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New York auteur Alex Ross Perry returns to MIFF with a compelling ensemble drama boasting a star-studded cast led by Emily Browning, Chloë Sevigny, Jason Schwartzman and Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz.

Emily Browning plays Naomi, a young Australian ingénue landed in Brooklyn, who finds work helping Nick (Adam Horovitz, proving as expressive an actor as he is a musician) archive his dead father-in-law’s papers. With Nick’s marriage to Alyssa (Chloë Sevigny) in a potentially problematic place, strangely listless romantic tensions flare between him and Naomi, yet neither are certain of acting on their impulses. Matters are further complicated when Naomi’s distant family friend Buddy (Jason Schwartzman) enters the picture.

A powder keg of coiled emotions accentuated by Sean Price Williams’ gorgeous 16mm cinematography – Brooklyn has rarely looked so enticing – and a stunningly atmospheric score from Keegan De Witt, Perry’s fifth feature-length film is situated somewhere between the caustic comedy of Listen Up Philip (MIFF 2014) and the psychological intensity of Queen of Earth (MIFF 2015).

"Alex Ross Perry fuses the crucial themes of his three major previous films and paints them onto a canvas that has expanded to meet the growing dimensions of his own career ... Golden Exits is Brooklyn Bergman, a drama of death pushing from behind and despair looming ahead." – The New Yorker

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