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THE SPIDERWEBHOUSE Unclassified | Next Gen

Im Spinnwebhaus

Next Gen | Feature
D Mara Eibl-Eibesfeldt | Germany, 2015
L German

"A contemporary fairytale, blurring the line between reality and childhood fantasy." – Director Mara Eibl-Eibesfeldt

When 12-year-old Jonas' mother (Sylvie Testud from MIFF 2010 film Lourdes) leaves to "fight her demons", he must step up as head of the household, becoming the unofficial guardian to his younger siblings. With food and money running out, the children retreat into a world of their own where, cloaked eerily in black & white, their home turns into one of bugs and mysticism – they make saucepan gardens, they take on insects as pets and spiderwebs encroach. Only the friendship of a young homeless man who declares himself "not quite right in the head" gives Jonas hope that he can survive as a child in an adult's world.

A tale of neglect that becomes increasingly dreamlike as the children slip further and further away from reality, The Spiderwebhouse is a challenging but sanguine film, made all the more strange knowing it is based on a true story.

MIFF recommends ages 12+ 

All films featured as part of the Next Gen program are approved for screening by the Australian Classification Board. Next Gen screenings are open to all ages, but people under the age of 15 must attend in the company of an adult guardian.

School-group bookings are also available for this film; visit Next Gen for more details.

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1020 23 Jul
1:00 pm
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