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Films Screened In 1962

Lisbon Seen By Its Children (Antonio Lopes Ribeiro, 1959)
A film of an art exhibition which aimed at giving Portuguese children the opportunity of showing their impression of life around them. ... Read more

Logos (Jane Conger, 1957)
An experiment in colour, design and space, the film combines visuals and electronic music to produce optical illusions and a distortion of time perception. ... Read more

Lonely Boy (Wolf Koenig, Roman Kroitor, 1961)
A candid portrait of the popular entertainer and teenage idol, Paul Anka. Filmed in New York and in Atlantic City where fans turned out by the thousands to see and hear this young Ottawa singer and c… Read more

Magritte (Luc de Heusch, 1961)
Curious souvenirs of a voyage into the universe by the famed Belgian surrealist painter. "Reality is a word devoid of meaning; space is not certain; the world has lost all consistency. My task is to … Read more

Mann with a Flute (Tom Craven, 1959)
An interesting portrait of a young jazz flautist, Herbie Mann, intercut with lyrical shots of New York from whence his inspiration is largely derived. ... Read more

Michael (Heather Sutton, 1961)
This is a sensitive film on a young mongol boy. Michael, who works on a farm doing odd jobs for the men. With a friend he collects firewood, and later spends the evening happily dancing to the gramop… Read more

Michael Ayrton (John Read, 1961)
In this B.B.C. art film in "The Artist Speaks" series, Michael Ayrton discusses the philosophy behind his art and the special subjects which form the major themes of his work. ... Read more

Michelin (Etienne Raik, 1960)
This advertising film develops around a joyful melody, whistled by an invisible driver; landscapes unfold and tyres spin in the air. ... Read more

Miracle of Youth (John Read, 1961)
A portrait of Christopher Wren: his major works in Renaissance England, culminating in his masterpiece, St. Paul's Cathedral. ... Read more

Morning on the Lievre (David Bairstow, 1961)
The Lievre river country of south-western Quebec seen today as the poet Archibald Lampman described it before the turn of the century. The misty river and the wooded hills in the early morning sun&no… Read more

MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN (Peter Palitzch, Manfred Wekwerth, 1961)
Bertolt Brecht's chronicle from the Thirty Year's War concerns the camp follower Anna Fierling, known as "Mother Courage," who travels backwards and forwards across Europe with her sutler's waggon. S… Read more

Mr. Marsh Comes To School (John Krish, 1961)
A refreshing approach to a careers guidance film which uses stimulating dramatisation to show students what sort of jobs to select. Reginald Marsh plays all the leading adult roles. ... Read more

Murry and Me (E. Tuganov, 1961)
A little boy and his puppet-pet Murry cause some amusing situations through careless playing in the streets. ... Read more

My Son is a Viking (A. Berg, 1961)
A real refugee family re-enact their experiences during their re-settlement in Norway after long years of camp-life in Germany. ... Read more

Ned Kelly – Australian Paintings by Nolan (Tim Burstall, 1961)
The famous bushranger's story in paintings and music. Second Prize, Open Section, "for its powerful interpretation of the Ned Kelly story through an original ballad". ... Read more

Night Freighter (R. Petersen, 1960)
Routine flight of a cargo plane overnight. Equal Second Prize, Documentary Section, “for its faithful recording of a normal airline operation, marked by high standard of photography and effectivene… Read more

NIGHT TRAIN (Jerzy Kawalerowicz, 1959)
A certain train with sleeping accommodation starts from a central Polish town long before sunset and arrives at a beach resort on the following morning. During the journey a dramatic event takes plac… Read more

Nine Minutes (Károly Wiedermann, 1960)
This prize-winner from the Oberhausen Film Festival shows, in a fascinating way, a three-round boxing match as seen through the eyes of one of the contestants. ... Read more

Nothing to Eat - But Food (Patrick Filmer-Sankey, 1962)
Using live photography and animation, the film demonstrates the importance of a properly balanced diet, and how to achieve it. ... Read more

Nuit et Brouillard (Alain Resnais, 1955)
Commissioned to mark the tenth anniversary of the liberation of the German concentration camps by Allied Forces, Alain Resnais' famous documentary presents a shattering picture of the camp at Auschwi… Read more

O for Oxygen (J. G. Armstrong, 1961)
The film informs us of the history and use of the gas and gives some idea of our dependence on it. The film received an Award at the Industrial Film Festival in Turin. ... Read more

Obmaru (Patricia Marx, 1953)
A mystical, semi-surrealistic, non-objective film which visually captures the moods of stylized voodoo ritual music. ... Read more

Old People (Henning Carlsen, 1961)
Is life over when old age begins? Denmark has nearly 400,000 pensioners who have lived through the difficult days after having retired. Interviews elucidate the problems which are believed to crop up… Read more

Opening Speech (Norman McLaren, 1960)
Ostensibly, Norman McLaren intends to welcome the audience, but is frustrated by the microphone which exhibits surprising temper, reluctance and guile. ... Read more

Opera Mouffe (Agnès Varda, 1958)
A subjective and impressionist exploration of an impoverished neighbourhood centering around the Rue Mouffetard. It portrays the faces of the poor, the gestures of the aged, the fervors of erotic lov… Read more

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