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Hungary, 2006 (MIFF 2006, International Panorama)

Director: György Pálfi


Three generations of a family pursue their own peculiar desires in György Pálfi's Taxidermia, a film that revels in the crude physicality of human condition.

Following a Hungarian family line down three generations, the story starts with Vendel, a hair-lipped orderly working in an isolated outpost, who deals with his loneliness and the constant browbeating from his superior by indulging in voyeurism. Following a grotesque coupling between Vendel and his superior's wife, a son named Kálmán is born, who grows up to be an Olympic speed-eater. While competing in a Bulgarian eating championship, he becomes enamoured of Gizi, a hefty competitor. Their union produces the third generation in the form of Lajos. As an adult, Lajos is a gaunt taxidermist who spends his spare time raising mutant felines and caring for his morbidly obese father.

Recalling elements of John Waters' debauchery, David Cronenberg's physi-ological obsession and Monty Python's absurdity, Taxidermia is a truly unforgettable film - but not one for the queasy!

Contains scenes that may offend.

D György Pálfi P Péter Miskolczi, Gábor Váradi S Zsófia Ruttkay, György Pálfi WS Fortissino Films L Hungarian w/English subtitles
TD 35mm/2006/91mins

György Pálfi was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1974. His films include A Hal (1997, short) and Hukkle (MIFF 2003).

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