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Bighorn (Bill Schmalz, 1970)
The bighorn sheep of the Rocky Mountains are filmed amidst the splendid scenery of alpine peaks. The film shows extraordinary close-ups of the wary, sure-footed animals, with music and natural sound … Read more

BLACKBIRD (Jason Buxton, 2012)
"I was angry, I wrote things down. Stupid, not dangerous." ... In a culture of fear, the line between victim and aggressor becomes hard to trace. But Sean, a high-school outcast, finds himself on the… Read more

Blackwood (Tony Ianzelo, Andy Thomson, 1977)
David Blackwood, Canada's celebrated print maker: the artist and his work; the man and his background ... Read more

Blake (Bill Mason, 1969)
Blake is a free-thinking individual who works in the city, but lives in a cabin in the woods. Parked near the cabin is an ancient, single-engine, open-cockpit bi-plane, in which whenever the urge ove… Read more

BLAST ‘EM (Joseph Blasioli, Egidiio Coccimiglio, 1992)
... ... Paparazzo-photographer Victor Malafronte's philosophy is simple: "I don't have any sympathy for a guy who's making $20-30 mil­lion a year." Chasing Madonna, ambushing Michael J. Fox, scre… Read more

Blinkety Blank (Norman McLaren, 1955)
Arabesque-like images flash upon the screen, then suddenly disappear. An impression remains in the viewer's eye, like the burning of a bright light after it has been extinguished. A work of pure imag… Read more

Boardinghouse (Neil McInnes, Ken Stampnick, 1974)
A story about a caretaker in an unusual boardinghouse. ... Read more

Bob's Birthday (Alison Snowden, David Fine, 1993)
Surprise birthday parties can be risky. Especially when the guest of honour is turning forty. Poor Bob! It's tough turning forty! Midlife crisis and all, poor dear! ... Read more

Body Image (Jaie Laplante, Sharon Mandelbaum, 1992)
A short, 'intimate' documentary that attempts to investigate the inner sensualities that make all our bodies beautiful. It investigates our physicality as human beings, how we use our bodies and how … Read more

BOMBAY CALLING (Ben Addelman, Samir Mallal, 2005)
WEDNESDAY 9 AUGUST, 7PM - SOLD OUT ... India is changing. This new generation of call centre employees works late into the night and perfects English and American accents to sell to clients half a wo… Read more

Boogie Doodle (Norman McLaren, 1948)
One of the earlier of the McLaren experimental films. An abstract film, made without the use of a camera, in which "boogie" played by Albert Amnions and "doodle*' drawn by Norman McLaren combine to m… Read more

Boys and Girls (Don McBrearty, 1983)
The daughter of a farming family in the 1940's resists her parents' assumption that she will conform to the traditional woman's role. ... Read more

BRAKHAGE (Jim Shedden, 1998)
Stan Brakhage is considered a living legend and one of the most important avant-garde filmmakers. Since 1952 Brakhage has created over 300 films, constantly and consistently redefining Ihe shape of f… Read more

“Nuttily wonderful… Best of 2006.” - New York Times Equal parts childhood reminiscence, expressionist horror movie, teen detective serial and Grand Guignol reverie, Brand Upon the Brain! … Read more

Breakdown (Robert Anderson, 1951)
An authentic case study of a young woman who develops a schizoid personality. ... Follows the course of her treatment first in a mental health clinic and later in a state hospital. Concludes with her… Read more

Breath (Margaret Dragu, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Combining the poetic, political and critical in a new digital form, Oliver Hockenhull's study of the confines of architecture and the self has been described as 'unequivocally the best documentary pr… Read more

This film is a tribute to the most indestructible of slapstick comedians, presenting an informal view of Buster, and made while he was on location for The Railrodder. Living with his entourage of fil… Read more

Buzz Wray and his Telephone (J. Wayne Sterloff, 1980)
This is "the first film ever to use the Aniscope Process, a newly invented system of comic-book-like animation originating from live-action footage". Th estory is set in a distant and eclectic future… Read more

By Attrition (Jeanne Crépeau, Stephen Fortin, 1986)
Having met, two women discuss their relationship. One compares their time together with a pair of old socks; one wonders whether lips wear out from kissing the same person. They are still in love. A … Read more

BYE BYE RED RIDING HOOD (Marta Meszaros, 1988)
A modern re-telling of the childhood classic about Fanny, who has lived in the forest with her meteorologist mother ever since she was a little girl. One day on the way to visit her grandmother and g… Read more

C.R.A.Z.Y (Jean-Marc Vallée, 2005)
C.R.A.Z.Y. bagged the award for Best Canadian Feature Film at the Toronto International Film Festival, just after its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival. ... A rollicking coming-of-age tale, … Read more

CALENDAR (Atom Egoyan, 1993)
Atom Egoyan, (The Adjuster, Family Viewing, Next of Kin, Speaking Path, seen at previous MFFs) has departed from his usual urban-based, psychological concerns and journeyed to his ancestral homeland … Read more

CALLING THE SHOTS (Janis Cole, Holly Dale, 1988)
... ... Of the various men's clubs reluctantly desegregated by feminism, the movie industry has been one of the more resilient to change. Still largely a boy's game, big-league moviemaking has proved… Read more

Canon (Norman McLaren, Grant Munro, 1964)
Norman McLaren at his inventive best, explains and illustrates in visual terms the musical form of the canon. ... Read more

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