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Canada, 2006 (MIFF 2007, Jaguar International Panorama)

Director: Sarah Polley


“I never wanted to be away from her. She had the spark of life.” Actress Sarah Polley's (eXistenZ, My Life Without Me) directorial debut is as much about Alzheimer's disease as it is a complex portrait of love and marriage. A husband experiences the painful decline of the woman he loves, played splendidly by Julie Christie in her first screen appearance for years. From absent-mindedly putting frypans in the freezer, she's eventually placed in a home where her mental erosion leads to an attachment to a fellow patient in place of her husband of 40 years. With it comes the confusion and resentment of a silent and debilitating disease. “Sharp and sombre, alive to the lacerations of ordinary experience and quietly attentive to grand absurdities and small instances of grace.” - New York Times

D Sarah Polley P Daniel Iron, Simon Urdl, Jennifer Weiss S Alice Munro, Sarah Polley Dist Dendy Films TD 35mm/2006/112mins

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