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Films Screened In 2001

MUTANT ALIENS (Bill Plympton, 2001)
Bill Plympton has crafted an outlandish work of science fiction in his latest animated epic. Audiences still reeling from Plympton's past hits will be only partially prepared for this far flung trip … Read more

MY BROTHER TOM (Dom Rotheroe, 2001)
My Brother Tom is the story of teenagers, Tom and Jessica. He is troubled, dark, inhabiting the forests as his holy domain, hiding from the misery and oppression of his home. She is intrigued by this… Read more

My Chorus (Richard Doherty, 2000)
A shy office worker has voices in his head It's a bit of a problem, but at least they can hold a tune. ... Read more

MY KHMER HEART (Janine Hosking, 2000)
A powerful portrait of a remarkable woman described as an Earth Mother who will break bread with the devil to get what she wants'. My Khmer Heart charts the life and work of Australian nurse Geraldin… Read more

MY MOTHER INDIA (Safina Uberoi, 2001)
My Mother India begins by telling a love story. A young, middle-class Australian woman falls in love with a young intellectual Indian whilst at university during the 1950's. They eventually marry and… Read more

My Old Barbershop (Lee Ki-ho, 2000)
Yon-soo usually goes to a hair salon downtown. This time, to save money, he tries an old barber-shop, with a stubborn old barber who wants to give him a very old-style haircut. Yon-soo wants to keep … Read more

NOT FORGOTTEN (Makoto Shinozaki, 2000)
Kijima, a WWII veteran, has always blamed himself for leaving his wounded comrade Kanayama behind to be killed by American forces-recurring nightmares conjure the terrifying fate he imagines his frie… Read more

NURSE BETTY (Neil LaBute, 2000)
" Nurse Betty takes a case of amnesia and spins into an irresistible mixture of sadness and hilarity. At it's giddiest peaks the movie, directed by Neil LaBute ( Your Friends and Neighbours, MIFF 199… Read more

Old Man Me (Ahmed Saheed, 2001)
Synopsis not available Read more

ONE NIGHT THE MOON (Rachel Perkins, 2001)
In 1932 a child went missing in outback NSW. Entranced by a beaming full moon, the little girl left her bed and wandered into the night, vanishing mysteriously. This musical drama features sublime mu… Read more

Operation YY (Oded Lotan, 2000)
Ron barely knows the daylight hours, while his nights are divided between his job as an editor of wedding videos, Internet chatrooms and futuristic fantasies. A striking and sensitive portrait of mod… Read more

ORFEU (Carlos Diegues, 1999)
A glorious rendition of the mythical low affair between Orpheus and Euridice, set amidst the pageantry and splendour of Camivale. The Orfeu of this tale is a legendary singer and guitarist whose play… Read more

OUR LADY OF THE ASSASSINS (Barbet Schroeder, 2000)
Barbet Schroeder's, Our Lady of the Assassins, is the powerful story of a city in ruins and one man's desperate journey to make sense of his life. The semi-autobiographical tale by Fernando Vallejo c… Read more

Outside In (Susan Bruce, 2001)
What's it like being Hepatitis C positive? This simple and succinct introspection was scribed with a rudimentary tech­nology that itself echoes this degradation and breakdown. An abstracted and s… Read more

PAINTING COUNTRY (Sally Ingleton, 2000)
Painting Country follows a journey by ten of Australia's most famous indigenous artists, from their community of Balgo in remote North West Australia back to their traditional country. The Balgo arti… Read more

PAPERBOYS (Mike Mills, 2000)
Designer/filmmaker Mike Mills (who has worked with the likes of Beastie Boys, Sonic Youth, Beck, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Air) turns his lens on that two-wheeled denizen of the suburban street… Read more

PARADISE LOST 2: REVELATIONS (Joe Berlinger, Bruce Sinofsky, 1999)
Three children were slain and dismembered in an Arkansas backwater in May, 1993 Three teenagers were convicted for the crime and sentenced to punishments ranging from life imprisonment to death. Cut … Read more

PARIAH (Nicolas Klotz, 2000)
New Year's Eve in Paris. Victor (18) and Momo (25) are stranded in a bus heading towards the health centre for homeless people. 24 hours before: Victor is fired from his job as a delivery boy for a v… Read more

Pâté (Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo, 2000)
This is a majestically dark story of a post-apocalyptic world where two children struggle to survive their mother and her suitor Incorporating an extraordinary visual design from a singular vision th… Read more

Mark Chopper' Read ran a racket in Pentridge whereby he sold people their left leg. Pay up, and you get to keep it! Chopper joins author Ray Mooney {Everynight, Everynight, MIFF 1994) and a collectio… Read more

PETITE CHERIE (Anne Villacèque, 2000)
One of the strongest French debuts of the year, every shot in Petite Cherie is perfectly composed and every nuance in behaviour and emotion is meticulously observed. The tragedy of the story is sligh… Read more

Phil’s Job (Barnaby Southcombe, 2000)
Phil loves his job. Phil will do anything he can to help you. Got a problem? Call Phil Hes waiting for your call. ... Read more

PIE IN THE SKY: THE BRIGID BERLIN STORY (Shelly Dunn Fremont, Vincent Fremont, 2000)
A splendid account of the life of Warhol starlet Brigid Berlin, daughter to the Hearst Corporation empire. Expected to follow in her parents footsteps and lead a perfect life, Brigid rebelled continu… Read more

PLATFORM (Zhang Ke Jia, 2000)
Spanning the decade between 1979 and 1989, Jia Zhang Ke's second feature is a chronicle of social change, from Maoist fanaticism to capitalist indolence, as traced through a group of young performers… Read more

Plenty of Fish (Shane McGrath, 2000)
In this comic silent film, a lone fisherman whose wife has left him learns that there are 'plenty of fish in the sea', in more ways than one. ... Read more

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