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Many Happy Returns (Marjut Rimminen, 1996)
Combines puppet animation, drawn animation, computer animation, and subtly altered live action all digitally imaged to tell a deeply disturbing story of remembered abandonment and abuse. At the slam … Read more

Mauve Desert (Adriene Jenik, 1996)
... ... Mauve Desert forges new directions in interactive narrative cinema in a com­pelling CD-ROM translation of Nicole Brassard's novel as it reconstructs the life of Melanie. a fifteen year ol… Read more

Mécanomagie (Bady Minck, 1996)
Mecanomagie takes a stylish, performative path through the landscape of the Ardennes in northern Luxembourg. 'Live action' pixilated animation evokes a grounded paisant consc­iousness of 'natural… Read more

MIRROR, MIRROR (Baillie Walsh, 1996)
In the words of Consuela Cosmetic (born Floyd William Bradford in 1958), "I'm a fair-skinned black male, self-made star, show personality, couture specialist, scam artist, credit card fraud. blackmai… Read more

Mirrored Measure (Sarah Pucill, 1996)
Mirrored Measure uses concrete domestic situations and obiects - a table being set, a starched, white linen table cloth, polished glasses, a jug of water, mouths drinking - to represent an outer worl… Read more

MOUTH TO MOUTH (Manuel Gómez Pereira, 1996)
Victor Ventura is a wanna-be actor struggling for survival in a rapacious Madrid, a hapless Hugh Grant type whose earnest approach to life has thus far found him delivering more pizzas than lines. Vi… Read more

MUGSHOT (Matt Mahurin, 1996)
A white man is mugged and beaten in Harlem and wakes up with amnesia in a Kafkaesque nightmare of a room. His only hope is a black man, Rumor, who promises to help him get out but decides to keep him… Read more

My Name is Rabbit... And I Don't Know Why (Elke Rosthal, 1996)
Synopsis not available Read more

My Parents Were Poets (Buz Laughlin, 1996)
Synopsis not available Read more

My Second Car (Stuart McDonald, 1996)
Synopsis not available Read more

MY SECRET CACHE (Shinobu Yaguchi, 1996)
A rollicking Celtic music soundtrack sets the mood for this zany comedy about a young woman's obsession with money. Since child­hood the only thing that has interested apathetic Sakiko is countin… Read more

NéNETTE AND BONI (Claire Denis, 1996)
Reuniting the teenage leads of US Go Home (MIFF 95|, acclaimed director Claire Denis has created a moving film which explores the relationship between two estranged siblings. Boniface, nicknamed Boni… Read more

NENETTE ET BONI (Claire Denis, 1996)
While virtually all of Denis' films have tacitly addressed the issue of family. this - her fifth narrative feature - confronts the subject explicitly. Boniface (Gregoire Colin) is a 19-year-old pizza… Read more

NEROLIO (Aurelio Grimaldi, 1996)
At the conclusion of Aureiio Grimaldi's Neroiio a title appears stating that: "The events and characters described in this film are the fruit of the director's imagination." For Grimaldi, whether the… Read more

NO NAMES ON THE DOORS (Nadav Levitan, 1996)
Nadav Levitan's No Names on the Doors is set a modern kibbutz, where social transformation can no longer be kept at bay. Spectres of Arab invasion lurk in the background; financial pressures and the … Read more

No Way To Forget (Richard Frankland, 1996)
Driving on the backroads of Victoria through the night Shane Francis is haunted by his memories. Based on Richard Frankiand s experiences as a Field Officer and Investigator during the Royal Commissi… Read more

Gloria becomes an alcoholic prostitute in Mexico after the maiming of her Toreador husband. Having been embroiled in a shootout between Mexican gangsters and police, she uses a stolen address book to… Read more

OF MEN AND BEARS (Eldora Traykova, 1996)
A bear-ward is a kind of busker. In Bulgaria some itinerant folk still make a living from owning and exhibiting performing bears. They frequent the tourist spots with an accordion, vio­lin or reb… Read more

One Sunday Morning (Manu Kurewa, 1996)
Mordecai and Margaret have sought refuge in London from the political unrest in Nigeria. When they are told that Mordecai's visa has not been extended, and that he is to be deported, Margaret fears t… Read more

ONIBI: THE FIRE WITHIN (Rokuro Mochizuki, 1996)
Kunihiro was once known as the 'Ball of Fire', the most feared hitman in the Japanese underworld until the law finally caught up with him. Released after a long stint in jail, all he desires is the q… Read more

Oriental Elegy (Alexander Sokurov, 1996)
"What a strange dream.. a stork, a river, an old park, a voice, through the mist, the outline of a house becomes visible. The houses seem to push each other aside, they huddle together, they rock on … Read more

OUR BURMESE DAYS (Lindsey Merrison, 1996)
... ... Lindsey Merrison's mother. Sally, is Anglo-Burmese. In this documentary Lindsey takes Sally and her brother Bill back to the sights and settings of their childhood in what is now Myanmar .How… Read more

Our Secret Century: Volumes 1-4 (Rick Prelinger, 1996)
... ... In this eagerly awaited 12 volume series media archaeologist Rick Prelinger delves into his vast archive of industrial educational and propaganda films to explore the hilarious disturbing cam… Read more

Pact (Scott Patterson, 1996)
True love never dies-not without a struggle anyway. A suicide pact goes horribly wrong. Hes got ten minutes to live and she's got ten minutes to think of a way to die.Poison, knives, hammers ,hat-pin… Read more

Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky. the team behind the astonishing documentary Brother's Keeper (MIFF1992). have turned their lens on the American obsession with multiple murder Paradise Lost uncovers… Read more

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