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Films Screened In 1961

Blue Water Island (N. Laird, A. Gibb, 1960)
The people on the Fourneaux Group of islands in Bass Strait; farming, mutton birds and holiday attractions. ... Read more

Briquettes Calypso (Anne Joliffe, 1961)
A T.V. tale of the benefits of briquettes set to a calypso melody. ... Read more

Call of the Mountains (A. K. Chaudhuri, 1958)
The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling was established by the Government of India to encourage mountaineering amongst the youth of the country. This documentary revolves around one of t… Read more

Captain H (Jean-Jacques Languepin, 1961)
The Story of one barge and her captain passing along the River Seine from Le Havre to Paris. The film gives an insight into the life of the river people, a life still hard enough and one which tends … Read more

Carousel of Lowicz (Jerzy Hoffman, 1959)
The area around Lowicz is famous for its beautiful regional costumes and this film is about the annual folklore festival held in that city. A Polish documentary which won distinction at the Oberhause… Read more

Children of the Sun (John Hubley, 1960)
In a brief, but effective message, John Hubley, in his unusual style of animation , develops the story of two children - the happiest child,he who has enough to eat, and the unhappiest, representing … Read more

CHOGOLISA - THE BRIDE'S PEAK (Chonosuke Ise, 1959)
The Himalayas have always attracted mountaineers of those nations interested in climbing, for the colossal peaks at the "Roof of the World", present the ultimate challenge. ... In 1958, the Academic … Read more

Click Go the Shears (J. Levy, K. Gow, 1956)
A highly stylised humorous treatment of the famous Australian ballad, using a minimum of animation. ... Read more

Coast Watchers Series Episode: Operation Plum Pudding (R. Mirams, 1961)
The war-time exploits of the coast watchers on a Japanese-occupied island in the Pacific. ... Read more

Conquering the World's Highest Peak (, 1960)
Jolma Lungma, the highest peak of the Himalaya Mountains and the highest point on earth, is known as the world's "Third Pole". This film describes how a group of Chinese mountaineers undertook extens… Read more

Court Music and Dancing (Shoji Maruyama, 1957)
Gagaku, one of the earliest forms of Japanese music, and Bugaku, its accompanying dance, are still preserved in close to their original state by musicians and dancers of the Imperial Household. This … Read more

DANUBE WAVES (Liviu Ciulei, 1960)
On a peaceful, warm summer day, a barge was sailing on the Danube. The brown uniforms of the Fascist guards leave no doubt as to the ship's cargo - arms and ammunition. ... However, the guards are no… Read more

Desert Conquest (Lex Halliday, 1959)
How the land was cleared and how the men settled on the reclaimed soil, on farms of their own. ... Read more

EARTH (Alexander Dovzhenko, 1930)
The story of Earth is a simple one. It tells, after a slow, lyrical prologue, of the fierce opposition of the Russian Kulaks to collective farmers. Its personal drama is that of Vasili, a young farme… Read more

Eildon Story (Geoffrey Thompson, 1959)
Attractions at the Eildon Dam; boating, swimming and fishing, and experimental manufacture of double-sided wallboard by a special process. ... Read more

EL LAZARILLO DE TORMES (Cesar Ardavin, 1960)
Based on a classic by an anonymous author, Lazarc de Tormes' adventurer and misfortunes on the roads of 16th century Castille make up a lively and human story in the mainstream of this Spanish picare… Read more

ENDURANCE (Frank Hurley, 1933)
An edited version of material shot during Shackelton's 1914-16 Antarctic expedition. Quite apart from its undeniable historical value, we see how the camera has caught and preserved the raw and un-co… Read more

Entr’acte by Candlelight (Charles van der Linden, 1959)
This film describes the life and artistry of Harry van Tussenbroek, who is renowned throughout Holland for the delicacy and skill with which he makes puppets. The photography is beautiful, and the fi… Read more

Etude (D. Jespers, P. Jespers, P. Puttemans, 1958)
This is an experiment, using the aesthetic aspects of a physical phenomenon to create pleasing and varied patterns on film. ... Read more

Evaporation Control (S. T. Evans, 1959)
Experiments on dams and reservoirs to prevent evaporation. ... Read more

FOR WHOM THE LARK SINGS (Laszlo Ranódy, 1959)
Set In a remote grange on the Great Hungarian Plain. this lyrical film-poem sketches the hardship and poverty of peasant life through a simple triangle story of a girl farmworkerr a young man and the… Read more

From Generation to Generation (Francis Thompson, Philip Stapp, 1960)
By means of diagrams and actual photography the film tells with imagery and symbolism the story of human reproduction. ... Read more

Glass Skies (Frantisek Vlacil, 1958)
Told entirely in visuals and music, this poetic tale of tbree generations of a tamily of aviators manage* to communicate man's yearning to conquer the skies. The lead Is a scruffy little boy, who, fa… Read more

Golden Fleece Service (Pat Matthews, 1959)
This Venice Prize winning T.V. commercial is about two men discussing a dream ... Read more

Grampians Wonderland (Gil Brealey, 1959)
The Grampians - a wonderland of wildflowers, rocky crags, breathtaking views - effectively caught by the camera. ... Read more

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