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Abuse Will Be Fined (Ulrike Schweiger, 1998)
A commuter train rattles through the night, and as a man threatens a woman in the carriage, the audience is forced to confront the question "what would you do?" Schweiger's tautly constructed film is… Read more

ANGEL ON THE RIGHT (Djamshed Usmonov, 2002)
Khamro, a burly, violent Tadjikistani thug, ran out on his hometown a decade ago. He left behind a disgraced mother, a pregnant girlfriend, and a trail of debts, then wound up in a Russian jail. The … Read more

APRON STRINGS (Sima Urale, 2008)
"It's a rich and robust story, full of warmth and humour that reflects the changing face of Auckland's southern suburbs today." - producer Rachel Gardner ... The debut feature film from Sima Urale, A… Read more

Bangers (Andrew Upton, 1999)
Julie-Anne comes home from a hard day at the office to discover her mother has locked the cat in the house all day (again) and that she is expected to cook 'bangers" for dinner. Preparing Ihe meal be… Read more

Come (Marianne Olsen Ulrichsen, 1995)
An elderly woman reflects on her youth. A sexy story of ageless lust and deathless passion. A humorous, wistful film about time, memory and love, and fob watches, (MM) ... Read more

Deportation (Avi Uograbi, 1989)
A sparse glimpse surrounding the deportation of a man set on the Arab/Israeli border. - (JS) ... Read more

Die Pistole (Wolfgang Urchs, 1963)
Animated objects are the actors — with the pistol in the lead — in this tragi-comedy, with the theme of the use of violence in the subduing of violence. ... Read more

Elena (Helen Underwood, 1994)
Part travelogue part personal diary, Helen Underwood, like fellow British filmmaker Cordelia Swan utilises the notion of antiquity to express a kind of subliminal sensory awaken­ing. Photos fragm… Read more

FAITHLESS (Liv Ullmann, 2000)
Ingmar Bergman's touch resonates throughout this intense look at a marriage, its failure and the impact of the characters' subsequent actions. Directed by long time Bergman collaborator and one time … Read more

“For me, Kate Bush was always a trump card when the tiresome ‘question' of female artistic genius came up.” - ObserverArguably the most unique female musician ever, Kate Bush's eclectic musical… Read more

Manipulation (UK, 1991)
Manipulation is about repression in society The minority, or in this case 'the small man syn­drome', fights against the machinery of life, which physically and mentally humiliates, crushing out a… Read more

Memorial Day (Michael Ackerman Ulick, 1983)
A touching record of how a small American town annually commemorates its fallen soldiers and sailors from past wars ... Read more

More or Less (Miriam Unger, 1999)
This film is exquisite! How does a film explore the tenuous nature of an ending relationship? More or Less is a film without a story; it's about the gaps in between. Both immediate and timeless, it a… Read more

MY MOTHER INDIA (Safina Uberoi, 2001)
My Mother India begins by telling a love story. A young, middle-class Australian woman falls in love with a young intellectual Indian whilst at university during the 1950's. They eventually marry and… Read more

Neighbours (Wolfgang Urchs, 1973)
Two neighbours start a fight, which leads to total destruction. ... Read more

NOT WANTED (Elmer Clifton (Ida Lupino uncredited), 1949)
... ... Even though she chose not to take director's credit (she stepped in after Elmer Clifton had a heart attack three days into production). Not Wanted bears the unmistakable stamp of a Lupino fil… Read more

A story of a truck-driver who leads a modest life in a suburb of Istanbul, with his wife, daughter and elderly father. A neighbour tries hard to separate the family so that he can marry the wife. Aft… Read more

Notornis Expedition (New Zealand Government Film Unit, 1950)
Records the expedition of New Zealand scientists to a practically inaccessible high mountain valley to study the life and habits of the native flightless bird, Notornis or Tahake, thought for eighty … Read more

Penguins’ Parade (Riho Unt, 2002)
Inspired by the filmmaker's visit to Phillip Island during MIFF 2001, Penguins' Parade is about a young man who, in an absurd situation, insists on remaining a human being. Is this really how oversea… Read more

Pepolino and the Lost Treasure (Janos Uzsak, 1995)
... ... Pepolino and the Lost Treasure is pure family entertainment a fully animated musical feature based on the novel by Irene Rodrian. The film charts the adventures of young Pepolino who just wan… Read more

removed (Naomi Uman, 1999)
In removed, naomi uman physically erases the female body from old 16mm porn using nailpolish remover and household bleach. This gorgeous attack of beauty and domestic product on celluloid results in … Read more

Take Wallace And Grommit. add drunken misbehaviour, slapstick violence and smutty humour and you'd go close to Saamuel's Adventures. This riotous Estonian animated series, features a moonshine making… Read more

Sea of the Stars (Doris Unger, 1990)
A tale about a moon town and its eccentric residents. ... Read more

Some Medical Aspects of Venomous Snakes (Burroughs Wellcome Film Unit, 1950)
General discussion of venomous snakes. By means of diagrams and pictures of living snakes, describes their classification and characteristics, the venoms and their effects, and the treatment of snake… Read more

STROLL, THE (Alexey Uchitel, 2004)
The Stroll (Progulka) Russia Overflowing with bountiful energy and plenty of charm, The Stroll is a cinematic adrenaline rush that follows three energetic, youthful Russians on a real-time romantic j… Read more

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