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Australia, 2011 (MIFF 2011, Australian Showcase)

Director: Ivan Sen


In the desolate reaches of an Aboriginal community, is the life of a ten year old already spent?

Amidst the physically, emotionally and spiritually empty spaces of Toomelah, one of Australia's most impoverished Aboriginal communities, ten-year-old Daniel's life is sliding toward oblivion. All but abandoned by an uncaring mother and ruinously alcoholic father, Daniel falls in with a local drug dealer and his crew, only to find his new world of petty crime holds its own dangers.

Fresh from a rapturous reception at Cannes, this beautifully photographed feature from director Ivan Sen (Dreamland, MIFF 2010) shares the same meditative pace and impeccable eye for the Australian landscape as his earlier acclaimed work Beneath Clouds. A heartbreaking portrait of life in the forgotten margins of the Australian outback.

D/S Ivan Sen P David Jowsey Dist Curious Film TD HD Cam/2011

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