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MAX HAVELAAR (Fons Rademakers, 1976)
Eduard Douwes Dekker, the author of 'Max Havelaar', which was published in 1860, was an official in Java during the colonial period of the Dutch East Indies His efforts to expose corruption and colon… Read more

MEAT (Frederick Wiseman, 1976)
Frederick Wiseman's documentary, Welfare, was screened at last year's Melbourne Film Festival, Meat is his ninth film, a study of one of America's largest meat processing works It is located in Greel… Read more

Mindscape (Jacques Drouin, 1976)
An exploration of the interior landscape of the mind The images and movement were created by the manipulation of 240,000 pins on a white, perforated board. ... Read more

Monarchy and Democracy (Jørgen Roos, 1976)
The family from which the Danish Queen originates, has reigned for a thousand years Radical political development has transformed Denmark into one of the world's most advanced democracies Yet, the mo… Read more

Mountain Music (Will Vinton, 1976)
An animated film on the subject of technology versus nature. ... Read more

Nightlife (Robin Lehman, 1976)
Science fiction shapes and sounds abound in the incredible underwater world beneath the cold seas of Ireland. ... Read more

No. 446 (Josip Remenar, 1976)
A documentary about a horse stud, with emphasis on a particular stallion. ... Read more

NUTS IN MAY (Mike Leigh, 1976)
A 'post-hippie' couple take a camping holiday in Devon, determined to escape the bustle of the city. Leigh's brilliantly observed comedy will have you loathing the officious husband within minutes, b… Read more

ON THE LINE (Barbara Margolis, 1976)
This dramatic documentary deals with the day-to-day problems of the economy rising prices, unemployment, deteriorating work conditions, cutbacks in services Combining dramatic and analytical coverage… Read more

ONCE A MOTH (Lupita A. Concio, 1976)
Corazon de la Cruz is a Filipino nurse. The film's title metaphorically describes her as a 'moth', who is preparing to travel to the alluring 'flame' of the United States. Many of her friends, and he… Read more

One in a Thousand (Rimko Haanstra, 1976)
In a small village, the imminent registration of the 1000th inhabitant, in the person of a baby about to be born, is awaited with excitement. Nobody takes notice of the birthday of the oldest inhabit… Read more

Out They Go (Michael Edols, 1976)
Out They Go is a visual tribute to a fruit and vegetable market and the people who work in it, which was in the centre of Sydney and is now gone. ... Read more

Outback Festivals of Australia (Ron Saunders, 1976)
A humorous account of three most unusual Australian outback festivals The Henly-on-Todd Regatta the Camel Cup in Alice Springs, and the Beer Can Regatta in Darwin. ... Read more

PARTNERS (Don Owen, 1976)
A young American street hustler, Paul, is hired by a multi-national company to steal information about a large Canadian business. The American corporation intends to buy out the company, a pulp and p… Read more

Pastoral Switzerland (Nicolas Gessner, 1976)
Aerial views of Swiss landscapes are blended with music from Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony. ... Read more

Photographs (Blaine Russell, 1976)
An impression of life in mid western US is re-created from daguerrotypes and compared to the same locations as they appear today. ... Read more

Potters at Work (Marty Gross, 1976)
Study of the making of Japanese pottery and the rhythm of daily circumstances out of which the pieces emerge and draw their meaning. Potters at work are observed in two mountain villages on Kyushu Is… Read more

PRIDE OF PLACE (Dorothea Gazidis, 1976)
This documentary presents life in a minor public school in Britain. It was made by a student of the National Film School, who refrained from commenting on anything shown on the screen, but by allowin… Read more

Elektreia, Miklos Jancso's reconstruction of the Greek drama, was shown at last year's Melbourne festival in a retrospective season of his films. His latest film has been shot in Yugoslavia, not, as … Read more

Pysanka: The Ukrainian Easter Egg (Slavko Nowytski, 1976)
This film tells of the myth and magic behind the ancient tradition of the 'pysanky', the decorated Ukrainian Easter eggs; demonstrates the technique used, and explains the symbolism of the designs. ... Read more

QUEENSLAND (John Ruane, 1976)
Doug always wanted to go to Queensland. When he and his mate, Aub, lose all their money at the dogs, Doug begins to see that shifting to Queensland is his only hope. Reunited with Marge, his de-facto… Read more

Remembering Winsor McCay (John Canemaker, 1976)
Winsor McCay (1871-1934) was the greatest of the early American animators. Eighty four year old John Fitzsimmons, who assisted McCay on two of his ten films, recalls McCay's career as a comic strip a… Read more

Robotiks: Isaac Asimov’s (Clank! Clank!) Artificial Man (, 1976)
... ... Isaac Asimov science-fiction writer and originator of Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics discusses present (as of 1976) and future poss­ibilities of robots and robotics. The fascinating feat… Read more

Sam Smith: Genuine England (Dudley Shaw Ashton, 1976)
Sam Smith, whose creations in wood evade the straightforward categories of 'toy' or 'sculpture', talks about the influences that shaped his art. ... Read more

SCARS (Stephen Weeks, 1976)
After 60 years, the outward scars of the battles of the Great War are healing, but they are still there — touched off by the place names, that are still a litany of courage, comradeship and dea… Read more

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