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Mumbler (Marc Roels and Wim Reygaert, 2007)
A young man making his daily walk in the Flemish countryside meets the hostile inhabitants of the region. Special Jury Prize at Clermont Ferrand 08. Australian premiere. --- D/S Marc Roels and Wim Re… Read more

MY KID COULD PAINT THAT (Amir Bar-Lev, 2007)
At four years old, Marla Olmstead became an overnight art sensation, her works selling for up to 25,000 US dollars a piece. Then the media and art world turned, with accusations of fraud dogging the … Read more

MY MAGIC (Eric Khoo, 2007)
“How much will I get? I'm gambling with my life.” ... Battling alcoholism, portly magician Francis (played by real-life magician Francis Bosco) works at a bar while relying on his young son Rajr … Read more

MY WINNIPEG (M) (Guy Maddin, 2007)
“Snowy, sleepwalking Winnipeg… I must leave it… I must leave it now. But how to escape one's city?” - Guy MaddinA fantasy documentary blurring the lines between outlandish fact and … Read more

Nana's granddaughter thinks Nana's pretty special. She loves her Nana because she helps the old people; she's a good painter and other people love her too. Nana's got everyone under control. ... D/S … Read more

Netherland Dwarf (David Michôd, 2007)
Harry really wants a rabbit. Harry's dad really wants his wife back. But both seem to have forgotten that they already have each other. --- D/S David Michôd P Angie Fielder & Polly Staniford TD 35mm… Read more

New Boy (Ms Steph Green, 2007)
Based on a story by Roddy Doyle, this comedic short captures the experience of being the new kid in school through the eyes of Joseph, a nine-year-old African boy. --- D/S Steph Green P Tamara Anghie… Read more

Nigger Lovers (Rhonda Hagan, 2007)
Nigger! That's what the sign says. Nigger Lovers portrays indigenous Australian of the year Stephen Hagan's fight against a Toowoombain sign all the way to the UN. The film questions whether things h… Read more

NIGHT (Lawrence Johnston, 2007)
WORLD PREMIERE ... A stunning and cinematic big screen event documentary celebrating Australia at night. ... Showing society in all its forms, people and places, urban and rural, Night explores the u… Read more

NIGHT TRAIN (Diao Yi Nan, 2007)
A chilling drama set in China's inhospitable industrial western provinces. ... After making a humorous debut with Uniform (MIFF 04), filmmaker Diao Yinan performs an about-face with this strikingly c… Read more

NIGHTWATCHING (Peter Greenaway, 2007)
“Rembrandt is captured in all his joyful, bawdy, self-analyzing ways, prey to passions and capable of real love.” - Variety ... Director Peter Greenaway (The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover… Read more

NOODLE (Ayelet Menahemi, 2007)
“Kolya locates a spiritual cousin in feel-good crowd-pleaser Noodle.” - Variety ... A twice war-widowed flight attendant in her late 30s, Miri enjoys the life of a jetsetter but ultimately return… Read more

Nothing Happend Today (Reka Gacs, 2007)
Misunderstood and fake memories of a relationship surface in the space between dreams and consciousness (Not in comp). --- D/S Reka Gacs P/WS Royal College of Art TD DigiBeta/2007/6mins ... Read more

Observando el cielo (Jeanne Liotta, 2007)
“Seven years of celestial field recordings gathered from the chaos of the cosmos and inscribed onto 16mm film from various locations upon this turning tripod Earth.” - Jeanne Liotta. Awarded Bes… Read more

Offshore (Gallivant) (Andrew Kotting, 2007)
Filmed from aboard the ‘Gallivant', Offshore is a textured chronicle of Kotting's relay swim of the English channel, with commentary from iconic London diarist Iain Sinclair. --- D/S Andrew Kotting… Read more

OLD FISH (Gao Qunshu, 2007)
“I don't think I've ever seen more tension-filled sequences of this sort.” - critic and historian David Bordwell ... Affectionately called ‘Old Fish' by the locals, a cop approaching retirement… Read more

“My dreams came true… I saw America changed by music.” - Harry Smith Filmmaker, musician, painter, mystic and string collector… Harry Smith was a man of many talents. He was catap… Read more

ONE NIGHT IN A CITY (Jan Balej, 2007)
In the dark streets of Prague, surreal scenarios and enchanted vignettes entwine to create a disturbing tryptic of urban peculiarities. ... We visit an apartment building of people with magnificent m… Read more

One Verse, No Chorus (Bridget Walker, 2007)
Photos and drawings from photos: Paper, cut, torn crumpled - re-animated - re-photographed - re-presented in a gallery space: an examination of the iconographic, indexical and symbolic aspects of ima… Read more

PADRE NUESTRO (Christopher Zalla, 2007)
“Christopher Zalla's smartly scripted first feature is an exhilarating dog-eat-dog thriller brimming with style and exceptional performances.” - Sundance Film Festival ... Winner of the 2007 Sund… Read more

PAPER WILL BE BLUE, THE (Radu Muntean, 2007)
“My mother's home and she'll confirm this, I'm not a terrorist.” ... On 22 December, 1989 Nicolae Ceausescu's 24-year communist dictatorship came to an end; what happened next is anyone's guess. … Read more

PERSEPOLIS (M) (Marjane satrapi, Vincent Paronnaud, 2007)
“Any stragglers still unconvinced that animation can be an exciting medium for both adults and kids alike will run out of arguments in the face of Persepolis.” - VarietyAn engaging animated tale … Read more

“I don't know if Pete Seeger believes in saints, but I believe he is one.” - Chicago Sun-Times ... A man and a musician who believes music can change the world, Pete Seeger continues to be what t… Read more

PLANET B-BOY (Benson Lee, 2007)
“This is one of the craziest dances in the world.”Forgotten by the mainstream and written off as an embarrassing 80s fad, break dancing had a long climb back to being accepted by the masses, but … Read more

PLOY (Pen-ek Ratanaruang, 2007)
Every relationship needs its fantasies; some are more real than others. ... Arriving back in Thailand after a decade abroad, Wit and his wife Dang check in to a five-star hotel downtown. As Dang slee… Read more

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