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Films Screened In 1979

BLUE COLLAR (Paul Schrader, 1978)
Paul Schrader began as a film critic and went on to write the scripts for Taxi Driver, The Yakuza, and Obsession. This is his directorial debut. ... Zeke, Jerry and Smokey are close friends who work … Read more

Bruce and His Things (Mike Haller, 1977)
A successful, young professional from San Francisco gives us a guided tour of his favourite objects and speculates on the latest new products he is thinking about buying. ... Read more

Brussels Inferno (Marc Levie, 1978)
First, with fire and flame, silent witnesses of the history of Brussels recall the city's,turbulent past and tell of its growth from its legendary origins to its place today at the crossroads of Euro… Read more

BUSH MAMA (Haile Gerima, 1975)
Haile Genma shot Bush Mama in America before returning to his native Ethiopia to make Harvest 3000 Years (Melbourne Festival 1977). In both films he explores a complex social reality and the radical … Read more

Butch Minds the Baby (Peter Webb, 1979)
Set in New York in the Summer of 1931, Butch Minds the Baby tells the story of a safebreaker who cannot find a babysitter on the night he is asked to open a safe. ... Read more

Chalk and Cheese (Denny Lawrence, 1977)
A man awakens in a strange apartment, in the bed of a girl whom he met at a party the previous evening. ... Read more

Changes (Michael Healy, 1977)
A documentary filmed on the university campus, which demonstrates changes that have occurred and that need to occur, concerning architectural and attitudinal barriers to the physically handicapped. ... Read more

Child's Play (Antonio Colacino, 1978)
An analysis of the contribution that play makes to the child's development. ... Read more

CHUQUIAGO (Antonio Eguino, 1977)
Chuquiago, the Indian name for La Paz, Bolivia's capital city, is a mixture of different classes and races that are kept separate and segregated. The film interweaves four stories as a way of illustr… Read more

Confessions of a Star Dreamer (John Canemaker, 1979)
A young actress, Diane Gardner, talks about her struggles in the world of show business, while Canemaker's colorful animated images comment on, mirror, and probe hidden meanings in her words. ... Read more

Costumes from the Films of Visconti (Mario Andreacchio, 1978)
Luchino Visconti's meticulous concern for design and detail is demonstrated in this documentary record of an exhibition of some of the costumes especially made for his films. ... Read more

Cuba Cubanos (Ib Makwarth, 1976)
A personal account of life in Cuba, investigating the earnings, eating habits, working and social life of the ordinary Cubans. ... Read more

Dancers (John Chesworth, Derek Hart, Yutaka Yamazaki, 1978)
A personal view of dancers at the Ballet Rambert. ... Read more

DECLARATION OF LOVE (Ilya Averbach, 1978)
Filippok, an elderly writer, visits his wife, Zinochka, in hospital. He presents her with an edition of his new book, which is a collection of autobiographical reminiscences. The film then moves into… Read more

EMPIRE OF PASSION (Nagisa Oshima, 1978)
Nagisa Oshima, in his companion piece to his celebrated Empire of the Senses, once again turns to the subject of passion and death, and once again, to a real happening — this time taking place … Read more

EQUALITY (Paul Buck, Art Ciocco, 1976)
A sociological study about equality from the points of view of sex, race, ethnic origin, economics, and age. ... Gold Hugo, Chicago. ... Read more

Equals Zero (Paul Schneller, 1978)
The effects of the consumer society on an office worker are shown in four surreal episodes. ... Read more

ERNESTO (Salvatore Samperi, 1979)
'A part of Italy, Trieste, under the Austro-Hungarian Empire in pre-World War I days serves as a classic backdrop for this tale of a handsome young man's initiation to life, sex and class ways of the… Read more

EVEREST UNMASKED (Aled Vaughan, 1979)
Everest has been climbed a number of times in the past but always with artificial oxygen. In May of last year, two climbers" dreams were fulfilled. They successfully climed to the highest point on ea… Read more

Exit 10 (Stephen Gyllenhaal, )
An adaptation of a Katherine Mansfield story about a successful young lawyer, his wife, and a jazz pianist, whose lives are changed after a dinner party, at which the true relationship between the pr… Read more

Experts of Evil (Guido Henderckx, 1977)
An explosion in a chemical plant releases dioxyne, the defoliant used in Vietnam. The workers clean up the machinery, then show signs of a skin disease developing; professional cleaners are called in… Read more

Fair Play (Géza Pál Varga, 1978)
A moral tale about a liberated bird. ... Read more

FAR FROM HOME (Sohrab Shahid Saless, 1975)
In his first film made in Germany, expatriate Iranian director, Sohrab Shahid Saless, creates a portrait of another expatriate: a Turkish factory worker in Berlin. ... Saless' camera observes the gas… Read more

Feedback (Attila Dargay, 1977)
Sometimes feedback can go haywire, producing some odd results. . . ... Read more

Five Bells (Dean Semler, 1978)
An impressionistic study of the sights and sounds of Sydney Harbour. ... Read more

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