USA, 2010 (MIFF 2011, International Panorama)

Director: Mike Cahill

"Sundance can boast of another discovery... science fiction at its best." - Hollywood Reporter

On the night that a duplicate Earth is discovered in our solar system, astrophysics student Rhoda drives into an oncoming car, killing a mother and child and leaving the father in a coma. When she's released from prison, Rhoda goes to find the father, determined to do penance and, perhaps, to escape her past in the parallel world floating above.

A tale of love and redemption set against the philosophical quandary of a world that appears to be an exact mirror of our own, Another Earth is the remarkable feature film debut from director Mike Cahill. Powerful and deftly told, it is existential romance cast as science fiction exploration, an assured work of narrative ingenuity.

D Mike Cahill P Hunter Gray, Paul Mezey, Tyler Brodie, Nicholas Shumaker S Brit Marling, Mike Cahill Dist Twentieth Century Fox TD 35mm/2010

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