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THE LOVES OF A BLONDE (Miloš Forman, 1965)
The Loves of a Blonde confirms the exceptionally engaging talent of Milos Forman, revealed last year in his Peter and Pavla. The heroine, blonde Andula, all wide-eyed innocence, works in a factory an… Read more

The Magic Fiddle (Jan Forlong, 1954)
The ballet danced in the film by the Norwegian Ballet Company is based upon an old folk tale about a poor peasant boy whose only possession is three shillings, which he gives away. As reward he gets … Read more

The Making of Anna (Robert Francis, 1978)
Designed for teaching purposes, the film gives an insight into the less public aspects of the production of a low budget film in Australia. It observes the director, cast and crew, on the 2000-mile j… Read more

The Man of Tautavel (Robert Fiel, 1990)
Twenty years of painstaking research has now unveiled the time, the environment, the climate, the habitation and the cultural setting of the Man of Tautavel. The Tautavel Grotto in France is an extra… Read more

THE MAN OF THE YEAR (José Henrique Fonseca, 2002)
Maiquel just wants a quiet, normal life. This simple plan goes out the window when he loses a soccer bet and has to dye his hair blonde. Cruelly teased by a much-loathed neighbourhood drug dealer, Ma… Read more

THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (John Frankenheimer, 1962)
Resurrected after 25 years in Frank Sinatra's vaults John Frankenheimer's long-suppressed political satire still stimulates audiences with its verve, dash and morally pointed wit. ... Contrary to rum… Read more

The Matress (Robert Feldman, 1965)
A narrative about an old abandoned mattress found in a vacant lot, based on a poem by Aaron Kramer. ... Read more

The Midas Touch (Enric Folch, 1991)
In Thaddeus Grimm's comic strip factory, there is no rest for the funny. Then, one miser­able day, the Midas Touch company sends downtrodden cartoonist Archibald Scoggins a pen to change lives. S… Read more

The Mill (Petra Freeman, 1992)
Painting on glass subtly animates to transform one etching-like image to another as an illustration of a little girl's train of thought. Curiosity impels her to discover and explore the source of her… Read more

THE MORO AFFAIR (Giuseppe Ferrara, 1986)
II caso Moro examines the kidnapping, capture and killing of Italian Christian Democrat leader Aldo Moro in fine detail with the benefit of historical hindsight. Based on Robert Katz's documentary bo… Read more

THE OPIUM WAR (Cheng Chun-li, Chen Fan, 1960)
Lin Tse Hsu was the Chinese hero of the opium war of 1840. Driven on by easy money, traders and some irresponsible missionaries flooded the Chinese towns with this drug. ... The Manchu court was forc… Read more

THE PEDLAR OF THE FOUR SEASONS (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1973)
This is the story of Hans, whose life was ruined by five women. ... His mother forces him to continue his high school education, forbidding him to learn an honest trade, which he always wanted. He jo… Read more

The Questioning City (Eric Fullilove, 1960)
Some of the advanced scientific research now taking place at Cambridge is shown along with the lighter side of life there, such as a May Ball, the"Bump" Races, etc. The delightful architectural setti… Read more

The Saving of the President (P. R. Fine, 1982)
A documentary drama covering the events immediately following the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan on March 31,1981. The film is a re-creation with the actual doctors and nurses and o… Read more

The Scene from Melbury House (British Transport Films, 1973)
British Transport Films used spare lengths of film to record the varied daily lives of their neighbours as seen from the roof of their building in London's Marylebone. The late Ralph Vaughan Williams… Read more

The Screw (Didier Flamand, 1993)
The tale of a man who needs a screw to fix his wood cabinet. His pursuit takes him upon a labyrinthine journey through improbable department stores, right to the top of the screw-making bureaucracy. … Read more

THE SEARCHERS (John Ford, 1956)
John Ford's timeless saga of revenge with John Wayne, Vera Miles and Natalie Wood, is unquestionably one of the greatest of all Westerns, and Ethan Edwards is arguably the performance of John Wayne's… Read more

The Secret Miracle (Anthony N. Fragola, 1978)
Based on a Jorge Luis Borges story, the film tells about the fate of an author, Jaromir Hladik, who is sentenced to death by the Nazis. His request to them to complete his unfinished play, 'The Enemi… Read more

The Shadow in the Glass (André Farwagi, 1967)
A science fiction film about an American tourist in Paris, who becomes obsessed with the idea that he is turning into a Japanese. ... Read more

THE SIN OF FATHER MOURET (Georges Franju, 1970)
The Abbe Serge Mouret, a chaste and pious young priest, devoting himself to the exhausting labours of his calling, succumbs to ill-health. A chance meeting with his uncle, Dr. Pascal, brings the Abbe… Read more

The Trace of the Soul (G. Frank, 1972)
The film tells the life story of the hero of labour of the USSR. ... Read more

THE WHEELCHAIR (Marco Ferreri, 1960)
The wheelchair is an ironic comedy whose rather macabre humour masks a deep human and social Insight. It concerns a little old man whose ardent wish is to possess a motorbed wheelchair like that of h… Read more

THEMROC (Claude Faraldo, 1973)
Michel Piccoli financed this film. which was conceived, scripted and directed by Claude Faraldo. Piccoli plays the title role of a hairy worker who freaks out at work, sleeps wish his sister and amon… Read more

THERESE DESQUEYROUX (Georges Franju, 1962)
This celebrated novel by Francois Mauriac was adapted for the screen by the author himself and by his son Claude, critic of "Le Figaro Literaire". The films director is Georges Franju who has previou… Read more

They Shoot Werewolves Don't They? (Paul Fletcher, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

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