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Helden (Heroes) (Claus Boegel, 1979)
Boegel parodies the hero by imitating Bowie. His appearance evokes the image of the pop star which he clearly is not. A woman's fate is ... projected behind him. As the number progresses, more and mo… Read more

Hot Wheels (Don McBrearty, 1979)
When two girls turn down two teenage boys for more prosperous, motorised dates, the boys steal a car. ... Read more

HOW THE MYTH WAS MADE (George C. Stoney, James Brown, 1979)
A retrospective view of how Robert Flaherty's ''Man of Aran" was made, including interviews with participants in the original opus shot in Ireland's Aran Islands in 1933 and 1934. ... Read more

IN THE NAME OF THE FUHRER (Lydia Chagoll, 1979)
The focus of this film is on the Nazi attitude towards children, their own as well as those of Jewish birth. For their own it meant the calculation of belief in the Aryan myth and the intense hatred … Read more

Instant Sex (Bob Godfrey, 1979)
An old man buys a tin of instant sex at a supermarket with horrendous results! ... Read more

Interview (Caroline Leaf, Veronica Soul, 1979)
Caroline Leaf and Veronica Soul, Canadian filmmakers, made this film about themselves, using live action, animation, photographs and drawings, and revealing themselves as filmmakers, friends and indi… Read more

Jazz Dance (Doris Chase, 1979)
Synthesised video images transform the supple movements of a dancer, to the sassy rhythms of Jelly Roll Morton's music. ... Read more

KASSBACH - A PORTRAIT (Peter Patzak, 1979)
Kassbach is a grocer in Vienna. With four close friends sharing the same social background, he belongs to a right-wing organization known as 'Initiative', which stages small-scale demonstrations and … Read more

KOSTAS (Paul Cox, 1979)
Kostas, a Greek journalist, works as a taxi driver in Melbourne. Whilst seeing off a friend at the airport, he notices Carol, who is farewelling a friend. Later, she hires his cab and he takes her to… Read more

LA LA, MAKING IT IN L.A. (Caroline Mouris, Frank Mouris, 1979)
55 struggling performers — actors, singers, dancers, musicians and comedians — speak directly to the audience about their hopes and dreams in Hollywood. The film is a tongue-in-cheek, yet… Read more

LA LUNA (Bernardo Bertolucci, 1979)
Bernardo Bertolucci's new films always come as shocks More than most film-makers, each new film is a reaction against his previous work. Since he got into his international stride with The Conformist… Read more

LAST EMBRACE (Jonathan Demme, 1979)
Last Embrace is another young director's homage to Alfred Hitchcock and it contains along its way, some quite explicit references to Vertigo, Psycho and North by Northwest, as well as one of the most… Read more

Le manège (Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 1979)
Synopsis not available Read more

LIAR'S DICE (Issam Makdissy, 1979)
Liar's Dice rests on an intriguingly elliptical plot by lead actress, Terry Eubanks-Makdissy From this, director Issam Makdissy has woven a loosely-knit fabric of shifting focus and thickening relati… Read more

LIGHTNING OVER WATER (Nicholas Ray, Wim Wenders, 1979)
When Nicholas Ray and Wim Wenders decided to make a film together, Ray had undergone surgery for cancer. Ray's last completed feature was in 1 962, ending a tumultuous and extraordinarily productive … Read more

LINUS (Vilgot Sjöman, 1979)
Vilgot Sjöman's reputation still rests mostly on his two films which outrageously mixed sex and politics, / am Curious (Blue) and / am Curious (Yellow). He has, however, made 13 films in all and man… Read more

A social fresco set in Zizkov, a working-class suburb of Prague, between 1925 and 1939. The central idea of the narrative is the fate of the family of a small trader, Vincenc Bursik. He moved to Zizk… Read more

LYNN SEYMOUR - IN A CLASS OF HER OWN (Karin Altmann, 1979)
A portrait of Lynn Seymour, one of the world's finest dancers, and a study of various aspects of her work, at a time in her career when a major change is about to occur. ... Read more

Mama Hemmers (Rosemarie Merbach, 1979)
No synopsis available ... Read more

MAMA TURNS ONE HUNDRED (Carlos Saura, 1979)
In 1972 Carlos Saura made the film Ana and the Wolves. This story of a young woman's visit to a decaying household populated by a range of establishment figures (army, church, law) was, in its day, a… Read more

Master of Ungava (Bernard Beaupré, 1979)
One knows whence the wind blows, but no-one never really knew where the Caribou went. He's from a big country, he knows how to live there, feeling its rhythm along with the seasons. Peaceful and sile… Read more

Memoirs of a Movie Palace (Christian Blackwood, 1979)
"Memoirs of a Movie Palace" looks at the Loew's Kings Theatre in New York, a huge, ornate structure which opened its doors in 1929. "Memoirs' evokes the aura of the building in its heyday and explore… Read more

Meta-Ekologi (Gotot Prakosa, 1979)
This remarkable film, an early work by Gotot Prakosa, and now becoming recog­nised as an Asian classic in avant garde perfor­mance cinema, is based on a famous performance developed by Sardon… Read more

Michel Pellus (Rafal Zielinski, Peter Czerski, 1979)
In 1977, Michel Pellus was released from prison after serving six years of a fourteen year sentence for trafficking in narcotics. While behind bars, Michel turned to painting as an escape from the mo… Read more

Midwife (Michael Anderson, 1979)
"Midwife" documents the home birth practice of two licensed nurse-midwives. Including two home births, "Midwife" seeks to portray midwife-assisted home birth as a safe and medically responsible alter… Read more

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