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... ... Jesus in Russia: An American Holy War takes viewers inside the crusades of two extremely colourful American evangelists as they preal pray and heal their way across a troubled land! In the wa… Read more

KANSAS CITY (Robert Altman, 1996)
... ... In his new film Robert Altman introduces his old home town and trademark touches including the complex inter-relationship between different lives (and plot lines) and his masterly ear for mus… Read more

KIDS RETURN (Takeshi Kitano, 1996)
Alternating between humour and irony, Takeshi Kitano's hard edged look at disaffect­ed youth follows the life of two high school fail­ures, Shinji and Masaru, and their fate in the unyielding… Read more

Kinetic H2O (Tony Woods, 1996)
A painterly representation of mediated water seen through a full prismatic gauze of colour and bifocular distortion. The strobing and oscillation of ripples in a dark unnatural world are as ephemeral… Read more

KISSED (Lynne Stopkewich, 1996)
Molly Parker gives an enigmatic perfor­mance as Sandra Larson, the central char­acter in this compelling tale of perverse eroticism set in an anonymous Canadian town. The fiim charts the prog… Read more

La Salla (Ricard Condie, 1996)
A classic tale of temptation revealed in the unique form of a comic opera. Stunning 3-D animation and riotous humour. ... Read more

LABYRINTH OF DREAMS (Ishii Sogo, 1996)
Sogo Ishii's Labyrinth Of Dreams is radically removed from Angel Dust, his last film seen in Australia (MIFF 1995). However their polar differ­ences indicate the breadth and scope of Ishii's crea… Read more

LANDSCAPES OF MEMORY (José Araújo, 1996)
In the backwaters of Brazil, the small town of Sertao has been neglected by the government, despite its drought-ravaged landscape. An old woman, Maria, a reincarnation of the Virgin Mary, or possibly… Read more

Last Lost (Eve Heller, 1996)
A mesmerizing and wondrous film gleaned from an entertainment movie about a spritely chimpanzee and revellers escaping the heat at Coney Island. ... Eve Heller, 14 mins, 1996, 16mm, B&W, Sound ... Read more

LAYIN' LOW (Danny Leiner, 1996)
One of the more accomplished of the recent crop of low budget, independent US films. This deadpan comedy features two feckless losers, Jerry and Christy, as its main characters. Their lives suddenly … Read more

LEA (Ivan Fila, 1996)
Winner of a clutch of international awards, Lea is a film that subverts its own grim premise. Lea witnesses her father murder her mother. Struck dumb by the shock, she is transferred to an adoptive h… Read more

LEVEL 5 (Chris Marker, 1996)
In his new film, Chris Marker continues to explore the ways in which new technologies can inform our comprehension of traumatic his­torical events. Like his earlier film Sans Solei,. Level Five m… Read more

LIBERTARIAS (Vicente Aranda, 1996)
Vicente Aranda's big-budget omnibus, center­ing on female soldiers during the Spanish Civil War, has all the winning ingredients: peren­nially controversial history, spellbinding visuals and … Read more

LILIES (John Greyson, 1996)
1952, and Bilodeau (Marcel Sabourni), a Catholic Bishop arrives at a Quebec jail to hear a prisoner's confession. But when he meets the prisoner, Simon (Aubert Pallascio), a man he knew 40 years ago,… Read more

LINES FROM THE HEART (Christina Olofson, 1996)
Lines from the Heart treats its audience to an hour in the company of the great Swedish actresses Bibi Andersson, Harriet Andersson and Gunnel Lindblom. Gathering at the late director Mai Zetterling'… Read more

LITTLE ANGEL (Helke Misselwitz, 1996)
Little Angel tells the story of a woman who is consumed by the need to provide maternal love. Ramona lives on her own in a run-down dis­trict of East Berlin near the Ostkreuz subway sta­tion.… Read more

Little Man (Amyn Kaderali, 1996)
Manny lives with his mum in Brooklyn - on his 13th birthday he receives the new hi-tech Nike basketball shoes that he really wanted. He heads off to the local basketball court before school where his… Read more

... ... A master class in Shakespeare, Al Pacino's Looking For Richard is simultaneously a telling of the classic drama. Richard III. and an exploration of the artistic and practical battles to under… Read more

Made on a wing, a prayer and a ton of energy. Love and Other Catastrophes marks the filmic debut of a fresh and exciting new team. A hip original comedy set firmly within 90s Melbourne, a r… Read more

LOVE SERENADE (Shirley Barrett, 1996)
... ... The day that Ken Sherry, former king of Brisbane drive-time radio, comes to town is a biggie in the annals of the sleepy Riverina burg of Sunray-at least for sisters Vicki-Ann and Dimity Hurl… Read more

LOVE! VALOUR! COMPASSION! (Joe Mantello, 1996)
A moving and frequently hilarious adaptation of Terrence McNally's Tony Award-winning Broadway play, Love! Valour! Compassion! traces the interwoven lives of eight gay men over a summer in upstate Ne… Read more

LOVE'S DEBRIS (Werner Schroeter, 1996)
Werner Schroeter is a living, avant garde leg­end - "Germany's greatest marginal direc­tor", according to Thomas Elsaesser - whose heady brew of passionate melodrama, queer sexuality and expe… Read more

Lovely day (Chris Backhouse, 1996)
Lovely Day is a masterpiece of painterly animation art. Painstakingly rendered in the style of Hieronymus Bosch, the central character and accompanying putto-like figures evoke memories of a time whe… Read more

MAHJONG (Edward Yang, 1996)
“Yang's angriest and most provocative film, and also probably the one that's elicited the most anger from viewers, especially in the West.” - Chicago ReaderConsisting of seemingly disparate story… Read more

Makes Me Stronger (Bill Mousoulis, 1996)
A dark comedy with Bill Mousoulis as a whining effete filmmaker who is trying to reconcile his feelings of envy for his more successful peers. Suffering funding knock backs and personal reaction he g… Read more

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