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Films Screened In 1961

Main Street, Africa (Denis Mitchell, 1960)
An impression of life and opinion in a small, prosperous South African town, where most of the white inhabitants are strong supporters of the government and of apartheid. ... Read more

A filmic record of Mark Twain's America, effectively using contemporary prints of that period. The use of photographs to tell an historical story is not a new technique, although this film by N.B.C. … Read more

Mayurakshi Dam (N. K. Issar, 1959)
With its source in the Santhal Paraganas, the Mayurakshi river flows through Birbhurn and Murshidabad in West Bengal This film tells the story of the harnessing of the river and of the part played by… Read more

MIRROR OF MAN (John W. Ziegler, 1960)
This hour-long film is a statement on behalf of contemporary art. It presents the movement from the first break with classical form to our art expression of today. Paintings used in the film were sel… Read more

Moonstruck (John Halas, 1960)
A paper sculpture film telling how Top Dog, a rocket inventor, uses various tricks to inveigle Snap into going to the Moon and their subsequent adventures after he persuades him there is a bone there. Read more

Mouse and Cat (W. Nehrebecki, 1959)
A most enterprising and amusing cartoon full of twists and legerdemain. Polish mouse I.Q.- 120, ... American mouse I.Q.-80! ... Read more

MUDDY WATERS (Louis Daquin, 1960)
In the post-Napoleonic period in France the pursuit of money was the ruling passion. Based on Balzac's novel, "La Raboilleuse", this film tells how it was the principal aim of Philippe Bridau. He cli… Read more

N.Y., N.Y. (Francis Thompson, 1958)
In this strange and beautiful film we see the city of New York as it appears when photographed through multiplying prisms, or reflected in mirrors The pictorial devices are used to make its appearanc… Read more

NAZARIN (Luis Buñuel, 1959)
Luis Bunuel's film is a kind of summary of his style and his ideas. It is a truly great film. John Huston called it a masterpiece on the level of Bicycle Thieves, Bardem declares that its final scene… Read more

Ned Kelly (Tim Burstall, 1960)
The story of the bushranger, Ned Kelly, is told through the paintings oi the Australian artist, Sidney Nolan, accompanied by a descriptive ballad. ... Read more

New Guinea Patrol (P. Dimond, 1958)
A patrol into uncontrolled, and virtually unknown, territory in New Guinea - to extend the borders of civilization. ... Read more

Not By Choice (Douglas White, 1960)
A soup kitchen in Sydney provides meals for the down and outs of the city. This documentary film, frankly emotional in approach, gives a glimpse of the institution and of the lives of the men they as… Read more

One Man's Challenge (George Noordhof, 1957)
The true and moving story of a man crippled by rheumatoid arthritis - how he conquers one obstacle after another until he can look after himself and do a job again. ... Read more

Outline of Detergency (Michael Ricketts, 1960)
Water alone is not very good at wetting things. This film uses demonstrations and animated drawings to show in a simple way how detergent weakens the tension at the water surfaces. The basic construc… Read more

Paper Run (M. Otton, 1956)
Every day in cities all over the world, people await the newsagent with the day's news. This film shows how the morning papers come to people at Newport, N.S.W. ... Read more

PAW - BOY OF TWO WORLDS (Astrid Henning-Jensen, 1960)
Paw grew up in the jungles of the West Indies — the son of a Danish father and a West Indian mother who died who he was bom. The picture starts when Paw, at the age of twelve, has lost his fath… Read more

PEOPLE ON SUNDAY (Robert Siodmak, 1929)
Menschen Am Sonntag was made at a time of financial upheaval when the great German film concern UFA had lost its lead. Sound had arrived, but had not been wholeheartedly accepted. A time of flux - th… Read more

Power with Precision (C. Rafferty, 1959)
The Australian steel industry, from the mining of ore, the milling of ingots to the production of nails to car bodies. ... Read more

Prometheus (Todor Dinov, 1960)
In this cartoon Prometheus snatches the fire from the gods of Olympus while they, Zeus at their head, dance a rock'n'roll and quaff nectar and ambrosia. Zeus sets off in hot pursuit but he is no matc… Read more

Raak (D. Corke, 1956)
Raak is a wedge-tailed eagle and this is his life story of his lonely flights across the Australian bush. ... Read more

RED INK (Viktor Gertler, 1959)
This Hungarian film tackles an adult theme of whether love has the right to disturb the peace and happiness of a family - whether one can teach ideals and not live up to them. ... Maria, a young scho… Read more

Refuge England (Robert Vas, 1959)
This intensely personal film brilliantly communicates the loneliness of a stranger confronted with the vastness of a foreign city. A first impression of London and Londoners is captured with a fresh,… Read more

Rennies Mill (Raymond Kinsey, 1960)
On the outskirts of Hong Kong, thousands of refugees have made a settlement of tin huts and even less solid homes. Here the people eke out a miserable existence in conditions which are conducive to i… Read more

Rivals (István Imre, 1959)
This puppet film tells the story of a smith and a tailor who live in a small town. They have a row and are forced to change jobs for a year. ... Read more

Roughnecks (Guy L. Coté, 1960)
Whenever there is a whisper of oil, roughnecks are already on the way to drill a test. ... Audiences will relish this tale of one such crew, tough roustabouts who bulldoze through a wilderness in a h… Read more

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