becomes a reconstruction of that time, with its fictional main … Read more

ON THE YARD (Raphael D. Silver, 1978)
Raphael D. Silver is the husband of Joan Micklin Silver, who directed Hester Street and Bernice Bobs Her Hair (shown in the 1977 Festival), and produced On the Yard. It is his first film as a directo… Read more

ONCE A MOTH (Lupita A. Concio, 1976)
Corazon de la Cruz is a Filipino nurse. The film's title metaphorically describes her as a 'moth', who is preparing to travel to the alluring 'flame' of the United States. Many of her friends, and he… Read more

OSSESSIONE (Luchino Visconti, 1942)
Luchino Visconti's first film was based on James Cain's thriller 'The Postman Always Rings Twice', which was also made into a French film in 1939, and was turned into the celebrated Hollywood movie b… Read more

Outtakes (Barry Healey, 1978)
Outtakes pretends to be a collection of discarded takes of a hapless leading man who ruins a lot of footage by doing all the wrong things during the shooting of his scenes. ... Read more

Oxide Street Junction (Jim Dale, 1979)
Environmental sculptor, Marr Grounds, with the help of two students, an overseas professor, and a co-operative station owner with a road-grader, makes his own Environmental Impact Statement as an art… Read more

Panic (James Dearden, 1978)
A girl driving home late at night after a row with her boyfriend, stops to give an old lady a lift. . . ... Read more

Patricia's Moving Picture (Bonnie Sherr Klein, 1978)
Patricia's Moving Picture is the story of one 'extraordinary-ordinary' woman, who at the age of 40, with a good marriage of 20 years and seven children, questions what to do with the rest of her life… Read more

PEAU D'ÂNE (Jacques Demy, 1970)
As with The Pied Piper which Jacques Demy made in 1971, Peau d'ane is an attempt to bring a fairytale narrative to the screen in as faithful a way to the original as possible, yet subtly reinterprete… Read more

Pencil Booklings (Kathy Rose, 1978)
This experimental film explores the interaction between the artist and his creation: Kathy Rose, the maker of the film confronts her animated characters in a mixture of live action and animation. ...… Read more

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