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24 CITY (Zhang Ke Jia, 2008)
"Mr. Jia is working at the border where fiction and nonfiction meet, which is where this fantastically surreal country itself seems to exist." - New York Times ... For six decades Factory 420 in Sich… Read more

A Counterfeit Dream (Arno Ziebell, 1983)
A young painter sees a beautiful woman on the underground. Back in his studio he projects his fantasies and fears and finally gets completely confused. ... Read more

A JESTER'S TALE (Karel Zeman, 1964)
This satirical anti-war romance is set during the period of the Thirty Years' War. The action starts in 1625, when "press gongs" rounded up reluctant young men for the army, where they fought and oft… Read more

A Man From China (Zhang Zielen, 1989)
A Chinese artist comes to England after the massacre in Tiananmen Square full of hope for his new life in the West, but he finds it hard to come to terms with leaving China. Despite the efforts of hi… Read more

Allegro Vivace (Zvonimir Lončarić, Ante Zaninović, 1983)
Six short stories which, however they ... might begin, always end with love. ... Read more

ALONE (Benito Zambrano, 1999)
Winner of the Berlin Film Festival audience award last year, Alone is a gritty story about a mother and daughter, their relationship and its compelling consequences. This remarkable new film is the n… Read more

AMONGST EQUALS (Tom Zubrycki, 1991)
Illegal screenings of the unfinished Amongst Equals have taken place in a variety of forums across the country since January when controversy erupted in the media. But the issue remains unresolved an… Read more

AMOS OZ: THE NATURE OF DREAMS (Yonathan Zur, Masha Zur, 2009)
“A conflict begins and ends in the hearts and minds of people, not in the hilltops.” - Amos Oz ... Israeli writer and journalist Amos Oz is one of the most well known proponents of peace between … Read more

August Heat (Martin Zweiback, 1961)
A young British artist, driving through the States in the heat of August, discovers a man whose face he has recently drawn without ever having seen. The two men are drawn toward the terrifying climax… Read more

AVIVA MY LOVE (Shemi Zarhin, 2006)
Winner of Best Screenplay at the Jerusalem Film Festival, Aviva My Love is an upbeat domestic drama set against the economic hardship of Israel's suburbs. Hotel cook Aviva is the rock at the heart o… Read more

BARON MUNCHHAUSEN (Karel Zeman, 1962)
A rocketship lands on the moon and the young astronaut Tonik meets there some heroes from the age of ihe Romantics - Cyrano de Bergerac, Barbican and Captain Nicol from Jules Verne's books, and the B… Read more

Bawke (Hisham Zaman, 2005)
Crossing illegally into Norway, a father risks everything to secure a better future for his son. An engaging and powerful drama set in cold and desperate times. Received 2006 Clermont-Ferrand Interna… Read more

Behind our Walls (Frans Zwartjes, 1971)
Frans Zwartjes' two visions of womanhood in Behind Your Walls have all the febrile frustration associated with his previous work. Flesh looks like crisp paper about to be despoiled, a torpid heat red… Read more

BILLAL (Tom Zubrycki, 1996)
Easter, 1994 at an outer western Sydney housing estate. A fight breaks out between wo neighbouring families, one Lebanese, the other Anglo-Australian. Next day, 16-year-old Biillal Eter is crossing t… Read more

Birds (Frans Zwartjes, 1968)
A girl lies with legs splayed on a couch. She dangles a paper bird on the end of a piece of string. ... The camera rocks and slides as if in a trance, and the white shape, fluttering to the raucous t… Read more

BLACK BUS (Anat Zuria, 2009)
To the Ultra-Orthodox Haredim, segregation is for your own safety. ... Over the last decade the number of prohibitions for the women followers of Ultra-Orthodox Judaism (known as Haredi) have increas… Read more

BLISS (Sheng Zhimin, 2006)
What passes away is, perhaps, like the river. Day and night, it never lets up. On the banks of the Yangtze River in the misty city of Chongqing, a father and son live in the shadow of one woman - th… Read more

BRAN NUE DAE (Tom Zubrycki, 1990)
Tom Zubrycki's new film (following Friends and Enemies, Kemira etc.) follows performances of Broome's Aboriginal musical Bran Nue Dae, from rehearsal and development to the rapturous reviews and its … Read more

BUTTONERS (Petr Zelenka, 1997)
Could you forgive your wife if she had sex with a stranger in a cab? Could you forgive the pilot who dropped the Atom Bomb on Hiroshima? Could you forgive yourself if you accidentally killed a young … Read more

Children Painters of Lijiang River (Chen Zeren, )
Along the Lijiang River in southern China, the picturesque scenery is as beautiful as a Chinese painting. The landscape has long inspired the people of the region to compose poems and paint pictures.… Read more

CRUMB (Terry Zwigoff, 1994)
... ... Offensively pornographic, objectionably misogynist, or "the Breughel of the twenti­eth century"?, David Lynch presents a tour de force of film portraiture, an alternately hilarious and di… Read more

Cry Me a River (Zhang Ke Jia, 2008)
Four friends reunited reminisce and mourn for lost youth. From director Jia Zhang-ke, whose feature films were profiled at MIFF in 2008. ... --- D/S Jia Zhangke P Zhang Dong, Eva Lam WS Xtreme Pictur… Read more

days and hours (Pjer Zalica, 2004)
Significantly more upbeat than most contemporary cinema from this troubled region, [Days and Hours] revolves around good-hearted bachelor Fuke, who crosses the city in his beat-up car to fix his elde… Read more

delamu (Tian Zhuangzhuang, 2004)
"The 'Tea Horse Route' is the highest and most perilous of China's ancient trading routes, originating in western Yunnan, ascending the Tibetan plateau, winding through the Himalayas into Nepal, Bhut… Read more

Dual Balls (Dan Zeffe, 1996)
An uptight primary school teacher reluctantly agrees to try out a pair of vibrating 'love eggs' just as the headmistress decides to surprise her with an impromptu job interview. ... This is a light a… Read more

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