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Films Screened In 1962

Operation Matador (Don Chipperfield, 1959)
Five students had the bright idea of driving a motor mower 375 miles from Edinburgh to London. Ransomes supplied a Matador mower (it's quicker by train but its slower by mower) to get a mixture of cr… Read more

Os Mundi (Hattum Hoving, 1960)
The film traces the development of magnetism from its oldest application to its versatile and recent use in radio, television and electronic computers. ... Read more

Painter and Poet (Georges Regnier, 1960)
Baudelaire was primarily an art critic and it was in that capacity that he judged and praised the work of Delacroix. His writings arc used as commentary for the film. The poet and the painter, both h… Read more

Peanut Battle (Connie Rasinski, 1962)
Sidney discovers a wrecked ship loaded with peanuts, but an ape disputes his right to the cargo. ... Read more

Port of Melbourne (J. Blackwood, 1962)
The activities of the port at work under the vigiiant care of the Port Authorities. Second Prize, Public Relations Section, "for translating a port's activities into human and often poetic terms". Ko… Read more

Portrait of An Australian (Rhonda Small, 1962)
The film tells of the development of the Australian tradition, using pictures from contemporary sources as well as ballads, songs and commentary. ... Read more

Prambanan (R. M. Harjoto, 1958)
The restoration of the famous 9th century Hindu stone temple of Tjandi Prambanan—the camera brings out the dynamic movement and realism of the Ramayana reliefs carved on the temple walls. Javan… Read more

PROFESSOR MAMLOCK (Konrad Wolf, 1961)
Friedrich Wolf's play has been filmed before by the U.S.S.R., but this version is directed by the author's son who also co-directed a previous festival film, Stars. ... The story begins early in 1933… Read more

Profiles of Galilee (Yona Zarecki, 1961)
The atmosphere and spirit of Galilee is expressed not only through shots actually taken on the spot, but also through some of the paintings of Israeli artists: Guttman brings us to a recounting of di… Read more

QUESTION SEVEN (Stuart Rosenberg, 1961)
Question Seven was financed by the Lutheran Film Associates and produced by Lothar Wolff, of Louis de Rochemont Associates, who was chief editor of The March of Time series and producer of Martin Lut… Read more

Raga (Jordan Belson, 1959)
A sensitive, non-objective film in which lace-like kaleidoscopic patterns move rhythmically to a Hindu Raga. ... Read more

Raw Materials and Refining (Peter Rolfe Johnson, 1961)
The film covers an explanation of the molecular structure of vegetable oils, their extraction from oil-bearing nuts and the technique of their refinement on an industrial scale. ... Read more

REALENGO 18 (Oscar Torres, 1961)
The title of the film refers to a tract of land in Oriente province. The story concerns an uprising of guajiros against an American-run company's attempt to seize their land. Tete Vergara, a Negro ac… Read more

Report on the Political Development in the Territory of Papua and New Guinea (S. Benson, 1961)
A record of the first native general elections held in the Territory of Papua and New Guinea. First Prize, Open Section, "for its compelling and lucid statement of a human problem". ... Read more

Rhapsody in Wood (Bob Calinescu, 1961)
An ingenious puppet film with a difference. An old wood carver shapes the puppets which come to life and take wing. ... Read more

Rhythm of the Port (Wolf Hart, 1960)
This film derives its individual character from the subjection of an everyday theme—the port—to a strict formal discipline, namely rhythm, understood in the sense of a threefold superimpo… Read more

Robert Frost (Sidney J. Stiber, 1960)
This film depicts Robert Frost's contribution to the American cultural scene as a teacher, a poet, and a philosopher. ... Read more

Russell Drysdale (D. Collings, 1961)
Eighty-two paintings of the artist show Drysdale's development over 25 years, revealing his discovery of the mystique of an ancient land and its people. Australian Film Award, Special Prize for excel… Read more

Seawards the Great Ships (Hilary Harris, 1960)
The almost legendary devotion of the generation of Clydesiders to their craft of building great ships and small ships is the subject of this documentary. The art of shipbuilding is shown to be truly … Read more

SEE YOU TOMORROW (Janusz Morgenstern, 1960)
See You Tomorrow is the first feature film by director Janusz Morgenstern, a graduate of the Polish Film School and still in his twenties. Brilliantly photographed, it embodies a natural urge for exp… Read more

SHADOWS (John Cassavetes, 1959)
Shadows takes us into the atmosphere of the lonely millions of New York City, where many seek emotional or artistic security! Attention is focused upon three Negro characters — two brothers and… Read more

Shell Car Family (E. Porter, 1961)
A young car and its relations; and they all love Shell. First Prize, Advertising Section, "for the love-additive to a commercial"'. ... Read more

Six Candles (Michael Barden, 1961)
John Yates Smith dies on his daughter's sixth birthday— his undistinguished, mundane death could be yours. Six Candles received the Silver Award at the 1961 San Francisco Festival. ... Read more

SKID (Zbynek Brynych, 1961)
Frantisek Krai returns home after several years abroad. Plastic surgery following a car accident changed his face to such an extent that even his wife fails to recognise him. This new "ego", together… Read more

Souvenirs From Sweden (Henning Carlsen, 1960)
An ingenious introduction to modern Sweden — its landscape and inhabitants — as seen by the well- known Danish director, Henning Carlsen. ... Read more

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