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KING LEAR (Jean-Luc Godard, 1987)
"Are you trying to make a play for my daughter'", asks Lear (Burgess Meredith) of William Shakespeare the 5th, a development exec. with the "Cannon Cultural Division", currently travelling Europe in … Read more

L'Escalier Chimérique (Daniel Guyonnet, 1987)
A familiar thing such as a staircase can become nightmarish when its steps mysteriously give way under the feet of whoever ventures to mount it. ... Read more

Lalala Human Sex duo #1 (Bernar Herbert, 1987)
Can a reversal of traditional sex roles lay beneath the sea'? Can ballet metge with new-wave? A pristine, monochrome subterranean dance fantasy. - (CK) ... Read more

Lalala Human Steps - Sex Duo No.1 (Bernar Herbert, 1987)
A pristine, monochrome subterranean dance fantasy. Two members of the Montreal troupe Lalala Human Steps perform a tough, jumpy, tender pas de deux in a dream-like setting. ... (Winner, Best Experime… Read more

LAST MOMENT (Pupi Avati, 1987)
A long-time soccer club manager (played by the late, great Ugo Tognazzi) is retrenched, then recatled to rescue a poorly performing team. With his demeanour of a man in a hurry, fast-talking, headstr… Read more

Last October marked the 40th anniversary of the beginning of what some observers have called The American Inquisition - the House Un-American Activities Committee's investigation of Communist activit… Read more

Legend of the Forest (Osamu Tezuka, 1987)
The second major work Tezuka produced as a reflection on the art, craft and history of animation (the first being Pictures at an Exhibition). Legend of the Forest is formally dedicated to walt Disney… Read more

LIFE CLASSES (William MacGillivray, 1987)
... ... Life Classes stands as the definitive 'life-trans-formed-by-art movie, and MacGillivray's most fully realized film to date, a gently satirical yet deeply moving portrait of self-discovery. ..… Read more

Lift Off 1887 (Maj Green, Ewan Cameron, 1987)
Science fiction comedy first and best aviation pilots - Dr Cronic and his offsider Dribbler - Never seen on T.V. Dr Cronic - Ewan Cameron and Dribbler - Jim Hammerly ... Read more

Locations (Philip Brophy, 1987)
A portrait of Melbourne as a typical city with its shrines of consumption and entertainment. The shrines are (in no particular order), drive-ins, sex shops, fast food restaurants and neon signs. The … Read more

Love at First Sight (Pauel Kootsky, 1987)
A man tries to woo a woman. He holds a monologue, a love-sick tirade, he threatens, flatters, brags. But his efforts are in vain - the lady does not yield to him. He tries the same monologue - on ano… Read more

Love at First Sight (Pavel Koutský, 1987)
A man tries to woo a woman. He holds a monologue, a lovesick tirade, he threatens, flatters and brags. But his efforts are in vain — the lady does not yield to him. He tries the same monologue … Read more

LOVE, MOTHER (János Rózsa, 1987)
János Rózsa's new film a modern tragi-comedy about strained family relations, ... whose meaning is universal. The first part, ... and probably the best, is an ingenious kaleidoscope tracing the fre… Read more

Lump of Sugar (Jacek Beawut, 1987)
The hypocracy of the horse racing elite and the hardened gambler is highlighted in this work. ... Images of admiring crowds and gentle handlers are countered by the demise of the horse. ... Read more

Lupo the Butcher (Danny Antonucci, 1987)
When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie that's Lupo! ... A rib tickling adventure, not for the vegetarians at heart. ... Read more

Maladaption Number Four (Peter Napier, 1987)
Ejected from his lonely retreat, William finds inspiration on the street outside. One image gives way to another, it's all quite simple really. ... Read more

MATEWAN (John Sayles, 1987)
With this, his fifth feature film, director-screenwriter John Sayles has fashioned something special, a modern American epic which lies somewhere between The Grapes of Wrath and High Noon (or as one … Read more

MATEWAN (M) (John Sayles, 1987)
“You want to be treated like men? You want to be treated fair? Well, you ain't men to the coal company, you're equipment.”Featuring Chris Cooper, David Strathairn and an early screen role for mus… Read more

Mid Air (Vera Neubauer, 1987)
"Women, like the witches of old, learn to fly and use magical powers With these new-found powers, they try to inflict "female" suffering onto men This new understanding is seen as a vision, if not a … Read more

MORE BAD NEWS (Ade Edmondson, 1987)
The, sequel to 1984's Bad New\ (a pie Spinal Tap mockumentary) finds the worlds worst heavy metal band lured to the come-back trail by a lucrative recording contract, four years after the inevitable … Read more

Morena (Anne-Marie Crawford, 1987)
Morena is made up of little fragments of a personal history: old stills, bits of dreams, identifications, moments of clarity and things only half seen. I hope that from behind these scattered images … Read more

MR. JOLLY LIVES NEXT DOOR (Stephen Frears, 1987)
"A Niagara of blood, booze, saliva and sick by Stephen (My Beautiful Laundrette) Frears, closer in spirit to The Young Ones than any of the other Comic Strip pics Edmondson and Mayall play a pair of … Read more

Mr. President (Nan Helm, 1987)
An ethnographic fiction premised upon a dog-napping of presidential consequence. The film's mercurial thermometer measures American cultural vanities from hot pursuits in the local supermarket to the… Read more

Muramasa (Osamu Tezuka, 1987)
One of Tezuka's last shorts. Utilizing a sketchy realist mode of depiction , it is a cautionary tale of armament set against a backdrop of samurai lore and iconography. Towards the end of his life, T… Read more

MY MAMA DONE TOLD ME (Elizabeth Taylor-Mead, 1987)
My Mama Done Told Me is about torch songs as they arc experienced in real life It weaves together classical recordings (by Edith Piaf, Nina Simone and Peggy Lee, among others) with dramatic dance seq… Read more

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