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CAMERA BUFF (Krzsystof Kieslowski, 1979)
The Polish cinema has produced new directors in recent years who have started to make films in which one can find some genuine and positive contemporary social criticism. Led by Krzysztof Zanussi, a … Read more

CHANCE (Feliks Falk, 1979)
Krzysztof Janota, the discharged coach of a third-league sports club, comes to a high school in a medium- sized city and takes the job of physical education teacher. He quickly ... becomes aware that… Read more

Chase That Dream (Ken Cameron, 1979)
The film - based on real life experiences - illustrates some of the difficulties people have in the housing market, in an endeavour to increase awareness and understanding of the issues involved. ... Read more

Chase That Dream (Ken Cameron, 1979)
Ken Cameron's direction makes it hard to tell the difference between drama and the realism of a young couple struggling to get their own home. Sponsored by the Department of Housing and Construction … Read more

CHRISTOPHER'S HOUSE (Lars Lennart Forsberg, 1979)
Christopher lives in a large house surrounded by a rambling garden with his girlfriend, Hanna Downstairs live his grandmother, in her dotage, and a faithful maid. Christopher is a free-lance photogra… Read more

CINEMA (Liana Eliava, 1979)
Sosiko's parents had sent their son to study in Paris. He comes home with the camera of the Lumiere brothers. The young man wanders through the streets of Tiflis photographing ever so many scenes: th… Read more

Cinema Verité (Andrzej Warchal, 1979)
A man - when silent, has his eyes covered, when he speaks, a black strip moves down his face. ... Read more

Claire Falkenstein: Sculptor (Jae Carmichael, 1979)
One woman in the vanguard of the arts in sculptor Claire Falkenstein. Presenting the scope of her work, from sculpture on a giant scale, to jewellery and printmaking, this film reveals the myriad act… Read more

Clockwork Lemon (Macek Rubetzki, 1979)
Alf has worked as a compositor for 42 years with the one company. In the last seven of those years the industry, and Alf's job, have undergone tremendous changes. The film looks at the effects of the… Read more

Confessions of a Star Dreamer (John Canemaker, 1979)
A young actress, Diane Gardner, talks about her struggles in the world of show business, while Canemaker's colorful animated images comment on, mirror, and probe hidden meanings in her words. ... Read more

CORRECTION PLEASE (Noel Burch, 1979)
What we call the language of Cinema is not a "natural" language. It did not grow spontaneously out of the technology of animated photography, it had to be fashioned by social and cultural forces. It … Read more

CUBA (Richard Lester, 1979)
Richard Lester made his name directing The Beatles in their two good fiSms, consolidated his reputation with a series of out and thrust comedies and, for several years now, has proved himself adept a… Read more

Dae (Stole Popov, 1979)
A film dedicated to the "Last of the Mohicans". A surrealistic record of the incomprehensible and rare contrasts of modern life. ... Read more

Dae (Stole Popov, 1979)
Dedicated to the ‘Last of the Mohicans', who live on the brink of society, but in original freedom, the film shows the everyday life of the gypsies - and exceeds it. ... Read more

David (Tom Kelly, 1979)
David was born with Down's Syndrome. His parents ignored advice to put him into an institution and took him home with them. The film was made seventeen years later, and shows how David has learned to… Read more

DEATH ROW (Bruce Jackson, 1979)
Death Row is the most unknown prison: outsiders rarely see it, those who live there rarely tell of it. This film shows what happens in the daily life of the Row. It also contains segments of prisoner… Read more

DEMON POND (Masahiro Shinoda, 1979)
A stranger appears in a drought stricken area His appearance is greeted with mysterious suspicion. He arrives deep in the mountains and encounters a beautiful woman He notices that the river flows an… Read more

DIRECT ACTION (Stephen Doran, 1979)
"Direct Action" examines the use and consequences of civil disobedience in the anti-nuclear movement. Beginning production in 1977, the film follows a citizen's action group in San Luis Obispo, Calif… Read more

Dirty Business (Robert Grant, 1979)
Two desperate louts turn to crime for some easy money, only to be foiled by a bathroom door! ... Read more

Diversion (James Dearden, 1979)
When Guy's wife goes away for the weekend to visit her mother, he decides to call a girl he's met briefly some time before. What starts out as a harmless flirtation turns into a claustrophobic nightm… Read more

Do Not Pass Go (Phil De Montignie, 1979)
"Do Not Pass Go" follows the story of two teenagers from broken homes who are arrested by the police for separate offences, and committed for trial in the Children's Court. Both are sentenced to rema… Read more

DON GIOVANNI (Joseph Losey, 1979)
Unlike other Mozart operas, the action of Don Giovanni is played out in a brief 24 hour period. It has its fair share of doors slamming and women running through corridors dragging long skirts—… Read more

Drama in the Forest (Therese Mallinson, 1979)
A feminist version of Little Red Riding Hood. ... Read more

Dream Doll (Bob Godfrey, Zlatko Grgić, 1979)
A tale of unrequited love, based on Lamorisse's "The Red Balloon", made by the Oscar-winning Australian-born animator whose previous cartoons include "Henry Nine to Five", "Kama Sutra Rides Again" an… Read more

Elbowing (Paul Driessen, 1979)
The scene: a long line of straight-faced, identical people, using their elbows to get to the top. They pass a nudge along the line until the first person, the "top", knocked off his feet by the impac… Read more

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