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Films Screened In 1979

Flight of the Gossamer Condor (Ben Shedd, 1978)
Ingenuity, perseverance and unflagging optimism won for Dr Paul McGrady the coveted £50 000 Kremer prize for designing the first man-powered airplane to fly a mile-long figure-eight course. ... Read more

Floating Free (Gerald Butts, 1978)
The film shows Fnsbees dancing in mid-air, floating in space, and finding their targets with remarkable accuracy at the Frisbee Championships. Even dogs are captured in slow motion making impossible … Read more

Flying By Night (Marian Cholerek, 1977)
A novel idea for escaping the wrath of cuckolded husbands. ... Read more

FOR YOUR PLEASURE (Johan Bergenstrahle, 1978)
The plot of For Your Pleasure dates back to the late Fifties. Television was starting to make life tough for the small theatrical companies touring the country-side. The film tells the story of such … Read more

GEORGE SEGAL (Michael Blackwood, 1979)
George Segal, one of the most eloquent living American artists, supported himself with chicken farming before his career took off during his Pop Art days in the 1960s, still lives and works in the sa… Read more

Good Morning Son (Ante Zaninović, 1978)
An old man is dying in hospital under rather strange circumstances. Facing death, the old man remembers his past. . . ... Read more

Goodnight Miss Ann (August Cinquegrana, 1978)
A cinema verite documentary exploring Los Angeles club boxing, with a special emphasis on disadvantaged minorities. ... Jury Award and Gold Medal, Miami. ... Read more

Hard Work (Ginny Durrin, 1978)
A record of the second Hookers' Convention in Washington, and a portrait of Margo St James an ex-hooker, who campaigns to decriminalise prostitution. ... Read more

HARDCORE (Paul Schrader, 1979)
Jake Van Dorn, a deeply religious Midwestern businessman lives a happy life, until his daughter disappears on a trip to Los Angeles. ... He hires a seedy private detective, who finds a sex film in wh… Read more

High Country (George Miller, 1978)
A group of amateur horsemen cross Victoria's Great Dividing Range, using a little frequented track. Without a commentary, the film shows the grandeur and mystique of the region. ... Read more

Hokusai: An Animated Sketchbook (Tony White, 1978)
This short tribute to Hokusai animates 30 of the 30,000 drawings the master is reputed to have produced during his lifetime. ... Read more

HUNGARIANS (Zoltán Fábri, 1977)
The film is constructed in five movements, following the seasons Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and another Winter. The story is set in 1942-43. ... A group of villagers are offered a one year contr… Read more

Ice Birds (Marc Hébert, 1978)
Two intrepid climbers scale the Crystal Pillar, a vertical wall of ice near Quebec's Montmorency Falls. ... Read more

ILEKSEN - POLITICS IN PAPAU NEW GUINEA (Dennis O'Rourke, Garry Kildea, )
Having steered Papua New Guinea through Independence, Michael Somare's PANGU — P. P. P. coalition government faces the polls for the first time and is challenged by a strong alliance of opposit… Read more

Incomplete Scenes of a Dog's Life (Jean-Pierre Bonneau, 1978)
The world of a young English bulldog. ... Read more

JEANNE DIELMAN (Chantal Akerman, 1975)
In the space of a few years, Jeanne Dielman has become known as one of the most important works of modern cinema. In it the director, Chantal Akerman, while using conventional narrative elements (the… Read more

KASSBACH - A PORTRAIT (Peter Patzak, 1979)
Kassbach is a grocer in Vienna. With four close friends sharing the same social background, he belongs to a right-wing organization known as 'Initiative', which stages small-scale demonstrations and … Read more

KOSTAS (Paul Cox, 1979)
Kostas, a Greek journalist, works as a taxi driver in Melbourne. Whilst seeing off a friend at the airport, he notices Carol, who is farewelling a friend. Later, she hires his cab and he takes her to… Read more

Kremnica's Peacocks (Vladimir Kavčiak, )
The legend of the peacocks that saved the town of Kremnica from the Turkish invaders. ... Read more

LA TERRA TREMA (Luchino Visconti, 1948)
In 1947, Visconti went to Sicily with a small amount of capital advanced by the Communist Party, to make a film that expanded into a mammoth epic on the conditions of the poor workers and peasants of… Read more

Land of Bulloo (Ken Taylor, 1978)
The film shows the impact of introduced animals on the ecology of the flood plains of the Bulloo River, in the South-West corner of Queensland. ... Read more

LE DOSSIER 51 (Michel Deville, 1978)
Michel Deville, previously a director of comedies, turns in Dossier 51 to a realistic account of secret service intelligence activities. ... The story tells of the efforts of the spies of a foreign p… Read more

Learning to Walk (Borivoj Dovniković-Bordo, 1978)
Four friends try to teach a man a different style of walking. ... Read more

Leda (Marc Lavrillier, 1978)
Using watercolours by Antoine Bourdelle, the film re-tells the story of Zeus, who wooed Leda in the form of a swan. ... Read more

LIGABUE (Salvatore Nocita, 1978)
Ligabue is the re-created biography of Italy's most famous primitive painter. The film is based on a book about the artist by the famous neo-realist scriptwriter, Zavattini. ... The film starts with … Read more

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