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The Scroll of Time - A Visual History of Japan (, 1977)
A history of Japan, from 8000 B.C. to the present day. ... Read more

The Turning Point (Jan Kees de Rooy, 1977)
The film was shot in the slums of Bogota, Colombia. It shows the daily struggle of the slum-dwellers, the forced evictions by the army, the resistance organised by the priests, and the official churc… Read more

THE TWO OF THEM (Márta Mészáros, 1977)
Marta Meszaros, in her latest work, takes up themes from her earlier films, Adoption and Nine Months. The story involves a relationship between two women, Mari and Juli. For twenty years Mari has bee… Read more

The Wales of Dylan Thomas (Kevin Marsland, 1977)
A documentary which sets the writings and poems of Dylan Thomas against the background of South Wales where he was born and spent much of his working life. ... Read more

The White Tailed Deer (Bernard Beaupre, 1977)
A documentary about the work of biologists towards the preservation of the white-tailed deer in Quebec. ... Read more

A dramatised documentary to mark the 50th anniversary of the death of the novelist and poet, Thomas Hardy. Presented by the contemporary poet, Charles Causley, the film takes a close look at Hardy's … Read more

THREE WOMEN (Robert Altman, 1977)
Robert Altman based the story of Three Women on a dream he had, ... and the film, the central theme of which is psychological dependency, retains certain elements of dreamlike elusiveness. ... The se… Read more

TOM PHILLIPS (Davi Rowan, 1977)
A central aspect of Tom Phillip's approach to painting is a concern for process, reflected not only in the structure of individual paintings, but in a meticulous documentation of the development of e… Read more

TV Fighter (Camera Plane) (David Hall, 1977)
Synopsis not available Read more

Uluru (Michael Glasheen, 1977)
A room: empty except for a chair and a clock on the wall. There is one other object in the room: a small wooden box on the floor beside the chair. A succession of people enter the room, each seeing a… Read more

The film is based on Chekhov's early play, 'Platonov', and on some of his short stories. Director Nikita Mikhalkov has changed the ending of the play, in order to bring it more in line with the spiri… Read more

VIOLETTE NOZIÈRE (Claude Chabrol, 1977)
Through the varied genres of filmmaking that Claude Chabrol has attempted in his prolific career — thriller, melodrama, fantasy — one concern has remained constant, his exploration of fam… Read more

What Did We Do to the Hens (Josef Hekrdla, Vladimír Jiránek, 1977)
An animated burlesque about man's increasing demands on Nature. ... Read more

Wild Night in El Reno (George Kuchar, 1977)
In Wild Night, Kuchar indulges his other passion — for the weather. In a motel on the Southern plains, through an open window, a shirt flaps on a washline in the breeze: a furious dramatic stor… Read more

Women in Sports - An Informal History (Dan Klugherz, 1977)
From the classical period to the present, the film traces prejudice against the physically active woman, shows the rise of women's participation in sports and the growing awareness of their rights. ... Read more

Wooden Grave-Posts (Ferenc Olasz, 1977)
Hungarian wooden grave-posts are of ancient origin — some survived from pre-Christian times. Originally, the posts had no inscriptions; the personal details of the deceased were revealed by the… Read more

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