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Films Screened In 1961

Gumbasia (Art Clokey, 1960)
Modelling clay of several colours is used to make a fascinating variety of abstract designs that pop, roll and jump before your eyes to the accompaniment of swing music. ... Read more

Hard to Windward (Max Graham, 1957)
A coverage of the Sydney-Hobart yacht race, following one boat through the race culminating in the celebrations in Hobart. ... Read more

Henry G. Smith (I. Dunlop, 1960)
The first of a series dealing with Australian pioneers, this film, by the use of historic documents and apparatus, deals with the life and work of Henry G. Smith (1852-1924), one of our first organic… Read more

Highway (Hilary Harris, 1958)
The extraordinary patterns of a city highway set to music. Visually, it consists of three main sections, a swift dash along the elevated highways set to the blare of rock'n'roll; a more temperate dri… Read more

Homo Sapiens (Ion Popescu Gopo, 1959)
In cartoon form and without any deference to science, pro-historic man is satirically shown progressing from rubbing flints to splitting the atom. ... Read more

How to Marry a Princess (Ion Popescu Gopo, 1959)
Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess. Suitors travelled from near and far to seek her hand in marriage, but she would have none of them, for her heart was won by a shepherd. One night t… Read more

I am a Litter Basket (James Ritchie, 1960)
An amusing treatment of the problem nf clearing up the vast amount of Jitter that is left on railway stations every day. ... Read more

I Want to go to School (John Krish, 1960)
The impression of a day at an average Primary School. The main theme of the film is the relationship which develops between child and teacher during the early years of education. Sequences which incl… Read more

In the Wake of the Stars (M. McDonald, 1960)
The manufacture of aircraft in Holland, Britain and U.S.A., and scenes of tourist interest in Paris, Rome, London and New York and the Australian outback. ... Read more

Indian Fantasy (Anthony Gross, Hector Hoppin, 1957)
Originally intended as part of a full-length cartoon, based on Jules Verne's "Round the World in Eighty Days", this film was edited from material made in Paris before the war. It treats with wit and … Read more

JALSAGHAR (Satyajit Ray, 1958)
Jalsaghar is one of the few films made by Salyafit Ray. apart from the great Bengali trilogy about the life of the boy Apu. It leisurely and patientty unfolds Ihe story of the decline of the last mem… Read more

Johannes Doktor Faust (Emil Radok, 1959)
Here is the Faust story told in the form of a tradi­tional Czech puppet play; it is also an experiment in widescreen techniques. Full of medieval magic and horror, the marvellous old puppet masks… Read more

John Grierson (, 1959)
A filmed record of an address by John Grierson at the National Film Theatre, London, in which he speaks of the early documentary movement in Great Britain. ... Read more

Jolly Swagman (D. Baker, 1961)
A young boy dreams he meets the various characters of the Waltzing Matilda legend. ... Read more

JUNGLE WOMAN (Frank Hurley, 1926)
This early Australian melodrama deals with two stranded gold prospectors, South and Mardyke, who visit the Bunda-Bunda Plantation at the outskirts of Merauke in New Guinea. They set out on the expedi… Read more

Kabuki (Ginsaku Tobe, 1960)
The Kabuki, the classical drama of Japan dates back some 350 years and is still performed today. During its long history, it has absorbed much of Japan's traditional entertainment arts and has always… Read more

Kashkeshet (Alina Gross, Yoram Gross, 1959)
An experimental film in which hand-painted illustrations have been set to music, ... Read more

Kew Gardens (William McLeod, 1960)
The film shows many aspects of the horticultural research carried out at Kew Gardens, London. ... Read more

Lines Vertical - Lines Horizontal (Norman McLaren, 1960)
Lines in pure design — an attempt by Norman McLaren to create art interesting pattern entirely from straight lines engraved directly on plain black film. ... The effect in is of decorous ballet… Read more

LOLA MONTES (Max Ophuls, 1955)
Lote Montes was the last film directed by Max Ophuls befors his death in 1957; the film as Ophuls originally made it was very different from the abridged English language version shown here. To make … Read more

Look Out! (Jirí Brděcka, 1960)
This sharp little anti-war film carries a surpisingly lasting after-effect, Between a prologue and epilogue of war, a bitterly humorous "thumb-nail''' history of weapons is given in an animated carto… Read more

LOS GOLFOS (Carlos Saura, 1960)
Carlos Saura, young director of this Spanish film, depicts a Spain rarely seen on the screen. Shot entire!y on location, Los Golfos concerns a group of hooligans who live in a Madrid suburb. Hoping t… Read more

LOVE'S CONFUSION (Slatan Dudlow, 1960)
Dieter is a medical student, Sonia is studying art, Siegi works in an office, Eddy is a mason. Dieter and Sonia are in love, so are Siegi and Eddy. But Siegi is fickle and Dieter is unsure of himself… Read more

Machines to Move the Mail (Harvey Harrison, 1960)
A survey of the electronic equipment developed by the G.P.O in Britain to deal with the ever increasing number of letters, packets and parcels sent through the post. ... Read more

MADHUMATI (Bimal Roy, 1958)
"The fruit of a deed is three-fold: it may arise here and now, or later, or in a succession of lives . . ." - Anguttara Nikaya. ... This is a story of the re-birth of two lovers who, having met in th… Read more

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