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Belgium / Luxembourg / France / Switzerland, 2012 (MIFF 2012, TeleScope)

Director: Joachim Lafosse


“Family tragedy intermingles with gender politics in a strong showing from Belgian auteur Joachim Lafosse.” - Hollywood Reporter

Inspired by the disturbing true story of a woman who killed her children and then gave herself into police, Our Children is a claustrophobic, psychological drama in which family closeness is pushed to the extremes.

The film starts in a flurry of love, when Murielle (Emilie Dequenne, Rosetta) and Mounir (Tahar Rahim, A Prophet) decide to move in together with Mounir's surrogate father, Doctor Pignet. An air of menace begins to suffocate the couple as Pignet controls the household like a puppeteer. The tension escalates as the doctor becomes more domineering, Mounir becomes more subservient and Murielle spirals out of control.

This is a dark domestic thriller in which chilling performances and a tense script result in a piece of Belgian cinema at its most sinister.

D Joachim Lafosse P Jacques-Henri, Olivier Bronckart, Jani Thiltges, Sylvie Pialat, Thierry Spicher S Joachim Lafosse, Matthieu Reynaert, Thomas Bidegain WS Les Films du Losange L French, Arabic w/English subtitles TD DCP/2012

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