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Films Screened In 1980

Mr. Pascal (Alison De Vere, 1979)
One evening in spring, an elderly shoe mender, Mr. Pascal, does something rather audacious... ... Read more

Mr. Ventriloquist (Zlatko Bourek, 1980)
A ventriloquist goes into an old people's home where he intends to live out his days. He is asked by the man in charge of the home to give a performance for some visitors, but in doing so he insults … Read more

Night Shift (Tony Price, 1979)
Two men sneak into a hangar at night and assemble a diesel engine. They recall the world they knew before the silicon chip destroyed employment. The engine runs as they pretend to work. ... Read more

Now You're Talking (Keith Gow, 1979)
This film is the third part of Film Australia's screen history of Australian film production. "The Pictures That Moved" and "The Passionate Industry" took the history up to the end of the twenties. T… Read more

Orientation of the Camera (Peter Thompson, 1979)
The film demonstrates the relationship of the viewer to the screen, and the way in which the attention is absorbed into the world of the film-maker, affecting the viewer's own orientation; the physic… Read more

OSPREY (Hugh Miles, 1979)
The story of the osprey: includes nestbuilding and family life in the Scottish Highlands, migration to Africa and the drama of hunting — some of the fishing scenes are among the most spectacula… Read more

Out of the Clay (Ranabir Ray, 1979)
The film depicts potteries and potters, including some contemporary potters from various parts of India. ... Read more

Panic (Sándor Reisenbüchler, 1979)
A science fiction story based on Karel Capek's novel "War of the Salamanders". Wrapped up in the thrilling story is the question: are we humans mature enough to appropriately control the vast array o… Read more

Passing Cloud (Joel Peterson, 1980)
Ducks, people, dogs and unspoiled dreams. Freshness and humour — struggling, striving — eggs full of surprises — ideals, innocence and cunning — snails feelers. ... Read more

PEARLS AND SAVAGES (Frank Hurley, 1921)
This film is a record of two trips made by Frank Hurley to the Torres Strait Islands, and to Papua in 1920-21 and 1922-23. Hurley stated, "My ambition has been to bring back and portray some of the m… Read more

Pierre Guimond Betwixt Freud and Dracula (Michel Poulette, 1979)
A portrait of an artist who works with material generated by publicity He cuts ads in magazines and puts them together in a new way making a reflection about our society, a criticism of our epoch. ... Read more

Pins and Needles (Barbara Chobocky, 1979)
One of Genni Batterham's earliest symptoms of multiple sclerosis was the constant feeling of pins and needles. This film shows how she is coping with a disease that has changed her life forever. It a… Read more

POTO AND CABENGO (Jean-Pierre Gorin, 1979)
Poto and Cabengo are the names two identical twin sisters have given each other as part of a complex private language they have invented, and this film by Jean-Pierre Gorin documents the phenomenon. … Read more

Private History (Gábor Body, 1978)
This film probes a new sphere of study - microhistory or the images people's minds preserve of the past. He uses, as his raw material, amateur films that were made - rather poorly - for family use. ... Read more

Pussy Pumps Up (Antoinette Starkiewicz, 1979)
The cat-girl heroine, Pussy, finds herself dwarfed in a world of the big boys. Yet, through exercising her mind and body - (wit and grace), she can metamorphose effortlessly from one opposite to the … Read more

Through years of isolation, the Qeros Indians of Peru have preserved much of the basic survival pattern of existence in the Andes. The Andean civilisations reach back long before the Incas, and the Q… Read more

QUE VIVA MEXICO! (Sergei Eisenstein, 1979)
"Sergei Eisenstein's Que Viva Mexico! (1930-32) occasioned one of the 1930's messiest artistic brawls. Following Eisenstein's fruitless Hollywood trip, novelist Upton Sinclair raised funds to allow t… Read more

King Hu is already known to Festival audiences for his brilliant film The Valiant Ones (MFF, 1975), and since that film he has now completed two productions, Legend of the Mountain and Raining in the… Read more

Robin Campbell - Old Fella Now (Alec Morgan, 1979)
Robin Campbell, an old man of the Murrawarri tribe of the far north west of New South Wales, lives out his days on the fringe of a white town. Although he is now an "old Fella", he still has his memo… Read more

Rosc - the Poetry of Vision (Ciarin Scott, 1979)
The film is an introduction to, and impression of, the "Rose" International Exhibitions of Ancient and Modern Art, which have taken place in Dublin over the past ten years. "Rose" is an Irish word me… Read more

ROUGH TREATMENT (Andrzej Wajda, 1978)
For close to three decades it seems that no film festival has been complete without a new film by Andrzej Wajda, Poland's greatest director and a film-maker with a seemingly inexhaustible capacity to… Read more

S.O.S (Guido Manuli, 1979)
A comical, but scathing indictment of man's age-old exploitation of woman. A giddy, rather bawdy romp through the historical theories of a mad professor who is convinced that women are temporary visi… Read more

Sandbags and Trenches (Barry Bliss, 1979)
Illustrates a traditional song of the Irish Revolution. ... Read more

Screentime (Leidulv Risan, 1978)
A young woman breaks into a television studio during a news transmission, and takes the newscaster hostage, demanding transmission time so that she can relay a message to the viewers. ... Read more

Self-Portrait in the Studio (David Muir, 1979)
In Australia no painter has more self-consciously and brilliantly investigated self-portraiture, than Brett Whiteley. In this film, Whiteley has integrated portrait and environment, reflecting Easter… Read more

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