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Moonstruck (John Halas, 1960)
A paper sculpture film telling how Top Dog, a rocket inventor, uses various tricks to inveigle Snap into going to the Moon and their subsequent adventures after he persuades him there is a bone there. Read more

MUDDY WATERS (Louis Daquin, 1960)
In the post-Napoleonic period in France the pursuit of money was the ruling passion. Based on Balzac's novel, "La Raboilleuse", this film tells how it was the principal aim of Philippe Bridau. He cli… Read more

Ned Kelly (Tim Burstall, 1960)
The story of the bushranger, Ned Kelly, is told through the paintings oi the Australian artist, Sidney Nolan, accompanied by a descriptive ballad. ... Read more

Night Freighter (R. Petersen, 1960)
Routine flight of a cargo plane overnight. Equal Second Prize, Documentary Section, “for its faithful recording of a normal airline operation, marked by high standard of photography and effectivene… Read more

Nine Minutes (Károly Wiedermann, 1960)
This prize-winner from the Oberhausen Film Festival shows, in a fascinating way, a three-round boxing match as seen through the eyes of one of the contestants. ... Read more

Not By Choice (Douglas White, 1960)
A soup kitchen in Sydney provides meals for the down and outs of the city. This documentary film, frankly emotional in approach, gives a glimpse of the institution and of the lives of the men they as… Read more

A story of a truck-driver who leads a modest life in a suburb of Istanbul, with his wife, daughter and elderly father. A neighbour tries hard to separate the family so that he can marry the wife. Aft… Read more

Nyal Toothpaste (Geoff Pike, 1960)
An advertisement for Nyal toothpaste. ... Read more

Opening Speech (Norman McLaren, 1960)
Ostensibly, Norman McLaren intends to welcome the audience, but is frustrated by the microphone which exhibits surprising temper, reluctance and guile. ... Read more

Os Mundi (Hattum Hoving, 1960)
The film traces the development of magnetism from its oldest application to its versatile and recent use in radio, television and electronic computers. ... Read more

Outline of Detergency (Michael Ricketts, 1960)
Water alone is not very good at wetting things. This film uses demonstrations and animated drawings to show in a simple way how detergent weakens the tension at the water surfaces. The basic construc… Read more

Painter and Poet (Georges Regnier, 1960)
Baudelaire was primarily an art critic and it was in that capacity that he judged and praised the work of Delacroix. His writings arc used as commentary for the film. The poet and the painter, both h… Read more

PARIS BELONGS TO US (Jacques Rivette, 1960)
The writer, Charles Peguy, once reflected that Paris belongs to those who spend the summer there preparing for the winter season. In the heat of August, and in an empty Paris, Rivette documents the m… Read more

PAW - BOY OF TWO WORLDS (Astrid Henning-Jensen, 1960)
Paw grew up in the jungles of the West Indies — the son of a Danish father and a West Indian mother who died who he was bom. The picture starts when Paw, at the age of twelve, has lost his fath… Read more

Pianissimo (Carmen D'Avino, 1960)
A disarming attempt to express rhythms in terms of colours. ... Read more

Piping Hot (John Halas, 1960)
An illustrated discourse on bathing through the ages. Inventive design and a deadpan commentary add to the enjoyment. ... Read more

Pride of the Mediterranean (Gamal Madkour, 1960)
A review of the attractions — ancient and modern — of the historic city of Alexandria. ... Read more

Prometheus (Todor Dinov, 1960)
In this cartoon Prometheus snatches the fire from the gods of Olympus while they, Zeus at their head, dance a rock'n'roll and quaff nectar and ambrosia. Zeus sets off in hot pursuit but he is no matc… Read more

Rennies Mill (Raymond Kinsey, 1960)
On the outskirts of Hong Kong, thousands of refugees have made a settlement of tin huts and even less solid homes. Here the people eke out a miserable existence in conditions which are conducive to i… Read more

Rhythm of the Port (Wolf Hart, 1960)
This film derives its individual character from the subjection of an everyday theme—the port—to a strict formal discipline, namely rhythm, understood in the sense of a threefold superimpo… Read more

Robert Frost (Sidney J. Stiber, 1960)
This film depicts Robert Frost's contribution to the American cultural scene as a teacher, a poet, and a philosopher. ... Read more

ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS (Luchino Visconti, 1960)
... ... Visconti sketched out the Idea for Rocc e i suoi fratelli(Rocco and his Brothers) in spring 1958 producer Franco Cristaldi. He worked on a treatment with Vasco Pratolini the novelist and Suso… Read more

Roughnecks (Guy L. Coté, 1960)
Whenever there is a whisper of oil, roughnecks are already on the way to drill a test. ... Audiences will relish this tale of one such crew, tough roustabouts who bulldoze through a wilderness in a h… Read more

Seawards the Great Ships (Hilary Harris, 1960)
The almost legendary devotion of the generation of Clydesiders to their craft of building great ships and small ships is the subject of this documentary. The art of shipbuilding is shown to be truly … Read more

SEE YOU TOMORROW (Janusz Morgenstern, 1960)
See You Tomorrow is the first feature film by director Janusz Morgenstern, a graduate of the Polish Film School and still in his twenties. Brilliantly photographed, it embodies a natural urge for exp… Read more

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