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Films Screened In 2001

Birthday (Morag McKinnon, 2000)
A young girl escapes her harsh family environment through elaborate flights of fantasy. On her birthday she flaps a little too hard and finds herself on the side of the angels. ... Read more

BLAME IT ON VOLTAIRE (Abdel Kechiche, 2000)
In the first scenes of La Faute a Voltaire, Jallel, a young man from Tunisia who has come to France illegally is coached by a pair of uncles for his interview with an immigration officer. Tell them y… Read more

Blow-up (Siegfried A. Fruhauf, 2000)
A humorous cinematic resuscitation' where the process of blowing 'life into a female dummy is analogous to the process of blowing up substandard film material to 35mm. Blow-up breathes with the pleas… Read more

BLUE END (Kaspar Kasics, 2000)
Joseph Paul Jemigan was executed eight years ago but anyone with a modem can view his body today. While still warm, Jemigan was handed over to Texan scientists, who froze his corpse and sawed him int… Read more

BLUE REMAINS (Toshifumi Takizawa, Hisaya Takabayashi, 2000)
Little Amaniku holds the fate of a planet in her hands. She and her parents return to Earth after devastating atom wars, taking refuge deep under sea to escape contamination. Genetic codes they have … Read more

Bowl Me Over (Angie Black, 2000)
Fueled on the aroma of bleach, a daring Greek woman embarks on a cleaning frenzy at her local bowling club which leads to cross cutturalisation, misinterpretation and ultimately a loophole capable of… Read more

BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT (Beth B P Beth, Chantal Bernstein, 2000)
Breathe In. Breathe Out follows three Vietnam War veterans, accompanied by their grown-up children, as they journey back to the very jungles and villages where they were once stationed. Leading viewe… Read more

Bring Me Your Love (David Morrissey, 2000)
Harry Weaver is visiting his wife He has brought her flow­ers, but she needs more than flowers Bring Me Your Love is a gripping interpretation of a Charles Bukowski short story. ... Read more

Broken (Victoria Batchelor, 2001)
Shelley uses her parents handycam to record her final year break-up party and ends up filming what breaks inside her. Shot completely in one take, this film is disarmmgly real in both style and perfo… Read more

BROTHER (Takeshi Kitano, 2000)
A magnificent return to form for Japan's reigning master of the gangster film. Takeshi Kitano (Hana-Bi MIFF 1998). The director, who also stars, plays a Yakuza banished from Tokyo as a result of a ga… Read more

BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF (Christophe Gans, 2001)
Brotherhood Of The Wolf attracted more than two million movie-goers in its first week of release in France. Set during the reign of Louis IX. this ripping yarn is the story of the beast of Gevaudin, … Read more

BUNNY (Mia Trachinger, 2000)
Nik and Luda are recent emigres to the USA following their hurried departure from an unnamed war-torn country. Arriving penniless in L.A. they lodge with a truculent friend of the family. Despite the… Read more

CALLE 54 (Fernando Trueba, 2000)
The sultry, hip swiveling rhythms that Latin jazz proclaims is brought to the screen by Spanish film director Fernando Trueba in Calle 54. This is an ode to Latin jazz and what better way to capture … Read more

Celia and Rosita (Gisella de Mello, 2000)
A nonsense comedy about senior citizens getting even with the 20th century Two elderly ladies decide to change their destiny and history, giving them a new reason to live. ... Read more

Circadian Rhythms (Jake Robb, 2000)
Rhythms presented in an elegant nihilistic view - a personal diary, that moves in time and space to create an illusion through repetition and textures. Shades of Sartre, Picasso and Shakespeare wroug… Read more

Cock Fight (Sigalit Liphshitz, 2000)
On a hot summers day, an Israeli chicken-breeder encoun­ters a Palestinian roadblock on the way to market. When he discovers that the man in charge is a former employee, it's not only the chicken… Read more

Cog (Irina Goundortseva, 2000)
Synopsis not available Read more

Cold Storage (Oliver Masset-Depasse, 2000)
Rita works with her mother Nicole running the family butchers Rita wants to leave but not before she witnesses some small sign of tenderness from her mother. What will it take before that occurs? ... Read more

COOL AND CRAZY (Knut Erik Jensen, 2001)
Facing the ferocious Barent Sea—with a practically uninterrupted view of the North Pole—lies the small fishing village of Berlevag, made famous by the Oscar-winning film Babette's Feast (… Read more

Copy Shop (Virgil Widrich, 2001)
A man wakes up. goes to work in a photocopy shop, and copies a series of pictures- of a man who wakes up and goes to work at a photocopy shop. Compositing 18000 photo­copied digital frames Copy S… Read more

Covered with Chocolate (Ansgar Ahlers, 2000)
A confectionery appeal for greater tolerance and understanding. ... Read more

CRAZY FAMILY (Ishii Sogo, 1984)
The Kobayashi family has problems Mum is getting juiced up and stripping when the neighbours stop by for afternoon tea; son and daughter lock themselves in their bedrooms to engage in a multitude of … Read more

CRAZY THUNDER ROAD (Ishii Sogo, 1980)
Crazy Thunder Road draws its inspiration from the Speed Tribes, real life gangs of bikers and car nuts constantly at war in Japan's colourful subculturai milieu. ... In an unnamed near future Ken, th… Read more

Daddy’s Girl (Irvine Allen, 2000)
In this bittersweet tale, Teenie is left outside the pub by her wayward father and becomes prey to the whims and fan­cies of passing strangers.. ... Read more

DEVEERI (Kavitha Lankesh, 1999)
In her debut feature, Indian filmmaker Kavitha Lankesh tells the story of a 12-year-old boy Kyatha (Manja) who lives with his sister Deveeri (played by prominent Indian actress Nandita Das) The pair … Read more

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