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SPACE TOURISTS (Christian Frei, 2009)
How do you put a price on a dream? ... Once the stuff of mere fantasy, then a symbol of the struggle between superpowers, space travel is now a possibility for anyone with a large enough bank balance… Read more

SPIVS (Federico Fellini, 1953)
Federico Fellini was scarcely a new name to the critics when his film La Strada was shown at the Italian Film Festival. Fellini had been active on the creative side of the Italian neo-realist movemen… Read more

Standing Room Only (Deborra-Lee Furness, 2002)
"Between the wish and the thing, life lies waiting", goes the saying. Deborra-Lee Furness directs a stellar cast (including Hugh Jackman, Joanna Lumley, Sophie Dahl, Michael Gambon and Mary-Elizabeth… Read more

STOLEN (Violeta Ayala, Daniel Fallshaw, 2009)
What began as an unassuming documentary has taken on the fate of a cause célèbre. Initially begun as a film about family reunion in a western Saharan refugee camp, the production suddenly takes a c… Read more

Storm (Stephen French, 1981)
An animated ballet concerning love, war, pain and ecstasy. ... Read more

Stranger: Bernie Worrell on earth (Phillip Di Fiori, 2004)
"Whether you're listening to Wilco or Dr. Dre, you're listening to Bernie Worrell." Just one of the passionate endorsements made by a legion of celebrity fans - including David Byrne, George Clinton,… Read more

Stray Dog (Farzin Farzaneh, )
Based on a short story by the renowned Iranian writer, Saquet Hedayat, we observe the life of a dog from its happy days as a puppy to its lonely death in the streets of an Iranian village. ... Read more

Stricteternum (Didier Fontan, )
A young family is trapped in a world of endless monotony, but discover that their existence and escape are at the hands of a larger force. This abstract and dreamlike film is rich with Jeunet-esque c… Read more

Sunday, 6th April, 11:42 a.m.- BEYOND THE WALLS (Flatform, 2008)
In one wide shot, a tranquil pastorale unfolds in miniature, but narration is never without meta-narrative. ... --- D/P/S Flatform L Italian w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2008 ... Read more

SWEET LADY WITH THE NASTY VOICE, THE (Vincent Kralyevich, Joanne Fish, 2007)
“You can hear lots of rocking girl singers who owe an unconscious debt to a woman like Wanda [Jackson]. She was standing up on stage with a guitar in her hand while other gals were still asking, … Read more

T-Shirt, The (Hossein Martin Fazeli, 2006)
On a trip to his motherland of Slovakia, American-born Mark meets a shop assistant named Tomas. Their friendship is cut short when Tomas reveals a T-shirt that offends Mark's beliefs, exposing ignora… Read more

TALES FROM A HARD CITY (Kim Flitcroft, 1994)
... ... Exploitation, in its many guises, is at the heart of this gritty, often heartbreakingly humor­ous documentary (an accusation that the film itself is not immune from) about the somewhat de… Read more

TALES OF MYSTERY AND IMAGINATION (Roger Vadim, Louis Malle, Federico Fellini, 1967)
The episodes of this porte-manteau film are based on three stories by Edgar Alan Poe. ... Read more

TAMALA 2010: A PUNK CAT IN SPACE (t.o.L's (Trees of Life) films, 2004)
Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space Japan'Riding solo into the cosmos from Cat Earth en route to investigating evil galactic powerhouse Catty & Co.; encountering the Dark God of Death; learning of an ep… Read more

Texture in Painting (Phoebe Flory, 1963)
By showing the manipulation of materials in illustrative paintings, from contemporary to anicent Oriental, the film demonstrates texture as a facet of design. ... Read more

The Assault (Pia Frankenberg, 1984)
A party in a bar. Woman meets man... and slaps him. But things take an unexpected turn and a world-wide chain reaction begins... ... Read more

THE AUDIENCE (Marco Ferreri, 1972)
This black comedy is directed by Marco Ferreri, who earlier made La grande bouffe. He has written the screenplay, together with Rafael Azcona, and the story draws heavily on Kafka's novel, The Castle. Read more

The Bear's Christmas (Hugh Foulds, 1974)
A cartoon about a browned-off Bear, who, having just lost his job, has the Christmas blues. ... Read more

Janet Foreman's contribution to the resurgence of interest in the Beat Generation premiered in the market place at this year's Berlin Film Festival. It contains rare archival film and present day int… Read more

THE BENCH (Per Fly, 2000)
An incisive, witty and deeply moving drama about responsibility and solidarity. Per Fly's directorial debut tells the story of alcohol-ravaged Kaj in the sympathetic, straightforward style adopted in… Read more

THE BITTER TEARS OF PETRA VON KANT (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1971)
Fassbinder's films always force us ... to become aware of possibilitieswhich remain just out of reach of his characters. Whilst his vision is a bleak one, he never indulges in it for its own sake, an… Read more

THE BLACK GESTAPO (Lee Frost, 1975)
The black community with the aid of white money forms the People's Army. In some white eyes, that could only spell - The Black Gestapo. Whitey wears plaid leisure suits and white loafers. Brothers an… Read more

The Builders (J. Fitzpatrick, 1959)
The aid which Australia is giving to her neighbours in South-East Asia under the Colombo Plan. ... Read more

The Burning (Stephen Frears, 1967)
A white South African, her grandson and Cape coloured servants live out a rigidly conventional life in which Black Africa has no part. When signs of uprising filter into their enclosed world, they ca… Read more

THE CELLULOID CLOSET (Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman, 1995)
The late Vito Russo's ground breaking book The Celluliod Closet explored and critiqued a history of the on-screen representation; of gay men and women with a wit and perception that is admirably matc… Read more

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