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CLAY (M) (Giorgio Mangiamele, 1965)
A sculptress living in a remote artists' compound provides refuge to a wounded stranger, setting the scene for a dangerous love triangle. ... When Margot provides the exhausted Nick with shelter, lit… Read more

CLIMAX (Rolf Clemens, 1965)
Climax is a modern psychological thriller about a youth named Kirster whose mother was so excessively devoted to him that she alienated her husband's affection for both herself and the boy. Deprived … Read more

Cloven Horizon (Kantilal Rathod, 1965)
The film is based on coloured crayon paintings by a 14-year-old Indian girl, Sundaravalli. ... The All India Certificate of Merit, Government of India. ... Read more

Colour Music: Opus 3 No. 1 (E. C. Snyder, 1965)
Colour, in an abstract design, evolves through a series of changes in accompaniment to the music of Handel. ... Read more

Commando 52 (Walter Heynowski, 1965)
'Commando 52' was a mercenary troop in the Congolese Civil War, led by a West German officer, Major Siegfried Muller. ... Based on original documents, photographs and films, this documentary sets out… Read more

Company for Lunch (Philip Gittelman, 1965)
The story of one of the largest annual shareholders' meetings ever held is told entirely through still photographs and actual sound. ... Read more

Concerto For Orchestra (Robert Parker, 1965)
A fluent and engagingly informal impression of the activities of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra as reflected in the lives of its members. ... Golden Reel Award, Documentary Category, Kodak Photography… Read more

Contre-paid (Manuél Otero, 1965)
A man loses his job because of his squeaky shoes. He buys another pair but these, too, become a problem. ... Critics' Prize, Tours Festival. ... Read more

CUMBITE (Tomás Gutierrez, 1965)
The story unfolds in the hamlet of Fonds Rouge in Haiti during the Forties. Manuel, a young country­man, returns to his native village after having spent some years in Cuba as a cane cutter. He f… Read more

Déménagement tragique (Piotr Kamler, 1965)
A graphic transcription of a story by the humorist, Cami. How can one move out of the house without the concierge noticing it? One has to cut up the furniture into tiny bits. This simple and effectiv… Read more

Design for Dreaming (Fred Pressberger, 1965)
A suite of ballet vignettes about the dream of a little girl playing 'grown-up'. ... Read more

Design for Today (Hugh Hudson, 1965)
The film follows without commentary, a day in the life of a young couple as they come in contact with everyday objects - all of which have one thing in common: good design. ... Read more

Double Portrait (Gábor György Kovásznai, 1965)
Two portraits, of a man and a woman, go through a series of strange changes which indicate their relationship. ... Golden Ducat Award for Animation, Mannheim Festival. ... Read more

Drop (Osamu Tezuka, 1965)
A companion piece of sorts to Mermaid, Drop utilizes similar brush and wash backgrounds, but stylizes its central protagonist in broader caricature. Tezuka made this film in one week as a demonstrati… Read more

Enfance (Piotr Kamler, 1965)
A poem by Verlaine sung by the Freres Jacques group, freely illustrated by a play of coloured abstract forms. ... Read more

Ephesus (Fred Padula, 1965)
The expression of extremely deep religious emotions is intimately observed in a Negro church. ... Read more

EVERY YOUNG MAN (Pavel Jurácek, 1965)
The film takes the form of a two-part sketch book on army life. The first, The Heel of Achilles, shows a tough corporal and a raw recurit, sent from then barracks for a medical check-up in town, fill… Read more

Facade (Jan Wiertsema, 1965)
Behind the facade of strict etiquette, a merry widow pursues her secret liaisons in the society of The Hague in the 1890's. ... Read more

Faces in the Sun (Cecil Holmes, 1965)
The tensions set up by conflicting old and new ways, and by the pressures of assimilation are illustrated by the stories of four Aborigines. ... Read more

Faiseur de rire (J, C. Hechinger, 1965)
The victim of a car accident, a clown, relives a lifetime spent in the circus. . . ... Read more

Feldberg Fantasia (Gerhard Jentsch, 1965)
A fantasia for camera and orchestra in three movements: set in the natural beauty of the Feldberg Lake area of East Germany. ... Read more

FISTS IN THE POCKET (Marco Bellocchio, 1965)
... ... The French Nouvelle vague inaugurated a string of 'new cinema' movements throughout the 1960s in countries including Brazil, Canada and Poland. Marco Bellochio's Fists in the Pocket exhibits … Read more

Flora (Benjamin Hayeem, 1965)
Flora cannot decide what to wear on a date, but eventually finds she doesn't need a thing. ... Award for Best Short, Chicago Festival. ... Read more

FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE (Sergio Leone, 1965)
A major artistic advance on A Fistful Of Dollars, and boasting a larger budget, the middle sec­tion of the Dollars trilogy depicts Eastwood as the nameless professional bounty hunter who forms a … Read more

Free Fall (Arthur Lipsett, 1965)
Described as "a deliberate experiment in the manipulation of the accidental and the irrational", the film is an uncompromising view of aimless living. ... Read more

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