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Geri's Game (Jan Pinkava, 1997)
Pixar animation studios, makers of Toy Story, are renowned worldwide for their state of the art computer animation, which has an exceptional human feel to it. Their latest work is an affectionate por… Read more

Gesicht von der Stange (Raimond Pohl, 1961)
A young girl's innocent, strong face, beautiful in its irregularity and unspoilt freshness, is transformed by a teenage beautician into an expressionless, dull mask. All traces of her natural charm a… Read more

GET THE DEVIL OUT (Christian Paureilhe, 1979)
A road film about world-weariness and the quest for renewal, Get the Devil Out tells of a disgruntled, middle-aged Parisian who turns his back on the ruins of his life and takes to the southern roads… Read more

GLOBAL HAYWIRE (Bruce Petty, 2006)
Written, directed and animated by Oscar-winning filmmaker and cartoonist Bruce Petty, Global Haywire is a documentary fable, threading live action and animation with stunning dynamism and originality… Read more

Glory to Byk (Andrzej Papuzinski, 1971)
The film presents the graphics and drawings of Franciszek Starowieyski &ndash: alias Jan Byk, and gives account of his varied interests and hobbies. ... Read more

Going Up (Gary Pollard, 1990)
Going Up is "the birth of the skyscraper', the construction of a New York city skyscraper as a work of art. This is a breathtaking time-lapse film which captures the hard hat's intimate relationship … Read more

GONE TO EARTH (Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, 1950)
Hazel Woodus a Shropshire primitive living with her wild father (a harpist and coffin maker) at the end of the last century is more devoted to her pet fox than she is to human society. She is pursued… Read more

Graffiti (Matthew Patrick, 1984)
In a Latin American city under strict military control, a young ... man obsessed with sketching graffiti plays cat-and-mouse with the authorities. When he discovers he has a kindred spirit, he sets o… Read more

Guard Dog (Bill Plympton, )
What hidden dangers threaten an innocent walk in the park' In MIFF favourite Bill Plympton's Academy Award nominated short we go inside the mind of an overzealous guard dog to find out. --- D/P/S Bil… Read more

Guide Dog (Bill Plympton, 2006)
An enthusiastic but unqualified hound answers an advertisment for a guide dog and finds the challenge a lot more difficult than expected. A sequel to the Oscar nominated Guard Dog.---D/S Bill Plympyo… Read more

Habit (Miranda Pennell, 1997)
"Habit a dress of particular rank, degree, profession, function, order, a pattern of behaviour, practice, custom, action." ... A habit to get into and out of, this film embroiders the habit, stitches… Read more

Hair High (Bill Plympton, 2004)
"Bill Plympton is a bizarre and supremely gifted animator. [Hair High] is a goofy, gothic re-imagining of Grease (without the music) meets Carrie (with more zombies). It's a spoof, a satire and a far… Read more

HANSEL AND GRETEL (Yim Phil-Sung, 2007)
“Puts the ‘grim' in Grimm.” - Variety ... After a distracted Eun-Soo plows his car into the forest, the helping hand of a small girl guiding him to the warmth of the House of Happy Children see… Read more

Harvest (Roger Plant, 1980)
A documentary about a dairy farm intended to explode some of the myths about the pace and texture of country life. In particular the haymaking season is a period of frantic energy when the farmer rel… Read more

Hassan (Virginia Pitts, 1991)
The occupied west bank. Curfew has fallen. Hassan has not returned home. There are gun­shots in the streets... (JB) ... Read more

hawaii, oslo (Erik Poppe, 2004)
Leon is the kleptomaniac inmate of an asylum. Apart from theft, Leon has one obsession, Asa, his childhood sweetheart. A decade earlier they had arranged to meet on Leon's birthday if they wanted to … Read more

He-man (Eila Hutri, Eki Peltomaa, 1987)
Country rock lives in Finland An English sub titled pop clip ... Read more

Henry Lawson (Damien Parer, 1939)
Synopsis not available Read more

HERO (Barney Platts-Mills, 1982)
The story is set in the mythical Scotland of the past. The actors are young people from the streets of Glasgow, playing the kind of characters they might have been centuries ago - outlaw bands who li… Read more

HERO'S JOURNEY, A (Grace Phan, 2006)
Xanana Gusmão is a living legend. This poet-guerilla led the 24-year war against Indonesian occupation of East Timor, seven of those years from a prison in Jakarta. While the word ‘hero' is … Read more

HILL NUMBER ONE (Arthur Pierson, 1951)
Hill Number One, a dramatic religious film, was shown nationally on TV in the U.S.A. during Easter Week, 1951 and 1952. It was favourably reviewed: "One of the most nearly perfect performances ever s… Read more

Hinekaro Goes on a Picnic and Blows Up Another Obelisk (Christine Parker, 1995)
Have you ever eaten mutton bird? Fished for eels with a spider's web? There's a lot more I bet you haven't done or imagined in this visually astounding work based on a short story by Ken Hulme. Hinek… Read more

History of Glass (G. Pike, 1961)
A commercial tracing of the use of glass throughout the ages. Second Prize, Advertising Section, "for a good thing that has come in glass". ... Read more

HOME BY CHRISTMAS (Gaylene Preston, 2010)
“A classic New Zealand story, perfectly told.” - New Zealand Herald ... On his way home from rugby practice, Ed Preston joined the New Zealand army. He promised his pregnant wife Tui he'd be home… Read more

Our plucky hero joins the fire company to save the world from house fires and gain the affection he so richly deserves. The third in Plympton's ‘Dog' series.---D/S Bill Plympton P Biljana Labovic W… Read more

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