Australia, 2010 (MIFF 2010, Homegrown)

Director: Ivan Sen

'It could be easier to ask what isn't Dreamland about. But I think the answer would still be the same. Everything and nothing, all at the same time.' - filmmaker Ivan Sen

Set somewhere on the Extraterrestial Highway, just outside of the infamous Area 51, Dan Freeman, UFO hunter, searches for reasons for living and for signs of life from outer space.

This second feature from filmmaker Ivan Sen (following his AFI-award-winning debut Beneath Clouds in 2002) does not adopt a traditional narrative structure.

Dreamland features a score by Sen and appearances by actors Tasma Walton and Daniel Roberts.

'Inspires wonder about the universe and the place of human beings within it.' - Variety

D/S Ivan Sen P David Jowsey Dist Bunya Productions TD digibeta/2010

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