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Four Minute Festival (Adam Blaiklock, 1996)
The ebbs and flows the excitement the interest the emotion the films the guests the effort its a film festival and all in four minutes. (TH) ... Read more

Isaac Julien's film is an eloquent exposition of the life and work of the Martinique-born psy­chiatrist and cultural theorist, Frantz Fanon. Between his arrival in France in the mid-1940s and his… Read more

Franz and Kafka (Matthew Saville, 1996)
Two Czechoslavakian bachelors end an unhappy collaboration on a short novel about poverty, vermin and anti-semitism. An imaginative interpretation of Franz Kafka's writing put to film. ... Read more

GABBEH (Mohsen Makhmalbaf, 1996)
... ... A ... ... ... According to many observers (your humble servant and Werner Herzog amongst them), cinema is alive and well in two countries: China and Iran. Mohsen Makhmalbaf's Gabbeh is incont… Read more

Genre (Don Hertzfeldt, 1996)
In our modern digital world it's a relief to see somebody actually using paper. A live animator and a cartoon rabbit battle for supremacy through sex, romance, children's parties and The Last Supper.… Read more

God in the Machine (Michael Kitson, 1996)
Melbournes Vaihalla Cinemas 24 hour Science Fiction Movie Marathons run to capacity crowds, fans armed with water pistols and sleeping bags. Upstairs in the booth the projectionists battle to keep th… Read more

GRIDLOCK'D (Vondie Curtis Hall, 1996)
Tupac Shakur's screen epitaph, completed prior to the rapper, and alleged gangster, being gunned down in Vegas late last year. Grid-lock'd is a skewed (drug) buddy film following the ludicrous misadv… Read more

Happy-End (Peter Tscherkassky, 1996)
Home movies of a married couple combining their love of life and film were discarded in a junk shop to be lovingly resurrected and reworked by Tscherkassky in celebration of the centenary of cinema. … Read more

HARD CORE LOGO (Bruce McDonald, 1996)
Hard Core Logo is the top draw Canadian punk rock band, that is, if it was a real group. Director Bruce McDonald is only too familiar with mixing truth and outrageous fiction in order to craft his us… Read more

HEAVEN'S BURNING (Craig Lahiff, 1996)
A high-energy road movie that keeps career­ing off in unexpected directions. Heaven's Burning is the most ambitious film yet by Ade­laide-based director, Craig Lahiff. Working for the first t… Read more

Hero Sandwich (Andrew Collen, Amy Collen, 1996)
Two anecdotes about awkward but funny encounters between users and non-users of disabled parking over car spaces. Inspired by an impromptu conversation which is used on the sound track, rough edges a… Read more

HIDE AND SEEK (Su Friedrich, 1996)
This beautifully crafted short feature, examin­ing adolescent lesbian identity in the 1960s, is an absolute gem. Director Su Friedrich approaches her subject from a number of differ­ent persp… Read more

Hold (Dryden Goodwin, 1996)
Like many effective experimental works this modest film has a capacity to provoke questions of consciousness which outstrip that of mainstream cinema. In the materialist tradition, rather than repres… Read more

Hope 95 (Bynke Maiboll, 1996)
"It is idealistic... and therefore cruel" - Doestoevsky, The Insulted and the Injured. ... Shot on super 8 and Betacam and transferred to 35 mm with a ritualistic score and lo-fi sound mix, this unfa… Read more

Human Behavioural Case Studies (Adam Benjamin Elliot, 1996)
In this cleverly drawn grotesquene with a definite whiff of the school yard, three odd children empower themselves by maximising limited resources. James, Oscar and Nicki collect and ingest various r… Read more

Hungry for Love (Orazio Massaro, 1996)
An odd, striking erotic exploration of love and sexual obsession. A free-spirited Italian artist and a French-Arab hairdresser meet and fall in love one afternoon. They go from the euphoric heights o… Read more

I SHOT ANDY WARHOL (Mary Harron, 1996)
... ... A riveting portrait of Valerie Solanas, the woman who shot Andy Warhol. A radical lesbian and destitute writer. Solanas gained access to Warhol's bizarre world hoping that he would produce he… Read more

Ill (J.J. Keith, 1996)
Controversial even before it was shot. Ill is a much-talked about new short from England. When the lead actor quit the project at the eleventh hour the tabloid press seized on the film as immoral. II… Read more

In Harm's Way (Jan Krawitz, 1996)
As a dynamited building collapses in slow motion, professor of film Jan Krawitz declares that ten years ago a moment came in her life when the earth shifted and nothing would ever be the same again. … Read more

In the Path of the Sun (Daniel Whistler, 1996)
Theodore Major is a cranky old man. He's arguably one of England's greatest painters. But Theodore's finished with money - he wants his paintings seen, not sold, and if you can't understand that or t… Read more

Insight (Georg Misch, 1996)
The sense of sight is central to the experience of cinema and of the world for most people. This simple but profoundly moving documentary intimately suggests through the daring use of photographic sp… Read more

IRMA VEP (Olivier Assayas, 1996)
Olivier Assayas made his name with serious, emotionally weighty works such as L'eau Froide (MIFF 95). With Irma Vep Assayas lightens the mood, proving to also be a skilled director of comedy. After m… Read more

Is it the Design on the Wrapper? (Tessa Sheridan, 1996)
Who says market research is useless? This crazy little parable, inspired by a Jules Feiffer story, suggests it can change your life. The scruffily engaging and self-possessed juvenile heroine (Bianca… Read more

Island Race (William Raban, 1996)
Synopsis not available Read more

IT'S NOW OR NEVER (Jon Bang Carlsen, 1996)
... ... The story of Jimmy, a middle-aged Irish bachelor, who decides the time has come to find a wife. He contacts the local matchmaker to find him a suitable woman. What kind of woman is he looking… Read more

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