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Films Screened In 1988

Black, White and Red (Helmut Herbst, 1964)
No synopsis available ... Read more

BLIND CHANCE (Krzsystof Kieslowski, 1982)
'When Krzysztof Kieslowski finished the film in 1982, the curtain of martial law had already descended on Poland - so Blind Chance was immediately resigned to the shelves for the duration. ... The st… Read more

Blues, Black and White (Markus Imboden, 1987)
A white woman puts her plate of cutlets and chips on the table, goes back for the mineral water, comes back to the table, and finds a stranger, a black woman, sitting there The white woman feels robb… Read more

BRIEF ENCOUNTERS (Kira Muratova, 1967)
Another curiously withheld Soviet film dating from 1967, this hitherto unknown work is one of the most sought-after Soviet entries on the festival circuit this year Made when she was 35, Muratova dir… Read more

BROKEN NOSES (Bruce Weber, 1987)
Says Bruce Weber, “In the summer of 1983 at the Colorado Sports Festival, I was photographing all the young athletes who had a chance to go to the Olympics. ... One day a light weight boxer, Andy M… Read more

Brutality in Stone - the Eternity of Yesterday (Alexander Kluge, Peter Schamoni, 1960)
No synopsis available ... Read more

BUSINESS AS USUAL (Lezli-An Barrett, 1987)
This British working-class drama is not only an impressive debut feature from first time director (and festival guest) Barrett but also a trenchant account of sexual discrimination with the marketpla… Read more

Cabaret (Andrzej Baranski, 1985)
While attempting to utilise the conventions of cabaret, Cabaret juxtaposes the social and economic conditions of Germany under the Third Reich, and the stylistics of popular cultures at the time. ... Read more

Cane Toads: An Unnatural History (Mark Lewis, 1987)
This stylised off-heat documentary is thought provoking as well as entertaining because of its unusual mix of biological fact and off-the-cuff comment We see that as cane toads have spread geographic… Read more

Careful (Metin Hüseyin, 1987)
A pointed story of a man estranged from life by his wife and some ear wax. ... Read more

Che's Revenge (Eva Gardos, 1987)
Set in the dog eat dog world of Los Angeles' yuppies Che's Revenge is a tragi-comic story about dinner parties and Central America ... Jack and Candy (the yuppies) tell a tale that wags just once too… Read more

CIRCLE OF GOLD (Uday Bhattacharya, 1988)
A personal essay that entwines the filmmaker's conflicting sense of birthplace Calcutta and home, England The paradoxes of memory, personal and political history are synthesised by a complex montage … Read more

A gospel legend from her work with the 'Sweet Inspirations', this film traces Cissy Houston's career - from smokey clubs to gospel choir rehearsals, from a 'Sweet Inspirations' re-union concert to a … Read more

City (Andrzej Baranski, 1988)
The city presented and represented with its geometry divided and rotated to yield new structures from the old ... Read more

COO-EE (Graham Chase, 1987)
In 1915 a group of men from the small town of Gilgandra in mid west NSW organised a march to Sydney, 550km away, recruiting volunteers enroute to sign up and fight for their country at Gallipoli. Thi… Read more

Copie Filme (Pascal Remy, 1987)
Seven photocopied stories Quick Inventory (Inventaire Rapide), SB's Been at it Again (Superbiscoto Fait des Siennes), The Fly (La Mouche de Chez Jean), The Long Wait (Une Longue Attente), A Real Punc… Read more

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS (Pieter Verhoeff, 1987)
Scripted by director Verhoeff and Jean van de Velde from an ironic, satirical bestseller, this is a formally adventurous gamble that has paid off. Essentially a study of life in an apartment block in… Read more

Critical Years (Gerald L'Ecuyer, 1987)
From the analyst's couch, the terminally tragedy-prone Chip Dexter tries to find the root of his grown up insecurities in his childhood horrors. Meanwhile, his analyst, played by Ann Magnuson, Doyen … Read more

Crust (John E. Hughes, 1987)
The argument continues... two hybrid characters pursue... the crust ... Read more

Damsell in Disdress (Sharon Shostak, 1987)
Which dress addresses the occasion for this damsel? ... Read more

DAUGHTER OF THE NILE (Hou Hsiao-hsien, 1987)
In the last few years Hou Hsiao-hsien's films, (A Summer at Grandpa's '84, A Time to Live and a Time to Die '85 and Dust in the Wind '87) have reflected the considerable critical attention coming to,… Read more

Delirium (Kathy Smith, 1988)
Inspired by several events which occurred in January 1986 one particular event was the death of six people travelling in a car from Darwin to Elliott in the N.T, who died of dehydration after the car… Read more

DIDN'T YOU KILL MY BROTHER? (Bob Spiers, 1987)
From the pen of Alexei Sayle, and no doubt inspired by his hit 'tune' of the same name, this is a radical remake of Bicycle Thieves, with Sayle playing both lead parts - a pair of twins ... Sterling … Read more

DISLOCATION (Huang Jianxin, 1987)
The follow up to Huang Jianxm's very successful first feature Black Cannon Incident, is a decidedly different type of film, that even those familiar with the new developments in Chinese cinema may no… Read more

Dr. Plughole (John Armstrong, 1988)
Matthew's evening bath is interrupted by a visit from the water wizard, 'Dr Plughole'. Combining animation and live action into a comic adventure, 'Dr Plughole' shows young Matthew how exciting the w… Read more

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