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Films Screened In 1968

Ephesus (Fred Padula, 1965)
The expression of extremely deep religious emotions is intimately observed in a Negro church. ... Read more

ERVINKA (Ephraim Kishon, 1966)
Ervinka is a smart young man with a healthy inclination towaids laziness — a sort of Tel Aviv Till Eulenspiegel. He and his friend, Joseph the peddlar, engage in a senes of adventures propelled… Read more

EVERY YOUNG MAN (Pavel Jurácek, 1965)
The film takes the form of a two-part sketch book on army life. The first, The Heel of Achilles, shows a tough corporal and a raw recurit, sent from then barracks for a medical check-up in town, fill… Read more

Facade (Jan Wiertsema, 1965)
Behind the facade of strict etiquette, a merry widow pursues her secret liaisons in the society of The Hague in the 1890's. ... Read more

Face to Face (T. A. Abraham, K. S. Chari, 1967)
A cinéma vérité style inquiry into the reactions of Indian people to democracy. ... Read more

Fairy Tale (Virgil Mocanu, 1966)
A Rumanian folk tale with coloured cut-out figures indicative of the variegated patterns of peasant art. ... Read more

FATHER (István Szabó, 1967)
The story of a little boy whose father dies on the last day of the War. The lonely and timid child needs a prop and finds support in creating a myth about his father's memory, inventing images of a p… Read more

Five Minutes Thrill (József Nepp, 1967)
A vicious round of forty-one deaths, each one explicitly drawn for the delectation of the spectator. ... Grand Prix, Oberhausen. ... Read more

Flight (Joseph Reeve, 1967)
The strange and wonderful world of gliding recorded over the Rockies and their foothills. ... Read more

Frank Thring Commercial (F. Sterndale, 1966)
A reminder that viewers should keep their radio/TV licenses up-to-date. ... Silver Award, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more

Frédéric Chopin - Valse Minute (Marian Marzynski, Andrzej Kaminski, 1966)
A film of 50 seconds showing a pianist playing Chopin's Valse Minute in the middle of a sports stadium. ... Read more

Game with Stones (Jan Svankmajer, 1965)
An animated film involving destructive stones. ... Read more

Genesis 1-27 (Stanton A. Waterman, 1967)
Underwater images are used to create an abstact impression of the Creation. ... Golden Eagle, CINE. ... Read more

Golf, Scotland's Royal and Ancient Game (Austin Campbell, 1967)
A history of the game of golf, from its origins in the early Celtic legends until the present time. ... Read more

Half Hour Story - George's Room (Alan Clarke, 1967)
Shot by a new process the Electronic Camera which enables a television studio production to be recorded directly on film, yet allows the director to mointor the cameras in the usual manner, the film … Read more

HUNGER (Henning Carlsen, 1966)
Based on the novel by Nobel prize­winner, Knut Hamsen, Hunger is about a penniless young writer in turn-of-the-century Oslo. The film is constructed with disruptive move­ments from reality to… Read more

Imagination 10 (Morton Goldsholl, 1967)
The sights and sounds of the passenger trains, the freights, and the people who run them. ... Golden Eagle, CINE; Chris Statuette, Columbus Festival; Silver Hugo, Chicago Festival. ... Read more

IN THE TOWN OF ‘S' (Josif Heifitz, 1967)
In this small town, the home of the Turkin family is regarded as something of a source of culture. Dmitri Ionych Startsev, the local doctor, is a frequent visitor. He is devoted to Katya, young daugh… Read more

Indus Waters (Derek Williams, 1967)
The Indus Basin is one of the heaviest populated areas of the world. On partition, ffour-fifths of this irrigated area went to Pakistan, but the rivers all flowed out of India, where the water was ne… Read more

INSIDE NORTH VIETNAM (Felix Greene, 1967)
Felix Greene, whose colourful China! was seen at the 1967 Festival, shows in his latest film, life in North Vietnam under conditions of intensive bombing. Mostly avoiding Hanoi, it concentrates on th… Read more

Interaction - Painting and Music (Gil Brealey, 1967)
A creative analysis of an experiment on the interaction between music and painting. ... Read more

Irish Folk Music Festival (Louis Marcus, 1967)
Every year, musicians come from all over the country to play, to listen, and to swap tunes in the Flea Ceoil, a week-end folk festival of centuries-old music, song and dance in the Gaelic tradition. … Read more

Is Anybody Doing Anything About It? (Donald Crombie, 1967)
The scientific techniques used in forecasting the weather, and the international role of the Bureau of Meteorology of Australia, presented in an entertaining and lighthearted manner. ... Silver Award… Read more

JUDEX (Georges Franju, 1963)
Judex is a homage to the past in the form of a remake of Louis Feuillade's twelve episode serial of 1916. As an affectionate tribute to this forgotten genius whose films numbered about 550. Franju ha… Read more

KANCHENJUNGHA (Satyajit Ray, 1963)
The setting for Satyajit Ray's first film in colour is the beautiful hill station of Darjeeling, in the foothills of the Himalayas: a point suspended in time between modern India and the gracious pas… Read more

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