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Films Screened In 1961

The Holdup (J. L. Coleman, 1960)
A group of youngsters fight "cowboys and Indians" battles with all the rite and solemnity of a traditional western. Without the use of dialogue or commentary, this ingeniously conceived little film c… Read more

THE HOUSE OF THE ANGEL (Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, 1957)
Although film production has been going on in Argentina since the early days of the cinema, The House of the Angelt is the first feature film from this country to be widely shown abroad. Made by by y… Read more

The Insolent Matador (John Halas, 1959)
An unsuccessful matador achieves the downfall of his rival — whose renown depends updn the shortsightedness of his bulls — by placing a pair of spectacles on the animal in the arena. ... Read more

The Interview (E. Pintoff, 1960)
A satirical interview involving a rather "square" announcer and a "hep" musician. The announcer is utterly confused by the jazz-man's terminology, and the latter is utterly discouraged by the announc… Read more

The Knot in the Handkerchief (Hermína Týrlová, 1958)
An animated puppet film whose "hero" is the obiect in the title. On returning home, a small boy finds his handkerchief with a knot in it which is to remind him of a job. He stuffs the handkerchief in… Read more

THE LADY WITH THE LITTLE DOG (Yosif Heifitz, 1960)
Yalta, at the end of the last century was already a delightful dwelling spot far those who could afford to come and rest m the invigorating atmosphere ul lha Black Sea. It was there that the Muscovit… Read more

THE LAWYERS (Richard Cawston, 1960)
This BBC documentary was filmed in various locations throughout England and Wales, and shows real barristers and solicitors in their chambers and offices and in the Inns of Court. There are no actors… Read more

The Magic Tape (, 1959)
Imaginatively conceived and elaborately executed, this documentary film demonstrates the many uses of the magnetic tape In recording, television, automation and a host of other situations. ... Read more

The Mallee Fowl (J. T. Evans, 1957)
This unusual film records how the Mallee Fowl incubates its eggs in a bed of organic matter in a mound of earth. ... Read more

THE NINTH CIRCLE (France Stiglic, 1960)
The theme of The Ninth Circle is the suffering of men who have been condemned to death only because they were born at the wrong time on the wrong meridian, and under a six-pointed star. It is concern… Read more

The Pencil and the Rubber (Gyula Macskássy, 1960)
The pencil and the rubber began to quarrel and the more they quarrelled the smaller they became. A prize-winnmg cartoon. ... Read more

The Prize (Tim Burstall, 1960)
A fantasy about a small boy and the loss of a prized possession. A little boy wins a kid at the hoop-la stall of a country show. The goat is stolen by two other boys when he is taking it home and mos… Read more

The Story of the Timna Copper Mines (N. Gross, 1960)
Copper is being mined today by modern methods on the same site where King Solomon's famous mines were operated by slaves in Biblical times. ... Read more

The True Story of the Civil War (Louis C. Stoumen, 1956)
The camera traverses still photographs of the battles and personalities of the Civil War and shows us scenes of the battles at Bull Run, Antietam, Sheloh, Vicksburg and Gettysburg and such personalit… Read more

THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER (Edvin Laine, 1955)
In 1941 Finnish troops pushed forward info Russian territory to recapture the isthmus, of Karelia, which the Russians took from Finland in 1939. A machine-gun detachment of National Servicemen is sen… Read more

THE WAR (Veljko Bulajic, 1960)
Cesare Zavattini, the script-writer of the Italian neo-realist films, Bicycle Thieves, Shoe Shine and Umberto D had an idea for a film which he later entitled The War. After negotiations, Jadran Film… Read more

The Wicked Hedgehog (Ion Popescu Gopo, 1959)
In this cartoon the vain hedgehog is unkind to the other animals in the forest, but he receives his just reward when he gets involved in a difficult situation. ... Read more

THE YOUNG ONE (Luis Buñuel, 1960)
Bunuel used an island off the coast of one of the southern states to make this film about a Negro on the run - a story of innocence and corruption. ... The film's simple plot transcends its one local… Read more

This Land Australia (M. Otton, 1958)
Australia's cities and towns, its industries, its pastimes and the lives of its people. ... Read more

THREE IN ONE (C. Holmes, 1956)
A trio of short stories linked by the common theme of 'mate-ship' - helping a friend in need, linked by introductory comment by John McCallum. The parts of the film are as follows: ... Joe Wilson's M… Read more

Three is Company (Tony Thompson, 1959)
Julius and Joan Evans, the American television correspondents, invite teenage Susan over from America to join them in a British holiday. Her crisp, youthful approach adds another dimension to a tour … Read more

Tournament (Wl. Nehrebecki, 1959)
A puppet film. The White King and the Black King are rivals, each trying to win the hand of a beautiful princess. They quarrel, mobilize their armies and battle on a chess board according to the rule… Read more

Two Men of Fiji (B. Porter, 1959)
In Fiji there is a tendency for the young people to drift to the larger centres of population. This is the story of one such young man and his realisation that, after all, there is a place for him in… Read more

Under the Black Mask (J. van Raemdonck, 1959)
Based on his art, the film interprets the soul of the negro in The Belgian Congo. ... The material is divided into three parts: "The Birth of Man" covers the life of man, from birth to death, as it a… Read more

Underground Palace (Chiang Ching-hung, 1959)
The Emperors of the Ming Dynasty concealed treasures under each of their tombs, so effectively hidden, that only in 1958 was the first of these - that of the Emperor Wan-li - discovered. ... Read more

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