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Canada, 2004 (MIFF 2004, Documentaries)

Director: Mark Achbar

The Corporation Canada

The CEO of Interface, a massive global manufacturing conglomerate, thinks this planet can support life for 30 to 50 more years and then it's lights out! Mark Achbar (Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media) and Jennifer Abbott's scathing new work combines humour, investigative journalism and commentary from the experts best placed to unmask the most insidious, destructive institution operating on the planet today: the corporation.

Luminaries such as Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore, as well as a cast of corporate criminals, dissect a legal entity that has been responsible for excesses worse than the combined efforts of every warlord, dictator or natural disaster. As a linking comic device between 'chapters', the filmmmkers apply a psychiatric test that reveals that everyday corporate 'serial behaviors''lying, manipulation, inability to relate to others' safety'are on par with the most antisocial, psychopathic individual. If corporations were people we would lock them up and throw away the key. Winner of Audience Awards at Sundance, Toronto and Vancouver Film Festivals.

Mark Achbar is a guest of the Festival.

D Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott P Bart Simpson, Mark Achbar S Harold Crooks, Joel Bakan, Mark Achbar WS Films Transit International L English, Spanish w/English subtitles TD 35m/Col/2003/145mins

Mark Achbar was born in Ottawa, Canada in 1955. Films include: Two Brides and a Scalpel: Diary of a Lesbian Marriage (1999).

Jennifer Abbott was born in Canada in 1965. Films: A Cow at My Table (1998).

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