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WHAT'S COOKING? (Gurinder Chadha, 1999)
"That most American of holidays, Thanksgiving, serves as the focal point for this raptly celebratory look at the modern American family. What's Cooking? interweaves the workings of four diverse Los A… Read more

When Roobarb Made a Spike (Grange Calveley, 1973)
Roobarb finds that trying to be a bird, instead of a dog. causes difficulties. ... Read more

When Your Feet Don't Touch The Ground (Ross J Coulter, 2006)
Marco...Polo......Bangers...mash......Strawberries...cream......' Memories of childhood exploits confront quotidian terrors. ... ---D/P Ross J Coulter TD video/col/2006/2mins ... Read more

Whirlpool (James Calvert, 2007)
Whirlpool is a Yirritja story that is told in Mara language in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. The Freshwater and Saltwater people of Arnhem land (in Australia's Northern Territory) battl… Read more

Whistling Smith (Michael Scott, Marrin Cannell, 1975)
Sgt. Bernie, 'Whistling' Smith, pounds the beat in District One, the colourful east-side of Vancouver, where the streets are lined with greasy spoons, strip joints and flophouses. Friendly, outgoing … Read more

White Woman (Anne-Marie Crawford, 1988)
She hides in little cracks. She is able to get herself in behind the edges of doors. She can squeeze herself into these maze-like crevices and go in and in, further and further inside so that no-one … Read more

WHO KILLED JENNY LANGBY? (Dom Crombie, 1974)
Jenny Langby, mother of five children, lived in Port Adelaide, South Australia. At the age of 32, she was dead. ... Who Killed Jenny Langby? This film, in documentary format, is about the events whic… Read more

WHO'S AFRAID OF KATHY ACKER (Barbara Caspar, 2008)
“I like relationships and I like flesh.” - Kathy Acker ... Boldly exploring the extremities of an extreme woman, Who's Afraid of Kathy Acker? chronicles one of America's original ‘outlaw write… Read more

Why the Crow is Black (Chien Chia-chun, 1955)
A cartoon based on a Chinese folk tale about a handsome and tuneful bird who pays for vanity and laziness by becoming sooty and hoarse. ... Read more

Wilderness Nomads (Charles Capstick, 1974)
The Wilderness Nomads is a group of boys and girls (ages 14 to 17) who set out with their leader, Mr Frenetee, on a 400-mile, month-long wilderness canoe trip, through a Northern Canadian Wilderness … Read more

Wilpena (Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, 1981)
Wilpena Pound (Flinders Ranges) and environs are filmed in 7381 print stock, Eastmancolor negative and black and white negative to reveal different landscape characteristics. ... Read more

WINDFALL IN ATHENS (Michael Cacoyannis, 1953)
The appeal of this film, first screened to an English-speaking audience at the 1954 Edinburgh Festival, lies not in its technical qualities but in the capacity of its director to present through conv… Read more

Wings of Death (Nichola Bruce, Mike Coulson, 1985)
The 'wings of death' pursue a young addict - trying to escape from a violent murder. He takes refuge in a decaying hotel - inhabited by creatures from his imagination - victims of their own gross for… Read more

Winter Haven (Jasmine Crook, 2001)
Synopsis not available Read more

Wire for Sound (Paul Cohen, 1962)
A film, on the manufacture of a telecommunications cable, which has been designed as a aesthetic experience - colour, motion and inherent continuity speak for themselves. Award: First Prize, New York… Read more

Witches (Dominic Clemence, 1991)
Sarah's father has disappeared; her mother, too, is lost to the adult world, fighting a private battle against the agony of rejection. But jeal­ousy, cruelty and pain are also the stuff of fairy … Read more

With Drums and Trumpets (Marcel Carriére, 1967)
Synopsis not available Read more

WITH GILBERT & GEORGE (Julian Cole, 2007)
“Each of our pictures is a kind of visual love letter from us to the viewer, and it's the space between the viewer and the picture which makes art.” - George ProuschJulian Cole's latest film char… Read more

With Me (Kerstin Cmelka, 2000)
A seedy interior reminiscent of an early porn genre, some wickedly choreographed double exposures techniques and a transparent filmmaker having sex with herself, makes Mit Mir a silently confronting … Read more

WITH TIME TO KILL (James Clayden, 1987)
With Time To Kill is a film of the street and the city, of two cops and their prey. Lt. Nick Yates and Sgt. Max Clements make a hit-list and set out to rid their town of the human garbage that has ac… Read more

Witness Butthole Surfers (Jem Cohen, 1987)
In which Cohen bears witness to the dark intensity of the American band Butthole Surfers filmed at a particularly exuberant show. Brooding and unsettling - an anti-music video??? ... Read more

Wombats - Bulldozers of the Bush (Richard Campbell, 1992)
What do wombats do when the lights go out? Wombats is an amusing account of one of Aus­tralia's most lovable animals; lovable, that is, if you're not a farmer! ... Read more

Work of Iron (Celia Canning, Nery Catineau, 1988)
No synopsis available ... Read more

Writer's Block (Leon Cmielewski, 1995)
... ... A writer, confronted by the perplexities of the blank page, is murdered by his typewriter Cmielewski's humorous allegory of creative constipation relieved by the death of the author is a witt… Read more

Writer’s Block (Leon Cmielewski, 1994)
It was one of those days when he just couldn't write, and things weren't going to get better. In fact, he didn't know how much worse...The writer comes to a full stop. It's a surreal thing, baby. ... Read more

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